The Almighty Trigger Happy

The Almighty Trigger Happy

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY - the band that always told you to fuck off are back to collect. The battle for hardcore punk rock supremacy begins NOW!!!


If youre saying to yourself, THE Trigger Happy: holy shit!!! well youre exactly right. After a few years away on a mental healing hiatus, THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY has returned for one reason and one reason only REVENGE. 

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY was formed in the early 90s in your typical suburban neighborhood basement and has since become a sort of Canadian punk rock legend over the last 20 years and deservedly so. 

The band sadly disbanded in the winter of 1999 immediately following the release of their BAD TASTE RECORDS release I HATE US. As they began to intimidate audiences internationally, the name THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY started to become synonymous with a true live experience. Even in their infancy their reputation preceded them to the point where they were asked to open for and tour with many renowned bands including NOFX, BAD BRAINS, ALL, PENNYWISE, GOOD RIDDANCE, SICK OF IT ALL, SNFU, SATANIC SURFERS, LAGWAGON, STRUNG OUT, GOB; shall we go on?

Over the years the THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY have been opening the ears of the public to some of the best genuine punk the world has ever heard. Since day one the band has not only been a deadly force live but also on wax. You can hear proof of this on past releases like 1994s KILLATRON 2000 on A&M RECORDS; no shit, the band was actually on a major label for a few brief moments before; well you know the rest. The CD that ultimately put the band on the map was the 1996 SONIC UNYON released ILL SHUT UP WHEN YOU FUCK OFF containing favorites like Think and Shit for Dessert. 

Live, the members of THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY put on a show like you never seen before. Their energy goes unmatched; the power the band has now can easily be felt at any THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY show. The vocals are not delivered so much as they are force fed by the always honest Al Nolan.

Al Nolan describes the bands reformation as easy as this THE ALMIGHTY TRIGGER HAPPY are back for revenge and you better fucking believe were gonna get it our time is now


  • * Disturbo (1992) cd
    * Uncooler (1993) cass
    * Killatron 2000 (1994) cd/cass
    * I'll Shut Up When You Fuck Off (1996) cd
    * split w/Good Riddance, Ill Repute, Satanic Surfers (1997) cd
    * split 7" w/ Sidecar (1998)
    * I Hate Us (1999) cd
    * split w/Misconduct (2000) cd
    * I Hate Us Even More (2004) cd