That Girl, Alley

That Girl, Alley


My music is raw and fearless. It appeals to a gutteral carnal nature, and the harmonics ring out beautiful atherial melodies. I call it folk.rock.electro.pop


I can feel myself touch upon a great source of musical rawness.

I sing from deep deep down within. I let my soul ring out with every harmonic. I beat on my guitar and sing and scream and cry and bleed through the songs.

My music is melodic, rough and dissonant.

My voice is haunting, raw and fearless.

My music is the pieces of myself I share with others.

My voice is the window to the rest.

Thank you for listening, thank you for the recognition.

From an interview with NQH Productions:

"That Girl Alley is a one-woman band known to friends and family as Allison, or Alley Trela. Although currently unsigned, Trela has been honing her craft for the last few years, garnering the attention of producers at the acclaimed Long View Studios outside of Boston.

The studio, who has hosted bands like Aerosmith and the Stones, should know talent, so it wasnt surprising to have them sign Trela to a development deal. Now about to record new material in Los Angeles with another well-known musician (Craig Bartock, guitarist for the band HEART,) That Girl Alley seems ready to take the next step." -Jason McNeil

I am a one woman show. I am a beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice, who is not afraid to spit, scream and bleed in order to obtain a true performance. My influences include, alanis morrisette, portishead, fiona apple, ella fitzgerald, and the roots.

I have been working independantly with Long View Farm Studios for the past 4 years.


I have streaming airplay on Myspace, which has been getting incredible feedback.

Set List

My typical set list would include 10 or so of my own songs.

Rite of Passage
Kisses in the Wind
Fall to Pieces
Not your Child
Someday, Somewhere
All that is Beautiful

and then some covers artists I do:
Dusty Springfield
Ani Difranco
Alanis Morisette
Bill Withers