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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock




"The Afro Nick mixes classic with new in unique sound"

From the first bars of their self-titled album, it is apparent that The Afro Nick has a sound that strikes a curious dichotomy between familiarity and complete uniqueness.

Whereas the band’s roots show through – notably the guitar-centric rock of greats like Santana and Hendrix – “The Afro Nick” manages to mix their constituent parts into something much more interesting.

Frontman Nick Anastasakis, born on the Mediterranean island of Crete, possesses a voice that instantly comforts the listener and fills them with an energy inherent to his songs. Anastasakis, despite receiving a music scholarship in Boston, moved to Brooklyn (from where he is now based), purchased a 65′ Gibson guitar and began making his own music.

Anastasakis’s self-made spirit lives on through his music. Rathert han sign to a label, Anastasakis self-produced “The Afro Nick” in order to give himself more creative freedom. After numerous listenings, his creativity seems as boundless as his afro – a symbol, and subsequent namesake, of the band.

I will admit, before I placed the disc in my CD player, I was unsure what to expect. When the opening guitar riff of “Lazy Like Crazy,” played over my speakers, I had to check to make sure I hadn’t accidentally played The Black Keys.

The compilation of Anastasakis’s captivating voice, relatable lyrics and exceptional musical composing made it difficult to discern the genre – at once alternative, indie and classic rock, yet simultaneously none of the three.

Continuing through the album, The Afro Nick continued to explore different musical moods and styles.

“You + Me,” the third track, marks a significant departure from the up-beat “Lazy Like Crazy.” A much more contemplative track, it high-lights Astasakinas’s singing capabilities while the rest of band provides a sultry backdrop to his croons.

Perhaps the most recognizable song off the album is “Don’t Waste My Time,” which appeared in season ten of PBS’s “Roadtrip Nation” series. “Don’t Waste My Time” is also Anastasakis’s self-claimed life anthem.

“Intensity and strife are abundant,”said Astasakinas on his website,“but neither takes away from the carefree nature inherent in our lives.”

The Afro Nick will be one to look out for in the upcoming years.

Starting to gain traction, The Afro Nick’s upbeat personality and endlessly interesting music lends to an unbeatable combination. “The Afro Nick” pleasantly surprised me, and will be an album in my regular rotation for years to come. - The Gateway, By Zane Fletcher, Culture Editor

"10 : DVD REVIEWS: The Afro Nick: Make It – Live in NYC"

Alternative rocker, The Afro Nick, is releasing his latest album Make It: Live in NYC, also available on DVD filmed with Hollywood vintage to trippy psychedelic ambiance. Lead guitarist, singer and songwriter The Afro Nick, performs 11 original songs Live in NYC, with a music video at the end.

Opening with “Free Like Me,” Nick gets the crowd pumping with this rock-anthem single providing an outlet for expressing a desire to be free. Despite his laid back persona, the Afro Nick is anything but. He strums his guitar with a fervor that is repeated throughout the DVD. “Like Movie Stars” is a fun loving song with backup singer Britanny Foushee that is upbeat, foot stomping and a great party song. Opening for his third song with Woodstock-esque guitar beats, the Afro Nick performs “You & Me,” strumming like it was nineteen sixty-nine.

“Don’t Waste My Time,” spotlights one of his intricate and well-played guitar solos with crowd participation. He executes the guitar riffs perfectly. He starts out timidly but breaks out with increasing momentum with his trusty side kick, his Fender, injected with soulful beats from backup vocalist Tamish Bates. It is a tempo full of swagger, and quite honestly just catchy.

Hoping to flirt with his island roots, the Afro Nick plays “Sunny,” channeling better days. It is a song injected with acoustic elements. The track, however, that brings a refreshing splash on an otherwise rock-filled DVD is “Dream,” a mellow rumination, a lullaby effortlessly constructed, revealing the guitarist’s softer side. The polar opposite of “Dream,” is the title track “Make It,” a guitar punching, club waving battle hymn. The Afro Nick pushes the boundaries of disorganized chaos and channels it into galloping rhythms surprising from an artist of this caliber. Yet nothing is as impressive as “Lazy Like Crazy” – maybe his gold top Gibson. It’s an impressive downward guitar riff that sticks to the listeners. It’s obvious his exotic upbringings in “Wake Up and Smile,” his first composition, with tunes beautifully textured and reminiscent of far away dreamscapes and shimmering sand dunes. It is by far the most eclectic of all his songs, eccentrically played on his 12-string vintage guitar.

The DVD ends with a music video produced for his track “Same Way You Do”, which includes scenes of life and romance in the streets of New York City. At the end of each chorus, the rhythm reverses and hits the listeners unexpectedly with shimmering harmonies surprisingly raw and stark for music aficionados.

While listening to the studio version of “Don’t Waste My Time” at, it is apparent that this emerging artist will become a crucial and dynamic participant on the musical stage.

Artist’s Links: - Vent's Magazine

"The Afro Nick – The Afro Nick"

he Afro Nick has an effortless cool to it. With a feeling reminiscent of The Strokes at their absolute apex, The Afro Nick delves into a number of wonderful genres. By tapping into a raw classic rock sound the songs are pared down to the absolute basics. Vocals are direct and prominently displayed throughout the album. Guitar riffs are effective. Rhythms are the things that bubble underneath helping to bring the songs home. Moments on the album show off the considerable chops The Afro Nick possesses: from jaunty guitar solos to the rather playful chorus work. Everything is available and it is all good.

“The Afro Nick” – iTunes:

“Lazy Like Crazy” serves as an early highlight on the album. Nice distortion introduces the song as it descends slowly into darkness. A defiant mood defines “Like Movie Stars” a combination between country and glam rock. Moving into something more casual is the relaxed “Sunny”. Lyrically “Ta Too Ta” has a nice sarcastic sensibility to it. By far the highlight of the collection is the optimism of “Make It” which at times recalls Queen at their best. Slowing things down is the summery sounds of “Same Way You Do” whose rich tones are reassuring. Ending things off with extra volume is the freewheeling spirit of “Free Like Me”. Overall “The Afro Nick” taps into the best impulses of classic rock.

“Same Way You Do”

For those who desire to see The Afro Nick up close (probably a wise decision) he shall grace audiences at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, NY, NY, 10012 on May 9th at 9:00 PM in a much warmer New York City.

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"The Afro Nick ‘It’s You’ and ‘Don’t Waste My Time’"

The Afro Nick has that swag that only people who have really ‘lived’ ooze. Roll that up with his cool vocals, lyrics, and smooth guitar, this Greek native brings with him a soulful and heart-pounding sound. His earliest influences were his childhood memories of the gypsies playing their guitars for coins on the Venetian cobblestone streets of Crete. Now settled in NYC and highly involved in the music scene, his distinctive beginnings are just a part of his story that is unfolding.

The self-titled album “The Afro Nick” includes 11 raw, feel good tunes. My favorite so far is “Dream Big”. I am a sucker for music that not only sweetens my ears, but also heighten my inner goo.

Take a look at The Afro Nick’s video “It’s You” and experience this band’s aura for yourself! - Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez

"The Afro Nick CD Release Radio Interview" - Cosmos FM 91.5 NYC with host Amalia Goros

"The Afro Nick DVD Release Radio Interview" - Cosmos FM 91.5 with host Anna Eliopouos

"The Afro Nick new single ‘Get There Before Noon’"

Grecian-born and New York transplant, Nick Anastasakis is the foreman of the band The Afro Nick. His Grecian background and musical influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Santana can be heard through his ethereal combination of emotionally charged riffs and lyrics.

We covered two tracks off of The Afro Nick’s self-titled album in the beginning of last year–“It’s You” and “Dont Waste My Time” (2015)–and the band is at it again with two songs in store for you lucky listeners! Newly released song and video “In a Stormy Night We Can Find The Stars,” and the clock counts down as we approach the release of “Get There Before Noon,” which is scheduled to be available Tuesday, June 21st (2016) on iTunes.

“In a Stormy Night We Can Find The Stars” is an easy, uplifitng listen that permeates good vibes, encouraging the gypsy inside to come out and “find the stars.” Think of a wind in your hair, strenghtening your confidence with each step toward a direction unknown.

“Get There Before Noon” showcases Nick’s talent of captivatingly intertwining grace and power. As for the release, set your alarm to remind you to check this hot track out and cop that Limited Edition 7″ Lathe-Cut Record: A- and B-Side!

In the Brooklyn, New York area? Not only is The Afro Nick releasing a track tomorrow, June 21, 2016, you can see them live at Make Music New York performing from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.–Cadman Plaza.

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Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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"The Afro Nick Album Review"

Having opened up to experiencing new albums, new music and doing diverse musical reviews, The Afro Nick album came to me and while it's not right up my alley musically, I wanted to give it a go and try something new. The Afro Nick is heavily influenced by the deities of Rock and Roll like: Hendrix, Zeppelin Bob Marley, and Santana. The Afro Nick came to New York City from Greece, and has been playing various gigs in the US and abroad.

The Afro Nick’s most recent single "Get There Before Noon" is raw and emotional. (Available online This was my first time listening to The Afro Nick and I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be my favorite. It is emotional and poignant and well performed and recorded, the lyrics inspiring to those who wish to listen. It takes you into high-energy ride down the highway, a sense of nothing to loose but the road and life left behind. It is a great introduction into what The Afro Nick has to showcase and it reminded me of The Black Angels or something in that realm of musical delivery.

The self titled album, (Available on Amazon The Afro Nick starts off with hard rock, driving guitar riff that make you immediately think of classic rock staples from the 1960s-70s. The Afro Nick’s vocals stand out and are original and stylistically unique, adding character to each song. This is a well-produced salbum with great musical structures and backing vocals. "Like Movie Stars" takes a hard turn into more Lou Reed inspired accents but stays fairly hard and keeps its rustic feel. The chorus reminds me of many classic 60s songs including that authentic tambourine shaking in the background. This song offers chanting lyrics that seem to get stuck in your head. Singer Britanny Foushee makes a haunting vocal appearance giving it a smooth and soulful character.

"You and Me" delves deeper into the soul and psyche of The Afro Nick, with lyrics that are very revenant and thought provoking. There is almost a Socio-political message with Afro Nicks lyrics but they are more informative than that, they are spiritual, while still remaining earthly. The influence from Classic Rock artists from the 1960s-70s is clear and defined within this song and its musical structures. Good instrumental solos on guitar with clear and precise intent. "Sunny" is exactly as the name suggests, happy, fun and warm, reminiscent of the musician’s Greek background; a cheering anthem to the uninhibited and stress free life.

"Ta Too Ta" starts off strong with distorted guitar chords and reverberated vocals. This song certainly has a clear message and you have to really listen to get the meaning. “Ta Too Ta” juxtaposes the lyrical theme of money and it's hardships. Nice vocal break down at the end. "Dream Big" again has a social message, which reminds me of Bob Marley and his lyrical choices in the past. The Afro Nick takes the listener on a soul-searching journey through question after question. "Make It" is the medical remedy for those hard rock fans. With its anti-establishment and anarchist tones, the beats are fast paced and extremely edgy with inspirational undertones.

"It's You" is Classic Rock driven but the breakdown are more grunge-punk style. This song blasted through my speakers and is one of the best-mixed songs on the entire album. Great guitar work and rock structures. "Free Like Me" was the next song on the album and again we see the same thematic approach to lyrics and meaning. This song is liberating for those who seek it. "Don't Waste My Time" closes out the lyrical portion of this album and I think it's a great closing choice. The vocal arrangement is much like David Bowie in the vocal strength and ability. “Here, Just For Tonight" is an apt ending to close out the album leading the listeners into instrumental plays.

All around, The Afro Nick is original and creative and the lyrics resonate with the audience. This album would sell very well internationally and with today's economic, social and political activism playing a huge role in societal formatting, The Afro Nick’s message would give strength to those who wish to make changes not only within themselves but in the world around them. You can check out more of The Afro Nick here and catch a live performance if you can! Also, if you are a musician or a band consider hiring him to produce your Album! The Afro Nick LLC recently produced Didi DLicious that you can check here: - The Old School Project - Written by Robert Fadley

"The Afro Nick’s “Don’t Waste My Time” Is Purest Psychedelia"

Psycho-seduction and radio squeal make it real in the Afro Nick’s new tune “Don’t Waste My Time”.

With unabashed verve, the AN squeeze jam band juice all over the spectrum.

With a heaping helping of the psychedelic swing that so defines their sound, the Afro Nick grind guitars like gears over a glowing-hot groove. This time, though, there’s a hint of subtlety to their tone that takes a simple song over the edge to elegant excellence.

In “Don’t Waste My Time” the live, stage-side feel rings plain and powerful, persuading you to pass into its dimension. Touches of outside influence seem to sift into this track; Queens of the Stone Age enter the open instrumentals and the Doors materialize in moments of enmeshed vocal and instrument synchronicity.

Sweeping clean over you like a cloud of cosmic dust, “Don’t Waste My Time” folds time in wrinkles, seeming somehow shorter than its roughly 3-minute play time. Guess it warrants a replay, eh? Have a listen today. - Odd Nugget

"The Afro Nick just dropped “Don’t Waste My Time”, and he means it!"

As eclectic and confident as his hair, The Afro Nick’s latest track, “Don’t Waste My Time,” is a driving, anthemic party anthem arriving just in time for your Friday night. As at home in a hopping bar as it would be in a TV spot that needs indie party rock, this track’s simple lyrics say it all- he’s here for just one night, and you’d better not waste his time! Fuzzy guitars and bass alongside explosive drums set the backdrop for Nick’s swagger-rock vocals, and a fiery guitar solo adds the finishing touches to this cranial adrenaline shot. Turn the volume up to 10, because no one ever said it has to be the weekend to have a good time! - Hot Lunch

"Roadtrip Nation's Soundtrack"

The frontman for the Alternative Rock band “The Afro Nick” pulls from his experiences as a child growing up on Crete, an Island between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. His earliest memories were the gypsies on the Venetian cobblestone streets, playing their guitars for coins. Although he may come from meager and anonymous beginnings, The Afro Nick, located now in NYC, compensates with his musical constructions and crooning lyrics that are played with breathless urgency, universal appeal and explosive participation. For The Afro Nick, his life is within his music. Like nights before and nights to come he chases the ultimate high for all musicians -- to simply play. On stage, he is encompassed in his fervor, negligent of the world around him. His album “Make It” is a live recording plus a studio track intended to incite a frenzy among listeners with its eclectic, alternative, and twisted lyrics that brings a masterful confidence to the music arena, all filmed and available on DVD. “Make It,” the album’s title track, is a punching guitar riff-driven song with surging soulful choruses flavored with moments of indie-rock funk. A battle hymn that incites the listener to push through their invisible constraints and hold up their clubs yelling their liberation. If one had to describe the musician in one song, “Don’t Waste My Time” epitomizes his ideology in life. Intensity and strife are abundant, but neither takes away from the carefree nature inherent in our lives. A simple message that the song preaches - have FUN! It’s a cheering anthem for those looking to grab life in a vise like grip. - Roadtrip Nation's Soundtrack



The Afro Nick draws on his experiences as a child growing up on Crete, a Greek island situated between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. His earliest musical memories were of gypsies playing their guitars for coins on the Venetian cobblestone streets.

In 2009 he formed “Stray Blue” and toured throughout Crete, premiering one of the first Indie-Rock band tours on the island.

Known for his wild, expressive hair—which incidentally serves as his namesake—it symbolizes an uninhibited freedom, a tangible representation of childhood rebellion extended into adulthood.

His true audiences are the disenfranchised and marginalized, those who “don’t really fit within the normal flow of society, those who seek music as an outlet.”

Now based in Brooklyn, he offers audiences the chance to experience his Indie-Rock sound and stirring lyrics, expressed with breathless urgency—offering broad appeal through a uniquely distinctive sound..

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