that damn sasquatch

that damn sasquatch

 Denver, Colorado, USA

That Damn Sasquatch is comprised of musicians with a variety of musical interests and instrumentation, allowing the band to cross genres of music including and not limited to bluegrass, country, rock, zydeco, jazz. With a balanced progressive yet traditional approach their sound is truly their own.


That Damn Sasquatch is a Denver based band with multi musical interests and instrumentation. While blending the genres of Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Zydeco, and Rock, the band's mixture of versatile originals and eclectic covers ensure every show is an amazing and unique performance.

"Sing My Song" is the newest full length studio album by Colorado based band That Damn Sasquatch. This release marks the first time in seven years that the group has entered the studio to record collectively, and the all-original tracks are sure to please the ears of both the Sasquatch faithful and new listeners alike.

The album samples multiple genres of music including bluegrass and zydeco, as well as infusing the energy of electric slide guitar and the chilling cries of the lonesome pedal steel.

This new record is comprised of ten songs, all written and composed by the four main members of That Damn Sasquatch: Spencer Crawford, Jim Fischer, Derek Bridges, and Mike Hall. Other local Colorado musicians featured on the album include Jay Genender, Jay Timp, Zach West, Jeff Rady, and John Simpkins. All of these musicians combined bring forth a huge variety of instrumentation and a truly unique sound of their own.


Whiskey by and by- 2007

Set List

Jebidiah James Edward Clarence
Blue Moon Risin'
Writing on the Wall
Topeka Boy
Senguine Sound Saga
Put her in the Pin
Mountain Man
Fisherman's Daughter
All the Fools
Old Man Winter
De Jesus Rancheros
Red Rocks
The Walkdown Breakdown
Please Come Home
...Among others

Many bill monroe tunes
Old and in the way
and the other traditionals
...Among others

crowd favorites-
Billy Jean
Boot Skoot Boogie
...Among others