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"thatwasthen makes promises they keep"

"This crafty quartet bring a lot of different skills to the table. The singer's sweet'n'raspy vocal tones are perfect for the tune "Get Out Of Your Head," an effervescent pop-rocker whose hook is ideal for a film/TV placement. The expansive and unpredictable "Of All The Places To End" and "Rocks & Sand," though less commercial, are adroitly performed. From sweet vocals to searing guitar solos, thatwasthen harken back to the 70's (in a Cheap Trick sorta way), while maintaining a keen modern edge. Very polished, promising act." - Music Connection Magazine - Jan '09


QED EP - 2008
featuring the single "Places to End"
which is recieving much streaming airplay and some radio on the east coast... specifically Quinnipiac, Connecticut and Jamestown, Rhode Island. Also in Columbus, OH and Kansas City.



You cannot find many bands that can say they made it coming from the Los Angeles music scene. It’s mainly because of the wide musical landscape and the ever-narrowing genres of today’s music, but if there ever was such a group to do it, it is thatwasthen.

“These days, music seems awash with dispassionate computer brats with garage band and acid loops… and I think it’s killing the days of good ‘ol rock ‘n roll,” says Brenton Sinay, frontman for the Southern California rock and roll quintet thatwasthen. “I just wish people had the enthusiasm for rock music today the way they seemed to 30 or 40 years ago. Back then, music seemed like all anyone ever had. I worry if anyone will ever feel that way about one band or musical group ever again.”

thatwasthen (no spaces, no caps) has spent the last few years working hard on their music, using the Los Angeles and Orange County music scenes as their blank canvas upon which to accomplish just that. Since the inception of the group, they’ve played sold out shows at any venue you could name in Southern California with artists like Fountains of Wayne, Shwayze, Powder and Marcy Playground. They’ve recorded an EP that’s slowly spreading across the country the way it should, one hand at a time, one heart at a time, one airwave at a time. “That’s the way we like it. If we were looking for a quick and easy way to reach the million dollar mark, I’m sure we could have done that by now… but at what cost? This is just as much a journey for us as it is music for our fans.”

Picture The Who, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and Guns ‘N Roses all spitting into a bucket. Then, take that DNA and fashion 5 young men in their image. Their music is as real as the place you’re standing, with lyrics deeper than the darkest parts of the ocean. “We certainly strive to be that next band to explode out of LA like the Doors, Led, Guns or Chili Peppers,” says guitarist Nathan Longdon.

“Look, live shows don’t have to be boring,” adds guitarist Nicky P, “Musicians shouldn’t rely entirely on technology and virtuosic songs need not be hookless.” In fact, thatwasthen really seeks to combine all the best things about the legendary rock of the past with a keen sensibility and a peerless passion onstage. Three-fifths of the band were trained as actors in film and in theater, but don’t come to one of their shows looking for a shameless spectacle. Despite being typically indulgent rockers, thatwasthen also believes in moderation in all things. No faking allowed. “We tried to put a shiny wrapping on the band, with the unified clothing and whatnot, but it’s just not us. We’re much happier being who we are, on and off stage,” laughs Longdon, “It certainly make us more comfortable performing!”

thatwasthen’s name is made to suggest an ever-present, never-ending period of growth. It means that at any given time in your life you can take what you know, and shape your future, or ignore your past. “Time is an evil and deceptive device, ” says Sinay, “A manmade invention that can haunt you if you let it. thatwasthen is here to constantly remind you that you have the control.”

In the summer of 2008, they recorded their first six-song EP entitled “Q.E.D. EP - Quod erat demonstrandum” with producer Max Coane (Jack’s Mannequin, Oh No! Not Stereo) Having recorded the album in one week’s time, they believe the record speaks to the band’s professionalism and talent.

It is currently available for download everywhere!