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"That Girl" Promotional Album Sampler 2005
"PIMP" Unreleased Single 2006
"Here We Go" Gizmondo Colors Soundtrack 2005
"Throw Ya Hood Up" Gizmondo Colors Soundtrack 2005
"Run 4 Ya Life" Gizmondo Colors Soundtrack 2005
"LLAC RIDIN" Rock the Paint Movie Soundtrack 2005
"Absent Minded" Mixtape 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the moment of passion a child was created and on December 18, during the 12th hour, a star was born. Presented to the world as almost perfect, Cybil exudes Confidence as a Young Beautiful Intelligent Lady. A graduate from the school of Hard Knox, this L.A. Native by way of Central America has a luring quality that captures the attention of everything in her path, with a new breed of finesse.

Able to tell a story, CYBIL began illustrating her versatile approach to life through her experiences. Every girl has a story about life in the hood, it's just a matter of what hood you grow up in. Moving around alot through greater Los Angeles, from Lawndale to the Valley and West Covina, CYBIL manuevered her way through the streets with style, class and gangsta!

Not only is she heaven on the eyes and sharp as a tack, she's vicious on the mic. As one of LA's best hidden talents, CYBIL is the next Roxanne Shante -- she's trouble! Undeniably in a class of her own, CYBIL raises the bar for female hardcore rap. Her smooth sexy voice sets a tone for her nonchalant flow, with lyrics hard evough for a man, spittin' hard, she's 100% woman. As the name title implies, CYBIL is not restricted to character in which you never know what she'll say or do next.

Throughout the development of her career, not only did she become a force to be reckoned with -- a threat -- she also became a professional in the game. At Rap Pages Music & Fashion Show, Magic Show Las Vegas 2000, Cybil rocked "The Beach" screamin' "Fuck The World/Don't Ask Me Fa Shit..." givin' it up to the ladies doin' their thing. Cybil gained such rave reviews it got her performance aired on BET's "The Gear", (show geared towards music & fashion). With positivity always in the air, this summer Cybil told kids all over LA, "You can be all you wanna be" with kid favorite Get Money during performances with Sunkist SubLab.

After making her presence known on the Gizmondo (a multi-function portable gaming device made by Tiger Electronics) Colors sound track (produced by the Kray Twinz of the U.K.), CYBIL launched a buzz in the industry with inquiring minds wanting to know who's "THAT GIRL?" With production from Bird, J R, 3H MegaHertz, and the Kray Twinz, just to name a few. CYBIL demands her rights, making the statement that not only is she confident, she's strong and she's serious. "Classy" produced by 3H is a street anthem for the ladies. She's representin' and letting the fellows know that she ain't playin'. "PIMP" the unreleased single produced by Bird is the number one booty shaker for all. A battle back and forth between the bougie chick and the ghetto chick. Spitting hard with a double-time flow, her voice brings rememberance to none other than the Roxanne Shante .... Switching lanes, adding her own vocals to the melody, J R (Producer of "Position of Power" for 50 Cent), brings his flutes out and the party is poppin' when CYBIL tells everybody to move something ("Muv Sumn").

CYBIL transforms from the girl next door to the girl you're checking your rear view mirror for. CYBIL is polished and brings sex appeal and class to a youthful, but mature plateo. Cybil is like a chameleon, she adapts to her enviornment & her struggles build her character. The epitome of Hollywood, Cybil's about making money, living good & speaking the truth!