The Amy Incident
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The Amy Incident

South Boston, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2015

South Boston, MA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative



The best kept secret in music


"Divide and Conquer"

The Amy Incident is a collaboration between friends Morgan Brown and James McCarthy. They released a self-titled album The Amy Incident contains songs depicting the coming of age of a boy in the years following high school graduation. Not particularly surprising the genre is pop-punk. For whatever reason this genre is made be young people for young people.

​That hasn't changed. To be perfectly honest I don’t think anyone past thirty can relate to most of the themes and lyrics on this album. I’m nearly forty at this point and listening to this emotive album just reminds me of the normal trials and tribulations of being young.

The music is basic pop-punk that sticks to the criteria you might expect from the genre. It follows all the tropes and doesn't push the genre in any new type of direction. The album opens with an “Intro” which is almost five minutes along. It's five minutes of someone who I surmise is “Amy” leaving voice mails with a piano in the background which ends up sounding like a melodramatic break up. This intro should have been no longer than a minute or two.

Up next is “Amy” which contains straightforward lyrics that come off as a journal. There is no ambiguity, metaphors and poetry within the words. It’s a narrative of young love - no more, no less.
The same goes for “Sand.” The vocalist sings, “I called you on the phone yesterday and I told you all the things i needed to say You say okay, but I know that's goodbye But I'll never forget lying on the couch, looking into your eyes."

The topics continue to revolve around miscommunication, failed relationships, dealing with your feelings as a young person and the glory of the rest of your life. “Jessy Pomeroy/Jessica Chiba” and “I Love Clothes (Tennis Courts)” were highlights.

The Amy Incident is pop punk for fans who are already fans of the genre. There is no doubt the demographic is niche and a specific age range will relate. I think for what they do they are talented, the production was good and they can write a song. Recommended for fans of pop punk. - Divide and Conquer


Lucid Dreams and lonely Nights 

The Amy Incident



Formed in Boston in the the summer of 2015 by Morgan Brown and James McCarthy, this indie/alt-rock band has been touring and recording for about 2 years. Then adding James's brother Niall with the release of their self-titled Album. 

Current Lineup 
Morgan Brown-Vox/Rhythm Guitar

James McCarthy-Drum

Niall McCarthy-Bass/Vox

Nick Biagini-Lead Guitar 

Emily Moreno-Keyboard/Vox

Band Members