Tha Team

Tha Team

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Tha Team makes music that reflects different views on the life of Oklahoma City kids. Often overlooked on the map, Oklahoma has a lot more to offer than what it's given credit for. Tha Team gives insight to this.


Tha Team is a collective of one or more artist from Blacktop Democracy. Consisting of Tom Tucker, Continental Cudd and $ubject Grand. These artists each have their own views of life in the middle class, in the middle of the map.

Tom Tucker being the more conscience of the three, his music is more adept to those who question the rules of society. Continental Cudd is the laid back portion of the group, remaining quiet, yet always finding a way to captivate audiences. $ubject Grand is the sneaker connoisseur. His raps are heavily influenced by the culture of hip-hop.


2011 (June) It's Not a Game (Continental/Tom Tucker)

2011 (November) Life and Times of The Team Vol. 1 (Continental/Tom Tucker)

2012 (October) Life and Times of The Team Vol. 2 (Continental Cudd/Tom Tucker/$ubject Grand)