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Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B




"White Men Cant Blog"

From time to time I post music that I don't co-sign and that's because you might still fuck with it even if I don't. Well I was hesitant to listen to this BLAZé just because his name. Petty I know but I can't help it. Well I finally gave it a listen and I'm glad I looked past the name because dude can spit. The intro is bass only, not snare but he keeps his flow on point (Similar to Palermo Stone's first track on For My Culture). Besides the intro my favorite jam was Kat Stacks. Check it out for yourself tho. Twitter: @thatkidblaze

"Cloud N9ne"

Blaze', Portland local and livewire artist, released his mixtape titled "Room & Board" at midnight on feb 29th, 2012. Using the extra day in february to be remembered as the day "Room & Board" was released. Blaze' provides a 16 song mixtape with a great line up of music. Make sure to download the mixtape at the link below AND check him out opening for Too $hort on March 9th in Corvallis and opening for Tyga on April 9th in Corvallis as well. -

"Capital Brand Endorsed"

The homie BLAZe’ dropped his debut mixtape this week and it’s crack. This is a CAPITAL Brand endorsed project.

- Capital Clothing

"360 Degrees Unlimited"

Review - 360 Degrees

"Livewire Forever"

Livewire Forever Review -

"Mixtape Review -"

Portland, Oregon isn’t exactly a city thought of when it comes to Hip-Hop, but newcomer Blazé (pronounced “blah-zay”) is doing his part to put his city on the map. The Portland native recently caught our attention after his debut mixtape, Room & Board, earned “Hot This Week” status shortly after its release on DatPiff. A video freestyle with OMG (Ice Cube’s son), has also helped this 19-year old up-and-comer gain steam, as it recently passed the 50,000 view mark on YouTube.

As a college student, Blazé puts forth a project heavily influenced by life in college, reminiscent to the theme of J. Cole’s The Come Up. Blazé uses the college theme to his advantage, rapping on topics that range from pursuing his dreams to pursuing his degree, with a dose of girls and partying, and his kick-game in between. Blazé’s versatile style gives him the ability to speak on these topics throughout all of the tape’s 16 tracks.

Bangers like “Over Here”, featuring OMG, find Blazé delivering punchlines over a bass-heavy track on his time spent driving around in L.A., “That sh*t sweep all through LA/ I’m feeling just like a Maverick.” On another banger, “Kat Stacks,” Blazé speeds up his flow and takes time to elaborate on his marijuana habits: “Riding around on two O’s/ like I’m Lance Armstrong.” Blazé invites fellow Portland artists Jové and Cassow to join him and gives the ladies an invitation, “Come converse with a star/ I’m on my Chuck Taylor sh*t.”

On “Unfinished Business,” Blazé continues to speak to the ladies, but does so in a much more intimate way, aided by Jové on the chorus singing, “We done put in too much work to leave it unfinished, unfinished business.” Blazé lets the ladies know how he handles his business in the bedroom on this steamy track. On the piano-filled “Milana’s Interlude,” Blazé takes things to a more personal level on this standout track by speaking to one special girl in particular about his feelings, “All them girls who be calling, blowing up my line/ You the only one that look like you/ ‘gon get some of my time.”

Blazé’s charismatic flow shines through on “Get By” as he addresses haters, “N*ggas didn’t see me coming / Now they on their plan b sh*t,” as well as school, “With this school sh*t, trust me I’m strugglin’ just to get by / scoping in all my classes for sexy b*tches to sit by.” His charisma continues to show on “Dead Presidents,” as Blazé uses clever wordplay involving a Detroit Lions defensive lineman, who also attended the same high school as him, “These other rappers, they be lyin’ like Ndamukong Suh.”

When it’s all said and done, it’s clear that Blazé has the talent and potential to breakout in the music industry. Room & Board is an impressive debut tape from the young MC that will continue to build momentum and keep him headed in the right direction.


"Blaze - Room & Board"

No matter how pure your talent is the rap game is strictly a game of chance and while some see it as a barrier others see it as a hurdle. You cant tell Blaze (pronounced Blahzay) anything different as he thrives on the fact that he is going to come hard whether the stars line up in his favor or not. Recently hooking up with the Livewire camp who already has a star in the R&B department with Jove why not add the lyrical tenacity to the roster and hit them at all frames of the game. The two labelmates seem to have that chemistry to incur good songs and all the leaks have been crowd pleasers which makes Blaze’s debut mixtape “Room & Board” that much more eventful. Blaze is not even at full potential yet as a rapper but would already be classified as one of the better artists coming out of Portland if not the Northwest. A lot of the key original songs have leaked in promotion for the release but the rest is just that of the title a mixtape in which you are able to see what the potential future product of Blaze can potentially be. Look for features from Luck One, OMG, Manny Fresh, and Cassow.

- Tha Northwest


Track List: (Room & Board Mixtape)

1: “Intro” (featuring T. Jones and Dizz)
2: “Two Words” (featuring Luck One)
3: “Kat Stacks”
4: “Ladies”
5: “Unfinished Business” (featuring Jové)
6: “Miss Me”
7: “Milana’s Interlude”
8: “Over Here” (Featuring OMG)
9: “Dead Presidents”
10: “Juicer” (featuring Manny Fresh)
11: “Kevin Hart”
12: “Just To Get By”
13: “They Know” (featuring Cassow & Jové)
14: “Run This Town”
15: “Whaddup”
16: “Blow”

Mixtape Download Link: (Copy/Paste)



YouTube Channel:


Tre Redeau-Harris was born and raised in northeast Portland, OR. As a child, growing up in two homes and seeing two very different ways of life was motivational for him, and inspired him to strive for something better. At his mother’s house, there was structure and lots of support. The fridge was always full, and bills were paid on time. At his dad’s house, things were a bit different. There, he was exposed to family members who used drugs, gang banged and there were a lot of inconsistencies, but one thing that he could always count on, was the rapping in his dad’s basement. Tre’s older brother LC was often in the basement with his cousin Eddie Barnett, writing songs and spitting rhymes. They used the basement to record.
On February 23rd 2005 during a high school basketball game, his cousin Eddie suddenly collapsed. The high school junior died on the spot of heart failure. Tre and the rest of the family took the loss extremely hard. Soon after, through reminiscing of his cousin Eddie and his big brother LC writing rapping and recording in his dad’s basement, Tre began to write rhymes of his own.
In high school, through a studio production class, he was able to strengthen his music skills and expand his knowledge of the music business. This motivated Tre to begin recording the many songs he had written, up to that point. During this time, he also met other young rappers who were eager to get their feet wet in the music game. One of these young rappers was Manny, a talented lyricist who often worked to help guide and teach Tre what he knew. Manny later moved to Atlanta to attend Morehouse but kept in touch with Tre and the two continued to pursue music on both sides of the country. Shortly after, Tre joined USA La Familia, a Portland hip-hop group, but quickly parted ways with them and decided to go solo, in order to make the type of music he wanted to. Tre began rockin’ local parties in 2008 and started polishing his live show, all of this before graduating high school.
Now as a college freshmen, we see another side of Tre. His debut mixtape titled Room and Board, depicts the life of a college student who likes to party, is addicted to fashion, has expensive habits that he can't afford on his financial aid. We follow Tre as he tries to get attention from the ladies, struggles in school and feels the pressure of society to get a college degree, while pursuing his real dream of blowing up in the music industry.
Room and Board is saturated with radio ready hooks, catchy party anthems, and clever story-telling, which bring you into the world of a northeast Portland boy turned, young, business savvy and charismatic MC. The mixtape has been released as a free digital download on and features some up and coming Portland talent such as Cassow, Vinnie Dewayne, Manny, Peadi Ecks, Luck-One, also LA’s Monica Olivera and Ice Cube’s son OMG.