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THC is an up and coming hip hop group with origins from all over latin america, but was formed in Toronto Canada with five talented mc's Infamous locz, J-Dro(focus), L.A.Sanchez, Sonny Dunny(neto), Emenez(chuey) and Mista C on the production(BeatBustaEnt) THC * TRU HISPANIC CONNEXION...REAL HIP HOP


THC which stands for ''TRU HISPANIC CONNEXION'' also translated in spanish to "LA CONNEXION HISPANA" originated in Toronto Canada in 2004. Friends from high-school banded together to create a brand new sound and flavor to the hip hop scene, what started as freestyling


2005 Self titled album "La Connexion Hispana"THC
2006 Puzzle Box(single)
2006 Break Break(single)
2007 Lies(single)
2008 Heads High(single)

Set List

Depending on the venue songs can be from three to ten and the set can last anywhere from ten minutes to forty.