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It would appear that Lil A aka Tha Swagman, has remained steadfast
on the same road to success that most aspiring rappers find themselves
attached to early on in their careers. However at only 21 years
of age, Lil A takes a right turn while most stay straight. This talented
artist has embraced and utilized the ambition and maturation necessary
to head and own his record label, Im Rich Entertainment. In
addition, his entrepreneurial spirit has steered him toward success in
other realms of entertainment including music production.
His latest focus lies on promoting two new singles “I’m Fresh” and
“You Wish”. As an accomplished businessman, he understands the
tenacity it takes to have ones music spread, heard and respected
throughout largely competive markets like Atlanta, and proves to be
relentless in his own pursuits. Inspired by predecessor T.I. and the
Grand Hustle movement, Lil A is definitely conscious of the highs and
lows of the business, and respects their unwavering stance through
it all. Having adapted this very mindset, Lil A is sure to prove himself
worthy of being the next up to carry Atlanta’s torch.
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Golden Ticket Boyz
Reared in Florida and now residing in Georgia, Inche$ is what you
would call a Producer without training. His early exposure to Fruityloops
software enhanced his ability to tweak synthesized sounds and
transform them into addictive harmonies and melodies. His talents
have also extended into the rapping arena, having rapped since the
age of 9. While honing those skills over the years, highschool friend
‘Cloccwerk’ mentored Inche$ early on with his production efforts,
while Inche$ honed Cloccwerk’s skills as a lyricist. Shortly thereafter
Inche$ and his partners formed the Golden Ticket Boyz, with additional
members Fra’shaun, Quin, and Yung McComb. Yung McComb, born
in Mississippi, moved to Atlanta in 2003. After creating quite a buzz,
Lil’ Jab contacted McComb through a family friend and the rest was
history. The Golden Ticket Boyz will be the first group released on Lil
Jab’s label Rang Bellz Entertainment. Watch out for the Golden Ticket
Boyz (GTB) hit singles “ Roq$tar $tatus “ and “ Like”, both produced
by Inche$.
The legendary, L.O.D. affiliated, Poole Palace D.J. T-Roc has done it all....from South Korea, Mainland Japan, Okinawa,
Guam, Kwajalein Atoll and Johnston Atoll. His movement is global. “I am the ‘man’ behind putting the D-4L’s, Franchize
Boyz, Shop Boyz, and all these A.T.L. “HOT BOYZ” on the map! I’ve been featured in Vibe Magazine and Murder Dogg doesn’t stop there. I keep in close contact with my ATLANTIC associate...Mr. Mike Caren also. Just listen
to the radio, everyone from Sean Paul, E-40 to Lil’ Jon are screamin ‘Do It, Do It, Do It, Do It’ and ‘The Poole Palace’ in
their songs! Also, I’m working on my Underground Record-Breaka Mix C.D.’s,” he says excitedly.
DJ Aaries & DJ T-Roc present
DJ’ve seen him on BET’s Rap City eight times already
this year, he’s started his own TV show HOOD HARD TV that is broadcasted
in seven states to generate exposure of aspring artists, and he’s
created the ‘HOOD HARD Movement’ to help indie artists and popular
DJs build a working relationship in order to break new records.
Originally from St Matthews/ O’burg South Carolina, Aaries moved to
Georgia to place himself in a better position to help artists get exposure.
“To become a part of this movement, simply begin working with
the artists that we are breaking and its a wrap,” says Aaries.
Now DJ Aaries & DJ T Roc have combined forces to bring you “THE
HOOD ROCS HARDER,” a campaign designed to help all artists generate
more exposure and build working relationships with popular DJs.
“Your’e gonna start seeing alot more unity in the South and You’re
also about to hear even more noise from AtL,” says Aaries. For more
information, visit DJ T Roc online at or
DJ Aaries at You already heard of Scripture,
GA Gurlz,Hardy Boyz, Malachi and Ayanna....well here are a few
more faces to look out for:
Lil Jab
Lil Jab, born Jeff Lambert on May 25, 1982, was reared in Tucker,
Georgia. At the age of 12 he experienced a major tragedy with the
lost his mother and father. By 17 he realized his ultimate love of music
and begain pursuing it as his career. His earlier Hip Hop influences
included 2 Pac, Notorious BIG, and KRS. Although experiencing a
number of challenges early on in his career, he has taken an optimistic
mindset and learned from his mistakes.
With a solid team behing him, Jab is running full force towards getting
to the top. Lil’ Jab has performed throughout the southeastern
region and rocked the same crowds as Pastor Troy, T.I., Lil Scrappy,
Trillville, Trina, Bun B, David Banner, Lil Flip, and Chyna Whyte. He is
also bringing a new group of his own to the forefront: GTB (Golden
ticket Boyz).
The Swag Man
Lil A, also known as The Swag Man, is impressively not only an
entertainer but the owner of his own label, I’m Rich Entertainment. At
the fresh age of only 21 years old, Lil A has proved himself to be one
of the hardest grinding artists in Atlanta, having performed at nearly
every possible showcase venue in town. After winning most of the
showcases, Lil A is ready to take it to another level, as he pushes his
hot new singles “EM FRESH” and “ U WISH”. However he understands
that breaking in the “A” means stayin heavily present on the
circuit. “Grindin’ is the most important thing when getting your music
spread and heard. You aint gonna eat, u aint gonna shine if u don’t
grind,” he states. “Folk like TI and the Grand Hustle family impress me
because I grew up watching their grind; the highs, the lows and the
fact that they stayed in the game through it all.” As an accomplished
artist, producer and entrepreneur, Lil A has hit the ground running,
and will surely be next to carry the Atlanta torch. - SIR MAGAZINE

Em Fresh - new single
U Wish u had a swag like this - new single
I'm Da Sh#t, vol I - Mix tape on da streets
I'm Da Sh@t vol II - Mix tape on da streets



The early time line for rapper Lil A, goes similar to most rappers coming out of the Atl. Starting rapping at 13; in the studio by 14; and joining a local rap group by 16 and the unfortunate issue of not finishing high school by 18 becuz of let us just say some technical difficulties. But that is where Lil A ‘s time line begins to go a little different than the norm. The 21 year old grinder now heads his own label, I’M RICH ENTERTAINMENT, is a accomplished producer, and a certified entrepreneur. After winning many showcases on the Atl grind train, Lil A is ready to take it to another level, as he pushes his hot new singles “EM FRESH” and “ U WISH”, but understands that breakin in the “A” means stayin on the circuit. “ Grindin is the most important thing in getting your music to spread and heard. U aint gonna eat, u aint gonna shine if u don’t grind” he states. “ Folk like TI and the grand hustle fam impress me cuz I grew up watchin their grind, the high sh*t, the low sh*t, and then the fact that they just stayed in the game thru it all.” So with this mentality Lil A has hit the ground running, focusing on perfecting his craft, networking, and showing the A that he is definitely ready to be next up.