Thavy Ear

Thavy Ear

 New South Wales, AUS

Thavy Ear has been making waves on the electronic and urban music fronts for some time now and the momentum is building. She is a prolific songwriter who draws an impressive array of musical influences. Lyrically, Thavy is candid and insightful. Vocally, she never ceases to astound.


Thavy Ear is one of the most diverse female vocalists and songwriters to emerge from the Australian music scene. She has chosen to share her creative energy across the urban and electronic landscapes, equally comfortable on a soulful lounge rhythm as she is on a seductive dance anthem. While the young songstress is not easly comparable, her broad musical horizons take influence from most genres across the modern musical spectrum.

Thavy's formative years were anything but easy and whilst permanently altered by her upbringing, she refused to become a product of her environment. Instead, she took a background of hardship and used it to inspire some truly remarkable music that is only now reaching full bloom and catching the attention of the Music Industry and music lovers alike.

Born to Cambodian parents, Thavy's love of music began from a young age (writing acclaimed songs at 13 years old) and was a passion that she pursued throughout her education, culminating with her completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business/Performance at RMIT University. 

Today Thavy divides her limited time between her job at a major music organisation and the studio where she has worked with an impressive and broad variety of producers and performance acts. While Thavy enjoys working in the corporate side of the music business, her heart is set on writing, performing and dazzling with her own music.

Over the years, Thavy has made tracks with a massive array of music icons from both Australia and abroad including the likes of:

Bootie Brown (Pharcyde) 
DeeJaye Katch (Resin Dogs/Hydrofunk)
David Atkins (2Dogs/Wolfmother) 
Sereck (Def Wish Cast/Celsius) 
Def Wish Cast 
Resin Dogs
Bradford Ellis (The Nextmen)
DJ JS-1 (Rock Steady Crew)
Brian Campeau (Inertia)
Greg Packer (Interphase/Good Looking)
Royalston (Hospital/Med School) 
Alan Mawdsley 
Ian Peres (Wolfmother) 
Mark Walton (Fretless) 
MC Shureshock (Klub Kids)
Will Styles (DubRave)
Midnite Sleaze (Stealth/Vicious)
Fabian Gray



EP - 'Packer and Rhodes featuring Thavy 2' [Interphase Records]
Greg Packer and Danny Rhodes featuring Thavy Ear

EP - 'Packer and Rhodes featuring Thavy 1' [Interphase Records]
Greg Packer and Danny Rhodes featuring Thavy Ear

Single - 'Everyday' [Housession Records]
Miami Husslers and Bernado Garcia featuring Thavy Ear

EP - 'The Shureshock Project Part 1' [DubRave Records]
MC Shureshock featuring Danny Rhodes, Greg Packer and Thavy Ear

Single - 'Useless' [Velcro Records]
Midnite Sleaze and Danny Merx featuring Thavy Ear

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