That Boy Zarius

That Boy Zarius

 Richmond, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Upcoming young artist from Houston Texas. Bringing a new sound of originality and uniqueness to the south and the music game.That Boy Zarius is down to earth, free spirited and unlike most rappers a music artist with many talents. Help spread the music and vibes with social networks sites below.


That Boy Zarius

Born November 1994 in a family of talented musicians, Zarius recognized his interests in music at an early age. 
As a young boy, his father would often get him and his younger brother to sing along while he played the guitar to different songs. By the time he reached middle school Zarius already had 2 years of music under his belt learning how to play various different instruments such as the trumpet. Junior high he saw an interest in drums and by High School he recognized his true calling as a rap/hip-hop artist.
Loving all aspects of the music entertainment industry and with inspirations from artists such as Drake, Chris Brown, Lil’Wayne, Tyga and Busta Rhymes, he continues to refine his skills in areas of writing, producing and performing. Signed to Black Ankh Records, he is the youngest of an elite group of artists dedicated to the craft of flow and style. He has created a movement called YDSG (Young Dude Swag Gang) that encompasses college and high school entertainment with poetry, paraphernalia, dancing and fun!
With a lack of young artists in the rap industry today, Zarius is poised to start a whole new movement. Follow him as he create and elevate the art of entertainment to another stratosphere.


City Of H

Set List

Good Sound system. Must have at least 3 wireless mics. (Shure Mics). Must conduct a proper sound check 320 minutes before. Lights and smoke are optional.