The 432 Hz Ensemble

The 432 Hz Ensemble

 Denton, Texas, USA

"The 432 Hz Ensemble is an experience you don't want you to miss. This group of talented musicians brings to the stage beautiful indigenous music from around the world, blending and weaving rhythms in a haunting foundation with surreal melodies floating at the surface. This is not the mind and soul numbing pounding of a typical drum circle. These are professional musicians highly skilled at the subtitles and nuances of rhythms and melodies from many different cultures."-Bob Ralph, Banter Bistro


Originally comprised of members of the African Drum & Dance Ensemble of the University of North Texas, The 432's combine a wide range of musical influences, which are reflected in the 432 Hz debut Mirage EP available now on bandcamp. 

PHONE       Wm. W Krueger      646 469 1180

The 432 hz Ensemble derives its name from the scientific field of cymatics, which is the study of the effect that sound has on the body. Tuning the note A to 432 hz, instead of the more conventional 440 hz, is said to directly impact the pineal gland, a DMT-emmiting organ in the brain long associated with spirituality. Ancient cultures believed that musical intervals based on A = 432 reflect naturally occurring intervals, such as those between planets, in a fractal manner.

Set List

Dagbama Processional Music from N. Ghana 
The Ancients
Aw Shucky Ducky
Sad Sack
Kurai Ondrum Illai
Sandy Boys
The Ballad of Rachel Corrie
(ENCORE: Gota)