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Tha Watchmen are a young talented duo out of the bay area that bring a fresh unique sound to the hip-hop game. They are guaranteed to get a crowd going when they take the stage. Their live hip-hop shows have a similar feel to a rock concert. That is the type of energy Tha Watchmen bring to the table


Tha Watchmen are an energetic Hip-Hop duo out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Ben and Gabe Limon are highly motivated to use their music and their lyrics to inspire people to better themselves and the people around them through love. Since 2005 Tha Watchmen have been releasing demos, mixtapes and other projects underground with the goal of establishing a bond between themselves and the community around them; mainly the people of Northern California. Their lyrics have touched the lives of the people who have gotten a hold of one of their CD’s. The two words that describe Tha Watchmen’s musical movement are: “Inspiring, and Motivating”.
Tha Watchmen have had the opportunity and privilege to perform at a number of venues both high and low profile such as: Spirit West Coast ‘08, People Fest, Convoy of Hope, 2006 Nor-Cal/Nevada Youth Convention, 2008 NPLAD Youth Summer Convention, and many other youth groups, churches, coffee houses, and Public Schools. They have shared the stage with artists such as: KJ-52, Pigeon John, Redcloud, 7th Day Slumber, and Worth Dying For.
Their brand new mixtape called “People’s Champs” Mixtape #3 was released online on Dec 31, 2008. This mixtape includes remixes of some your favorite Hip-Hop songs such as “Hero”, “The People”, “We Made It” and “Never Let Me Down”. All songs on this mixtape have potent lyrical content that capture the hearts of your everyday people who have to go to work and grind it out from 9-5 to make ends meet. The message is to keep your dreams alive and never stop pursuing them no matter how hard the struggle may get. You may pick up a copy of “People’s Champs” at

Tha Watchmen are: Ben and Gabe Limon

For Booking: (415)572-6785



2006-Mixtape Vol.1 "Clean Wit' It"
Label:Legal Hustle Entertainment

2007-Tha Watchmen(Self Titled)
Label:Legal Hustle Entertainment

2008-Mixtape Vol.2 "Time To Fly"
Label:Legal Hustle Entertainment

2008-Mixtape Vol.3 "People's Champs"
Label: Legal Hustle Entertainment

Set List

Out typical set is about 30 minutes long:

The song order looks like this:

1. Freestyle Intro
2. Rebels Wit' A Cause
3. The People
4. I Go
5. Countdown
6. We Made It (Watchmen Remix)
7. Never Let Me Down
8. Hero