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"Album Review"

"The thing that drew me in at first was that they have some of the dopest, smoothest rap voices I've ever heard. The perfect voices for laid back, care free raps. A lot of references to smoking but that doesn't bother me. Even though I don't smoke, many of my favorite rappers do. I don't mind "high raps" as long as they don't dominate the album content. I think these guys do a great job balancing them with raps about their current life situations and stories from the past thus giving you a well rounded look at the Life and Times of the Team Vol.2...." - Brenda LaFressh

"The Up and Coming: OKC's Hip Hop Scene"

GLC The Team performed at least 6 tracks. Some of the lines I was able to make out were: “money over everything except God and family…I put that on my granny.” The production and the lyrics on that track felt old school to me, in a good way. They did a track that might have been titled “Oh Man” featuring host, co-organizer, and closing act Beetyman. They shouted out “Puzzle People all the way” and made me wonder if the close-knit yet hard-to-define hometown OKC crew was accepting new members, or if GLC was just showing love. The group captured my attention with a song that went a little deeper. It was a combination of clever lines like: “they tellin’ me to keep it touch like the iPad” and “my credibility is bout as low as my tank;” and the thoughtful, hard-hitting chorus: “take a look into the mirror/is that inner soul matching up with the image? Yearn for, beg for, live for …something more something more” had me wondering why I hadn’t heard more from" - Najah Amatullah

"Something Like Crew Love"

"I was lucky enough to see GLC The Team for the second time. They are young, fresh, quirky and legitimately good. I like their one-liners, like “half of us are patriots, the other Tom Brady,” and the story about one rapper and his girl “on our way to an art museum…yeah, nigga, picture that.” What I appreciate about them is similar to my draw toward Beetyman: they drop random tidbits of insight in the middle of their fun semi-flighty songs. One second you’re listening about any old Saturday night and then you’re “picking up some poetry.” Another line they rapped went something like “stop hesitating/ make a move before your soul is levitating.” Then there are songs where they wax very political: “work a double shift and we still struggling…we just puppets in this government.” I guess this only suits me because I agree with them. They make me want to “stay fly like the right wing,” or like the left. GLC stands for “Good Life Coming.” ...." - Najah Amatullah


2011 (June) It's Not a Game (Continental/Tom Tucker)

2011 (November) Life and Times of The Team Vol. 1 (Continental/Tom Tucker)

2012 (October) Life and Times of The Team Vol. 2 (Continental Cudd/Tom Tucker/$ubject Grand)



Tha Team is a collective of one or more artist from Blacktop Democracy. Consisting of Tom Tucker, Continental Cudd and $ubject Grand. These artists each have their own views of life in the middle class, in the middle of the map.

Tom Tucker being the more conscience of the three, his music is more adept to those who question the rules of society. Continental Cudd is the laid back portion of the group, remaining quiet, yet always finding a way to captivate audiences. $ubject Grand is the sneaker connoisseur. His raps are heavily influenced by the culture of hip-hop.