That iSH and the Abby

That iSH and the Abby


Accessible indie rock with a powerful live performance


Hailing from four different corners of the US, That iSH and the Abby is the amalgamation of different styles and backgrounds. Known best for their singable melodies, perfect harmonization, and lively stage performance, That iSH and the Abby is something genuine and new.


We Spent Years

Written By: Ian Pollack

We spent years living beyond our means
Doing the dangerous dance of an airplane without wings


We sent the invitations to gentry with American names
Cause only the wellborn should witness
The marriage of a man and country

Tired of being woken by roaches crashing into the lights
How could a child survive, Harbin winter, parents sick?


Jordan, she screamed at me, we're living beyond our means
We're poor, she screamed at me,
And married to this country....