That Toga Band

That Toga Band


An accomplised band that is never predictable, That Toga Band combines jazz, rock and latin influences together with creative composition, ambient sound and thoughtful instrumentation in order to create their own brand of music.


That Toga Band has been creating and performing original compositions since December 2003 when the founding members met at the University of Vermont. Originally an improvisational based acoustic duo that was "forever engaging in characteristic pursuits of true underwater vibrational research", That Toga Band has meshed into a compositionally focused group that pushes the limits of what three people are capable of.

Setting their home base comfortably in the foothills of Vermont's Green Mountains, That Toga Band focuses on studing the entomology of the physical audience. TTB has performed at venues such as Nectar's, the World Cafe in Philadelphia, the Monopole (Plattsburgh, NY), the Blue Mermaid (Portsmouth, NH), Metronome, Radio Bean, the Summit Resort and Hotel (Lake Placid, NY), Manhattan Pizza and Pub, City Hall Park (Burlington, VT), Muddy Water's, the Radiator WOMM-LP 105.9FM (Burlington, VT), Goddard College Radio and the University of Vermont. No matter what the set or setting, That Toga Band always maintains a constant presence that strives to promote balance and harmony through focused juxtopositons of space and time.

That Toga Band not only creates music, but every member in the band also is an active artist. Be it from designing our own posters almost exclusively to creating wacky buttons to designing an avant-garde newspaper to juggling five pins at a time, every member of That Toga Band is an artist in the broadest sense.

The artisitic integrity of the members and artists involved with That Toga Band is one of the few basic principles that the music of That Toga Band is structured around. Approaching music from an artistic point of view allows colors and shapes to materialize as fragments of sound, and the creative process becomes much more fun, flexible, and meaningful. A solid musical technique and understanding is a cornerstone for auditory exploration, and once in place, the songs of That Toga Band take on much more meaning and require multiple listens in order to fully appreciate the sonic threads that weave the harmonic sheets together. Each and every song we compose is a sketch, and once that song is preserved via recording or live performance, it becomes a work of art.

But seriously for a second, we take art seriously, and we take music seriously, but we don't take seriousness seriously. There you have it. Integrate artistic desire with some meager musicianship and hyperactive imaginations and you have a recipe for the just the kind of band you might be dealing with.


EP (2007) - A four song EP was recorded at That Toga Band’s home studio in Burlington, VT.

Air Play (2008) - An 11 track live recording of That Toga Band on 105.9 FM the Radiator.

Demo (2008) - A four track demo that contains two studio tracks and two live tracks.

Set List

That Toga Band is equipped to play most any type of show, be it a one-set seated dinner or a three set NYE at Madison Square. A typical TTB show usually consists of two hour and a half sets, with a 15-30 minute set break in between. TTB rarely plays cover songs, but will gladly consider requests.

Song List (followed by Duration)

A Different Look 7:27
Adventures of Toga and the Squid 5:38
Allison Lee 1:14
And We See 7:45
Andy’s Quirk and Whirl 5:37
Bleedin’ from the Brain 2:12
Casada #1 5:12
Focus 4:30
For Steve 6:03
Happy Muddy Feet 4:42
Opening Up, Part 1 3:22
Opening Up, Pa