Birmingham, England, GBR

I took a new direction, an found something. I'm heavily influenced by the urban UK scene, mainy grime, so I'm very lyrical, but I also like the pop and R&B an most recently electro sound, so its a mixture of all four of those. 'ElectroR&BGrimePop'. Which sounds rather good!


Benjamin Blake Aka Bb is 21 and from Birmingham, generating a massive buzz in the UK music scene.

Bb made and wrote his 1st 16bars when he was 17 and it was purely by chance. Waiting for a friend to come home he patiently sat with his brother (who made music KIZO) until he arrived, well that was the plan. As it turned out the friend in question came back and went back out again as Bb had now started his musical journey… an made his 1st track.

He sent the mp3, proudly around his friends, but receiving a mixed response, (mostly negative) he decided to stop recording… until 2008. He never stopped writing and being a strong willed, stubborn an driven individual, January ’08 he enrolled on a course for music production and got his confidence back.

After finishing this, (which he passed) Bb went on to pass level two and started volunteering at One.Aim studio’s Hockley. Recording and helping plan videos for the young people, helping them write lyrics, engineering in the studio and video editing (etc.)

“My angle for teaching them is, that I can come from a place where they want to be. For example they want to be on tele (in the music industry), so because I’m there on the music channels I can show them that if they work hard that they can be like me and do what they want.”

Making tracks like ‘Bar4Bar’ and ‘Come Over’ Bb is a Midlands Artist on the rise, and with future single releases forth coming this young man is set to be a real life ‘hard work success story.


Debut EP: "...Go" (digitally released on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital, Tesco Music, Napsta, Limewire & Spotify)

Debut Single: "Come Over" (digitally released on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital, Tesco Music, Napsta, Limewire & Spotify)

CD's online available for Free Download:
The Calender 2010

Set List

1x Handheld cordless microphone
1x device that will play my backing CD