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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Pop Electronic




"Atlanta-based McCall revels in dysfunction on “Stone Cold"

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter McCall recently dropped the video for her latest single, "Stone Cold", an ode to the relationship mismatches we can't seem to let go of. With love and dysfunction at its core, she serves up pop with a healthy side of blues rock - the perfect blend of her blues club open mic circuit background with perfect pop sensibilities. "It's all about the feeling of being infatuated by someone who doesn’t treat you well,” says the singer. - Fader


Rising popstress McCall was born in Atlanta, Georgia, a far cry from Rome, but addresses these misadventures in love in her latest single, “Stone Cold.” McCall is only 20, but her lyrics speak to the universal experience of being unable to pull away from a bad relationship. Bubbling with venom and perfectly cut with McCall’s silky vocals, the elements combine to create an upbeat pop banger with dark undertones.

After a few years studying Popular Music at the University of Southern California, McCall dropped out to pursue music full time. Since then, she’s released her single “Why I’m Here,” and “Stone Cold,” which teases her forthcoming album. Her phrasing and lyricism speak for themselves, and her presence both onstage and through DSPs is magnetic.

“Stone Cold” plays on the vulnerabilities that come with the back and forth of a toxic relationship. She sings,

“You’re so stone cold, talkin’; like you own me. I’m so wrapped up in everything you say. Over again leaving me lonely, but I can’t walk away.”

Directed by Griffin Meyer, the accompanying video for “Stone Cold” plays off the ethereal qualities often seen in depictions of Venus. Tight shots of the female form, porcelain statues and a plush velvet couch all allude to the softness Venus represents.
The video takes a turn as McCall smashes the face of a statue with a golden hammer and jams out on guitar while a banner of Venus goes up in flames, giving the goddess of love a message about her shoddy work. If the single wasn’t addicting enough on its own, the video takes McCall’s project to another level by pushing rich elements of art history and greek mythology to the forefront of the story.

Stay tuned for more from McCall soon, and keep your distance from Venus in the meantime. - HOLR

"Grant & McCall Build a Magical Dream World of Melody on 'Wishes': Exclusive"

Layer by layer, satellite transmissions, drip-drop melodies and brightening beats raise the song toward higher ground. Singer McCall adds a heavenly air to the hopeful tune. Stick with it, and you'll be gliding through the air on your own magic carpet of daydream fantasies. - Billboard

"From The Crowd // McCall"

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re absolutely in love with everything about McCall—from her contagious sound to her insanely cool stage presence. The latest track from the LA-based indie-pop queen Right?, released last week, is no exception. The single is a clap back to your ex in song form, and we can’t stop singing along. We caught her performance at El Cid in Los Angeles last month, and we highly suggest you do the same at her upcoming show at Three Clubs on September 10.
McCall recently released her 4-track ep under the reign, all about growth + change, and we can’t get enough of the all-too-relatable lyrics + infectious vocals. the singer-songwriter took the stage at love song bar this past tuesday (may 7) + will be hosting a backyard concert fundraiser in support of times up tonight (may 9). we chatted with her all about the ep, the fundraiser + what’s next. if you’re like us, you’ll have lavender on repeat indefinitely. - Asymmetric Magazine

"Q&A: McCall"

BRUTALLY BOLD AND HONEST - McCall brings the unbiased truth of being a 20-year-old woman from Atlanta, Georgia. Her lyrics and music in her arsenal, McCall moved to LA to study music and showcase her unique sound of Southern blues and pop. Taking influences from all different genres, she is ready to jump right into the industry with no hesitation.

In her debut EP, UNDER THE REIGN, McCall gives listeners a chance to fully grasp all that is McCall. The fierce artist is ready to let the world in and wants to her music to resonate with those that get the pleasure of listening. Read on to get a better sense of what got McCall into this scene, her experience as a woman in the music industry & more. - Luna Collective Magazine

"McCall’s “Stone Cold” Is A Portrait Of One-Sided Infatuation"

Alternative artist McCall outlines lopsided infatuation in her new single “Stone Cold” – at some point we’ve all been there. We got obsessed with someone who would reciprocate our feelings with D- treatment. Anchored with McCall’s heart-cutting vocals, “Stone Cold” explores the territories of alternative pop through striking guitar chords and expansive synths. - Aupium

"McCall makes your retro, rock-pop dreams come true"

Atlanta-born, LA-based singer-songwriter, McCall is leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Inspired by the natural progression of life, her bluesy-rock pop grooves explore relationships, femininity, and everything else that makes McCall –– McCall. With powerhouse harmonies and melodies that burrow a vintage genre, her aesthetic is one that transports retro pop-rock fervor into the digital age.

McCall’s most recent single, “Stone Cold,” is an addictive record that evokes flashbacks of toxic bonds. The track is supported by impressive guitar dexterity, providing a solid core for her symmetrical lyrics.

There’s something effortlessly genuine about the natural blend of McCall’s tunes, breathtaking voice, and her bad*ss energy, but we’ll let you be the judge.

McCall’s next single, “Lavender” drops Feb. 21. - Ndlyss


Okay, there are three ways this can go and I’ll give it to ya quick.

I mean, obviously, my dream tour would be Cher, Stevie Nicks, Trixie Mattel and I doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show-style live show except the movie is Burlesque and Cher is reprising her role of Tess LIVE! I play Stanley Tucci’s character, Trixie is Xtina Aguilera’s character, and Stevie is her sugar daddy, Marcus Gerber.

OR. bülow, Donna Missal, Carlie Hanson and I start an indie/alternative/pop/psych/underground/salsa girl group called Lapp Dogg or something (still workshopping it) and tour around the world forever and ever.

OR. I just get to open for The Japanese House on tour and cry my eyes out every night watching her play “Face Like Thunder.” What a freakin dream. - Digital Tour Bus

"Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today"

As a 90s kid, I grew up on music featuring badass women with guitars. It spoke to me as a little gay brown person. PSA: don’t let the world tell you what you can’t do. “Stone Cold” simply put, rocks and is so lyrically relatable. McCall is the goosebumps and excitement you get from hearing something fresh and wanting to claw your way to the source of it all. - NewNowNext


Still working on that hot first release.



McCall is an Atlanta-born singer, songwriter,
and producer. The 21-year-old USC dropout
moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and quickly
proved herself a worthy collaborator. Last
year alone, her features with Grant and Just a
Gent garnered over 5 million Spotify streams,
a placement on the 2019 Rocket League
soundtrack, and high praise from Billboard.

Also in 2019, McCall released her heart-wrenching debut solo EP, “Under the Reign,”
sold-out multiple headlining shows in LA, and was
nominated for an LA Music Video Award for
her single - “Stone Cold.” 

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