That Spitfire Unit

That Spitfire Unit

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The name says it all. That Spitfire Unit is bringing nothing but heat. If you are looking for pure energy, you can stop here.


This is Mesha, the CEO and in house producer for Yellow Rose Entertainment. I am also one of the rappers with that Spitfire Unit. I think that one of the main things that set us apart is that I'm a female producer coming straight out of Texas. Shawt Change is that versatile MC with crazy energy coming out of Atlanta, GA. Lil Tay is that little guy with the big voice, also coming out of Atlanta. When you put us together, you get the flame that starts the fire. As a producer, my influences are Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupri, and Timbaland. Change and Tay are influenced by Scare Face, Ludacris, and Jadakiss, to name a few.


We have just released our first CD, (May 1,2003). The title is Mesha Presents: It's Hot Down Here. Currently, we are strictly underground.

Set List

Our typical set includes: 1. Them Boys, 2.Put It Up, 3. There It Is, 4. Go Ahead, 5. Here I Is. The set is approximately twenty three minutes in length.