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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF | AFM

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Alternative Rock




"Video: That Noise Love Remains"

That Noise are from Los Angeles. They’ve got a little bit of glam and a lot of soul wrapped up in a tight leather package. The trio are Virgin America’s New Music Discovered selection this month, so we had to share the new video for “Love Remains” which is the title track to their new EP! They’ve also got a scorching version of Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire” below.

Download the aforementioned Love Remains EP for FREE after the jump. It was produced by Max Dingel (White Lies, The Killers, Muse) – so um, if that’s any indication of how much you might crush on this band, JUMP! - Virgin Mobile Live

"Forget the lame TV show parading posers and stale imitation, That Noise proves America's Got Talent for real!!!"

Forget the lame TV show parading posers and stale imitation, That Noise proves America's Got Talent for real!!!
- - Gerald Casale - DEVO

"..infectious gems that will sink into your subconscience and demand more of your time"

The L.A.-based band, That Noise is a band that I feel has much potential. I've had the pleasure of listening to their Love Remains 3 song EP for the last couple weeks and have been trying to formulate the words to describe these nicely polished songs. If you just happen upon the songs you might dismiss them for just another pop-rock band but if you spend some time with all three you start to realize that these songs are infectious gems that will sink into your subconscience and demand more of your time. The songs are big, arena ready songs. The first track is called "Erase The Pain" and I think it's probably the finest of the three tracks. It's powerful chorus will have you singing along after only a couple listens. "Everywhere you are" is the most laid back but still has great rock elements throughout. Then the title track of this EP demands your attention as well. It will get crowds clapping along in time and bobbing their heads. Beautifully produced EP for an indie band.

If you like rock/pop bands like White Lies from the UK or even US-side The Killers, then you need to head over to their site and download this EP. You might even compare these tracks to My Chemical Romance.

Also look out for their brilliant upstyled cover of Kings of Leon's "Sex On Fire". Just different enough to warrant it.

I predict big things for this band. If radio picks up on any of these tracks, success will follow. -

"That Noise - Love Remains EP"

Maybe I'm devolving back into what I used to jock the shit out of when it comes to electro-ish rock-ish toonsies, but I've been jocking the shit out of the EP from That Noise titled Love Remains. It's got all the sheen and unassuming sass I would expect out of a transexual cross pollination between Mute Math and V.A.S.T., but with a slight nod towards Muse, a little session of just-the-tip with vocals in the vein of David Gilmour on The Division Bell and a peek inside the smudged mascara stained lacy underwear drawer of late 90s Orgy.

I just get the feeling these tip touchers are holding out on me.

That Noise only gave me three fucking songs with which to marinate my man steak, and while I'm left holding my sack a bit, I have to admit I'm fucking gay as shit for their anthemic electronic rock shaftsqueezes. There are moments where I'm not sure if I'm listening to 30 Seconds To Mars or Gentlemen Hall, but during every moment where I took my hands off the wheel and roared like a man recently healed of a seriously fucking painful fucking testicle infection, I was fucking smitten.

The anal lube smooth pairing of distorted guitars and musky leather pants with glow sticks and synthy club affectations make That Noise and the entire Love Remains EP an awesome fucking introductory auditory thrust into my music collection. Hopefully in a few months I'll have realized how unnecessarily pungent I had imagined a full length from these half-Honduran/two-thirds Nicaraguan poodicks.

The synth on title track Love Remains is exactly what a crisp summer day pounding Tecates with lime and salt before a night decorated in only a strobe light and the steady consumption of top shelf vodka would sound like.

That Noise got me hongry fo mo bro bro. SOMEONE KICK ONE OF THOSE shitCHINS IN THE ADAM'S APPLEZ FOR ME BRO BRO. -

"Los Angeles band keeps releasing awesome music"

I’ve been following That Noise for a few years now (living in Los Angeles makes it easy to literally follow the band), and I’m always impressed with their ability to grow while simultaneously staying true to their signature sound. Their self-titled debut EP, released in 2008, gave us a taste of this sound — a blend of alternative rock with melodic riffs in the shape of synths and vocal melodies — and the track “No Words” illustrated their ability to beautifully integrate electronica into their music. Their next EP, the more upbeat and heart-pounding Derivatives (2009), furthered That Noise’s vision of combining rock and electronica with a little dose of vulnerability. The track “Balance” would get you dancing, and their rendition of Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” is simply fantastic.

The band’s most recent EP, Love Remains, is what I call a three-track dose of musical crack. “Only three tracks?” I can hear you thinking. Well, who says you have to release ten songs if only a few of them are going to be great? Quality not quantity seems to be the band’s principle because all three tracks on this EP are excellent.

The first, “Love Remains,” can be played in a nightclub or a rock concert. (I’m not kidding you. I can already hear the dance remixes in my head.) The track builds and dissipates all at the right moments, and the line “Love remains” echoes over and over in my head after listening. If you’re exhausted from dancing to that track, have no fear because the next track, “Erase the Pain,” is a perfect chill song, at least for those who listen to Depeche Mode before they go to bed. It has that kind of vibe, and the line “Tonight we erase the pain” is very Depeche. The last track, “Everywhere You Are,” is actually the song you will fall asleep to. It has that dreamy quality (Johnny Burkes has a dreamy voice, in general), and all of a sudden, I feel at peace with the hectic world.

The best part of this EP is that it is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on That Noise’s website. Right now, not forever. So get it now before they change their mind! -

"THAT Noise, is going somewhere...and FAST. Get on the Noise train while you still can."

"....allow the chemical reaction to the magic of this band to blend with your pulse making for an audio-orgasmic reaction leaving you writhing on the floor begging for more. " - Echo Savant

"You Are Ready"

You are definitely ready. If something big doesn't happen I don't get it anymore." - Gerald Casale - DEVO

"Derivatives – That Noise"

Derived from a mixture of Electronica, Industrial and Alternative music, with some of the most leading edge artists in industry as influences, That Noise came forth with an exciting new sound that offers awareness a new perception. The creation began in Los Angeles when Jawnee Danger, a music teacher and songwriter, joined forces with composer Jay Skinner, who brought professional movie soundtrack, TV show and commercial credits to the table. Syncing with their ideas for harnessing the powerful energy of music to empower consciousness, Marcel Blanco and Kenny Ramirez completed the conception. Derivatives is the third release from this gifted band.

Generating the foundation of the Derivatives movement is Balance. Somehow, the music and lyrics have been blended so completely that it is hard to separate each. The chorus, “in your lifetime, you need balance, within without, love is balance,” seems to support the sense that they have always been one unit instead of supporting partners. Building on Balance is a cover of the Kings of Leon’s song Sex On Fire. That Noise took a mediocre song and made it beautifully memorable. This sexier version is reminiscent of a Trent Reznor “come slither your way to me” sound, calling out for it to be experienced with your entire body and all your senses.

Any song might find it hard to follow all that sensuality but the next track, State Of Affairs, gently follows the receding pulse exactly where it needs to be – in and all around you. Sneaking into your head and awaking your consciousness, the words bring to light the world at large and remind us to take notice of our part in the State Of Affairs.

Flawlessly mastered so that the mood doesn’t get too serious, yet still keeping the vibe moving, Blue Jean Baby is a lighter tune that hints, both in name and style, of the great David Bowie. Following that, the next to last track on Derivatives, Willow Tree proves that all good, complete creations involve the whole range of mood and emotion. It cleverly adds its piece by offering a darkeratmosphere with only the vocal timbre hinting at the shadowy undertone of the lyrics.

Question: How would a band bring the perfect creation full circle?

Answer: By closing with an eleven minute ambient meditation. Drone gives the opportunity to really take in all that has been experienced to this end. Point taken, message received and impressed with the well thought out execution …but eleven minutes?

Derivatives is a fantastic, innovative album with a fresh new sound that simultaneously hints at a classic alternative music foundation. It is a relief to hear new artists continuing with and improving on that genre of music. It is almost impossible to not get totally swept away with this music. That Noise is definitely a band to follow. - The Indie Music Report

"Everybody Make Some Noise"


Exploding on the scene like a weapon of mass destruction landing on
your front lawn or a psycho ex-girlfriend slashing your tires, is the
sheer raw intensity known as THAT NOISE.
Fear not my friends, these warriors are here not to throw rocks though
your bedroom window or take over the world, but rather to free it, by
delivering a message of strength, courage and empowerment for all
mankind… with guitars.
For the last year, That Noise has been winning over the admiration and
respect of music lovers worldwide, and with their latest release, a
remake of the Kings of Leon’s hit Sex on Fire, burning up college
airwaves in the US and abroad, this dynamic group is well on their way
to massive success. As buzzbandsla writer Kevin Bronson puts it: “
L.A. quartet That Noise has taken a little of the denim out of Kings
of Leon’s ubiquitous hit “Sex on Fire” and replaced with a bit of
latex”. Numerous other listeners have also concurred: “I like it even
better than the original, It’s sexier!”
Their masterful blend of Rock, Electro and Pop has taken on the
otherworldly form of something which can only be described as
“ELECTROCK” A seamless fusion of the aforementioned genres. Within
their arsenal you will discover Blistering guitars, Thundering drums,
Melodic synths, Passionate lyrics and Electrifying performances.
That Noise has been spreading seeds across the globe and igniting
fires in the hearts and minds of those who wish to release themselves
from the bonds of mental, physical and financial slavery. Their
dedication was seen recently when they performed in 2010 Sundance film
festival benefit for Haiti Organized by Pras Michel of the
. Relentless in their quest, the guys packed up the van once again in
March to play for a great cause at the SXSW music conference in
Austin; The All together now showcase to benefit “ invisible
On July 23rd 2010 they will be the ones to watch at the Vans 5th
annual Battle for Warped Tour at the Glass House in Pomona. On August
22nd they will be one of the front runners in the SCU Band Slam
sponsored by LA WEEKLY. They are on a mission to eradicate mediocrity
of thought and develop a new generation of soldiers dedicated to
freeing minds and breaking down boundaries. Throw up your fists and

Rock Elliott 323.350.1437 - That Noise

"That Noise-Sex On Fire"

I don’t often cover the kind of thing they play on KROQ here in Los Angeles—my KROQ days were also my methamphetamine days and my high school days, and as such are far behind me and thankfully so—but That Noise was brought to my attention and their cover of Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire improves upon the somewhat clumsy original in a multitude of ways.

Mostly they do this by stripping a lot of the ‘rock’ out of the song and replacing it with a vibe I’d compare most closely to HEALTH’s Die Slow and various other yesteryear Nine Inch Nails dance remixes, soaking the whole song in a pensive late night post-clubbing vibe. Unlike the original, That Noise’s version actually seems deserving of the ridiculous title phrase: the song now oozes slow burning sex appeal.

I do think it’s weird that newcomers That Noise are covering a Kings of Leon song that’s barely a year old, but when it’s done in such a way that it improves upon the original so thoroughly (and I say this as someone who has listened to the Kings of Leon original way more times than I’d like to admit) that I can’t really complain. Besides, it wasn’t that many years ago (well, like, forty, maybe) that immediately covering an artist’s popular song in order to piggyback your way into the charts on it was a common occurrence. If it’s working for That Noise, good for them, especially because this cover rocks. -

"That Noise Rocks The Good Hurt"

That Noise Rocks The Good Hurt

Saturday night, indie rockers That Noise played Venice's The Good Hurt and smacked the audience silly with their awesomeness. After a short parade of dopey bands that sounded like your ten-year-old brothers', That Noise took the stage and blew the audience away by their tight musicianship and memorable songs. This group has been playing low key venues for over a year now, apparently to hone their chops, but they're so ready to do some real damage, evidenced by Saturday night's whatever-you'd-call-it. The quick and dirty is vocalist Jawnee Burx and guitarist/producer Jay Skinner revved-up the noise in 2007 within the "Byzantine Latino Quarter" of Los Angeles (as their website puts it), and while touring the U.S., the band got the attention of Tool's and System Of A Down's Sylvia Massey. The Los Feliz area also knows Skinner as the local producer/engineer who's overseen projects or sonics for H Is Orange, Dan Zacharias, Little Plastic Pilots, Commuter, Appogee, and Tiki Lewis, a voice you've heard on many of the more alt-sounding commercials (picture a feistier Feist). Recently, they blew away studio moguls with a song/video for the game Halo, and their just-uploaded "fan" tribute/cover of Kings Of Leon's "Sex On Fire" just started getting some YouTube attention.

Initially skipping the physical product route, That Noise released their album The Way We Are digitally and currently are wrapping up a remix album, both digital projects due to have CD companions. And they even have a mission statement of sorts on their website that reads: "The album encompasses many topics such as the state of media and pop culture and its constant bombardment of telling us that the way we are is not enough, consume more and feel better. Everyone on this earth has a feeling of urgency as to the 'State of Affairs' of our planet and our future and there are 'No Words' to describe this collective consciousness that transcends all race and creed. This album The Way We Are addresses these primal emotions through song."

Songs That Rocked The Good Hurt By That Noise:

Up To You
The Way We Are
Willow Tree
End Game
No Words
State of Affairs
In My Sights - The Huffington Post

"Attack of the covers: Greg Laswell, That Noise"

L.A. quartet That Noise has taken a little of the denim out of Kings of Leon’s ubiquitous hit “Sex on Fire” and replaced with a bit of latex. It doesn’t help me get past the cringeworthy lyrics at all, but it’s a cool take on a radio anthem. The song appears on That Noise’s forthcoming album, “Derivatives.” - Buzz Bands La


The Way We Are
In My Sights - single
Love Remains
Running Again



- The trio are Virgin Americas New Music Discovered selection September 2012.

- WWE using their song 'Anchor' as Conor O'Brian's 2013 entrance Theme Music.

- New EP produced by Max Dingel (White Lies, Glasvegas, Muse, The Killers)

- Watch 'Heartbeat Rhythm' Performed LIVE:

- Past Shows List -->

Cutting their teeth in the So Cal underground house party and DTLA art scenes, That Noise purposefully colors outside the lines and their sonic penmanship is an explosive and stimulating aural antidote for the pop-weary. 

Together for over 8 years, these misfits are here to make you move. Currently residing in Los Angeles CA.

That Noise unique cover of Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire" being played on KROQ Los Angeles and 80+ College radio across the country.

Perry Serpa @ GoodCop PR

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