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Champaign, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Champaign, Illinois, United States | INDIE
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"Mix it up with That's No Moon"

Mix it up with That’s No Moon

Posted in MUSIC to Previews by Ben Valocchi on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 9:00 am

That's No Moon first appeared on the radar a few months back (thanks, Facebook). Made up of Ben Wilson (vocals/synth), Hayden Cler (guitar/vocals), Kyle Prillaman (drums) and Paul Little (bass), who I interviewed this Wednesday. You may recognize Hayden and Kyle from the long-running JigGsaw, and Paul previously played in The Signal. I'd place sorta-single "Love Bites" halfway between Braid and Pinback. Punkish for sure, but there's a definite math influence and jittery, syncopated chords that could arguably be traced back to "The New Nathan Detroits". However, the chorus introduces a dancey, four on the floor backbeat and the song maintains a solid pop sensibility throughout. I can't imagine it being anything less than a great time live, which probably means I should mention That's No Moon's upcoming slot on the Hathaways full-band debut show. Also performing are Village, Steve Ucherek of the Living Blue/Blackouts' current project.

SP: So have you found it to be pretty easy getting a band off the ground in Champaign?

Paul: So far yeah, we seem to have pretty good turnout at our shows.

SP: What's your favorite venue in town to play?

Paul: I really like Cowboy Monkey, especially getting mixed by Karl Lund, it always sounds really good there, and it seems that we always draw a better crowd, this will be our third or fouth time playing the Monkey since we've been a band, and its been a good show everytime.

SP: You're currently in the process of recording an EP, right?

Paul: Yeah, that should be finished and out in May sometime, I don't know if we're gonna have a show or not yet, but hopefully. It'd be cool to do it at Mike 'N Mollys, like outdoors. We're doing all the recording in our drummer's basement, and mixing it ourselves. Me and Kyle were in a band called the Signal before this, we did the same thing with that band so we've got a process down. Kyle's getting really great at recording our stuff now, he's actually gonna be interning at Great Western Recorders soon. So we want to get a solid ten or twelve song set down, and go over to Great Western and record it for an album. We also have two other shows coming up aside from Friday, we're playing at Hangar 9 in Carbondale, its their first show back from reopening, and then we're playing Squarefest in Charleston on March 26th it' a one-day event at a bunch of different venues down there.

SP: What format are you releasing the EP on? Any plans for a vinyl release?

Paul: We've been talking about maybe doing a vinyl, but we'd have to find a cheap place to get it done. I alone have kind of been pushing that idea in the band, but I think it would be a good idea. But yeah we're probably gonna have the CD first, and then maybe a vinyl.

SP: Have you thought about touring at all?

Paul: We might go to New York and back this summer. JigGsaw's old lead singer Mark [former bandmate of guitarist Hayden Cler] moved to New York, so he might hook us up with a few shows there and then we could just book out and back. I don't know though...its kind of hard because Kyle's going for his pre-law and might then be going into grad school, but he seems to be more into the band than in law school. We might actually be playing the Metro and Reggie's in Chicago this Spring...

SP: How'd you get in touch with the Metro? That's a major venue...

Paul: Hayden's ex-girlfriend works up at a radio station in Chicago, so she hooked us up with them. And actually, the lead singer for Big Science who we played with at Mike 'N Molly's actually works at the Metro. Reggie's actually got in touch with us and asked if we'd play up there, we just have to get like 30 people to come up for the guarantee. That should't be too hard because we have a lot of friends and family in Chicago. But it'll be fun to play Reggie's, and definitely fun to play the Metro. [Ben]'s also friends with So Many Dynamos, so we've been talking about playing with them at the Metro as well. But I'm excited to be playing with Hathaways and Village, those bands both sound great. I'm actually from the same town as Village's drummer.

SP: Have you thought about releasing a single?

Paul: We should, we have a single ready called "Love Bites", and four songs up on our Myspace that you can listen to, and our single's up there. We've been talking about doing a concept video for it, with an actual storyline. Most of our songs tell a story actually, like "Love Bites" is about a vampire, we have a song that's an old Chinese fairytale...overall, we like to mix a lot of different styles into our music, we have some country influence, some reggae influence, a little latin, it's jazzy but kinda dancey, it's fun. - Smile Politely

"Live Show Review"

With an affinity for delay effects and chiptune style keyboarding, Star Wars inspired band That's No Moon opened up the night. With a reference to an Obi-Wan line it was clear that this band was going to let their nerd flag fly. Songs about Megaman and having feelings for your cousin were the most energetic pieces played by the Champaign local band as all songs were full of 8-bit style synth from lead singer, Ben Wilson's mini Korg (a staple in the chip community). Even when the crowd wasn't dancing, That's No Moon kept pumping out with full energy and encouraging the crowd to get up and dance to their 4/4 tones. Also right in the middle of the set, the band busted out a very indie cover of La Roix's famous song "Bulletproof," a cop to get the kids into the music they were broadcasting and it most certainly did.
- 107.1 WPGU

"Interview with Kyle Prillaman of That's No Moon"

With the recording of their new album, That’s No Moon is off to a fresh start this summer and keeping busy. This eclectic Champaign-based quartet will be performing with The Noise FM at Cowboy Monkey on July 7 at 9:30pm. Drummer and sound engineer, Kyle Prillaman, talked to buzz.

buzz: What’s the story behind the name, That’s No Moon?

Kyle Prillaman: It’s actually a quote from Star Wars. You’ve watched Star Wars, right? Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan are riding in the Millennium Falcon when they see the Death Star, and Han Solo says, “There’s the moon,” but Obi Wan says, “That’s no moon; that’s a space station!” We wanted that to be our name, but it was too long, so it’s just “That’s No Moon.” It goes along with our lyrical content, with the spacey stuff and video games. People say it fits us because they say we’re nerdy rock, but I wouldn’t say it’s nerdy. But it is kind of nerdy. We’re not contrived or pretentious; we’re just expanding our music material.

buzz: How do all the different genres of music, such as latin, reggae, electro-pop, country and hip hop work together in your music? Is it like juggling?

KP: Yeah, it is like juggling to some degree. We really try to tie it all together in well-thought-out song structures. Although all the songs sound different, they all sound like they belong on the same album. And as the sound engineer, I really work to make it all sound cohesive. On our new album, musically, we’re playing what comes to mind. I wouldn’t say we’re super original because every band says they’re trying to be that, but we’ve got that freshness and lots of different people can enjoy our songs.

buzz: What does Champaign mean to you?

KP: We’d like to resurrect a “Champaign sound,” which means a big emphasis on guitar and music as a whole, music with integrity, before the vocals are put in, unlike West Coast music, which just focuses more on vocals with the music as the background. In general, Champaign is a really supportive community. It’s just big enough to make a name for yourself. We thought about moving to Chicago but we don’t want to be a small fish in a big pond.

buzz: You used to play with JigGsaw. How is playing with That’s No Moon different?

KP: It’s definitely a different experience in that I get to be part of the writing experience. It’s more collaborative with That’s No Moon, and no single person controls the whole process. And with That’s No Moon, everyone is excited about being more “pop-oriented,” like more simplified.

buzz: What’s your funniest performing story?

KP: For our Halloween concert last year, we rented costumes from Dallas & Co. We were dressed as Mariachi players and it was really fun, but we ended up tearing the costumes by the end of the concert. We had to sew them back together before we turned them back in and hope we wouldn’t get charged. - The Buzz


2010 - That's No Moon EP1

2011 - That's No Moon "Self Titled"



Since their inception in late 2010 That’s No Moon has been busy destroying dance floors across the Midwest. The band’s infectious brand of indie-rock, which includes elements of pop and electronica, can transform even the most apathetic of crowds into a raucous dance party. With the release of their debut full length in September of 2011 That’s No Moon proved that they are much more than just an energetic live act. While still retaining the excitement of their live performance the 12-track album showcases the band’s ability to meld pop sensibility with musical energy and integrity.

Upon completion of a national radio campaign with Planetary Group the band's debut album was added into rotation at more than 130 stations and saw impressive CMJ charting results as well. Showing no signs of slowing down, the band is already in the process of recording a second full length album. After teaming up with independent label Blue Box Records the band has high hopes for their sophomore release. The new album, tentatively titled "Hyperion", will highlight the band's fascination with outer space and is set to be released in early 2013.