The Artisan Thieves

The Artisan Thieves

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Indie




"Ryan boyce From The Artisan Thieves Creating Legacy"

Ryan Boyce from the The Artisan Thieves is creating Legacy
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Ryan Boyce Singer songwriter, formed The Artisan Thieves in 2012 with Mike Smith. Been slowly making our way to this point ever since.

Band Name: The Artisan Thieves
Songs to listen to ‘Hey Little Bird Sing’
Music Genre:: Good Music

Everyone is, or has been, a broken little bird. This song is about getting back up, healing and singing your song again. I wrote it because I met a friend who’s story moved me, compelled me even, to create something from an outside perspective. I felt like I could offer some encouragement and motivation and I felt like going as far as to incorporate and include that friend in the entire process was monumental. Not just for her, but me as well. This song came out exactly as I had envisioned it and heard it in my head, as the story was unfolding. Life has a soundtrack.

Link to play::

Song name: Shadow Of A Great Divide

This song is about desperation. Plain and simple. I created it, because I see it every day. My work involves traveling across a Sovereign Native American Reservation every day. I get to meet and interact with both Native Americans and descendants of new world settlers. Yes, there is still a great deal of animosity there. But the thing that interests me the most is the similarities in suffering and destitution. Poverty knows no race, creed, color or ethnicity. I’ve seen it all across this country. This song is my interpretation of what it may be like, based on my encounters with the places and faces there in the Shadow Of A Great Divide.

I live in Utah.
I spend most of my time raising a family, paying bills and living the dream. Occasionally I make pretty good music as well and I have a great band that makes it easy.

Who has been the most influential in your music and why?
I don’t know that there is any one individual who has impacted me the most, musically, rather a great collection of creative souls and free spirits, that have all been integral in helping me formulate exactly what I want to do with my stories. My influences range from Fredrick Chopin, to Johnny Cash, to Brandi Carlisle and everyone in between.

When did you know that this was the right path for you?
Here again, I don’t think it’s one moment. It’s a culmination of moments. The shows with Cracker, in 2015 and 2016 were monumental. Every time I send Smitty a new track and he responds, not only with some sick lead guitar work but an air of excitement, I can feel it. whenever I share this music with someone new, and they are taken back in awe that I made this or that I have this ability, that’s when I know it’s right. Most importantly, it’s in the way I feel when I finish a piece and I can listen to it on repeat for a 3-hour drive and just smile, thinking, wow, this is pretty neat.

What do you like most about what you do?
I like the challenge of pushing myself to continually hone my craft and get better. I enjoy expanding my vantage point and view and being open to trying some new things even when they’re uncomfortable. But I especially love to create mood and feeling with my art.

What do you most hope to accomplish with your influence?
I hope to be able to reach people and impact others, positively. That doesn’t always mean writing touchy, feel-good songs. It means relating, even in the darkest of times and through the most tumultuous of circumstances. Mostly, I hope to share this crazy ride with family, friends and loved ones and look back in amazement and appreciation and say “Look at what we did !”

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?
Being who I am and doing what I do is the greatest obstacle and I’m still learning how to overcome a lot of things, not the least of which are fear, inhibitions, doubt, and value in myself. To say I’ve overcome anything is a lie. I’m human. Being human is a constant evolution of adaptation. Making music is a vehicle through, that aids in that evolution.

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career?
Even nobody, nothing, from nowhere, can create and share great music and art.

What are you most looking forward to this next month?
Getting the singles released and prepping for the album/record to be released in March. Rehearsals and getting set to get out and share this music. Dialing it all in. - American Pride Magazine

"The Artisan Thieves On The New Single Shadow Of A Great Divide"

Band: The Artisan Thieves

Song name: Shadow Of A Great Divide

Music Genre:: Good Music

From: Utah

This song is about desperation, fueled by misfortune and economic circumstances.

My music is...

These are the stories that fuel my passion. The real, the raw, the content and subject matter that lay in the weeds and lie in the shadows. I love to stimulate the listener to ponder upon subjects that typically reside outside of their daily regimental thought process. I also love to attempt to relate to the hardships being faced by my fellow man.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..

Shadow Of A Great Divide captures the sound we have been chasing for quite some time. Complex, in-depth, percussive rhythms, coupled with emotionally charged lyrics and guitar work that is distinct and unmistakable in its own right. We set out to create a mood, a tone that fits well with the stories. I think we are onto it now.

What most inspires you?

Life. The good, the bad, the ugly. The unspeakable and unbearable, as well as the beautiful and mesmerizing. All of these components are the fuel. What I love is the challenge of being forced to be continuously tuned in a vigilant in my surroundings, and to shut up and listen. I am enriched by the opportunities I have to learn and grow while creating. I love the acoustic, for obvious reasons. It's my go to instrument for writing. However, as I'm writing, I hear every other instrument in accompaniment. I hear and feel the entire body of work, or at least most of it before it's ever produced. That said, the organic, unpredictable result when everyone else gets involved is priceless. That's what I love about making music. I know what my purpose is. It's to connect and share stories, to learn and understand what empathy really is and how to employ it in making genuine, authentic musical art.

What was one notable event that helped shape your last decade?

Seeing my children grow into fine young adults has been such an awe-inspiring experience. Witnessing the evolution of my wife from, frantic, crazy housewife, to a refined, beautiful woman of experience and wisdom (still crazy though) has also been fascinating. As far as shaping me? I think we're all constantly redefining our existence each day, via the experiences we take in and share with each other.

What’s your goal for 2020?

We want to make the best possible music we can make and get out and share it with the mob.

The music business:

If you're looking at numbers, algorithms, analytics or data to determine the quality of art or music before you ever listen to a song or check out a picture, you're not a music or art lover, you're a bean counter. And that's unfortunate.

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"The Artisan Thieves: A Trusted Voice In Music"

Artist: The Artisan Thieves
New Release: Shadow Of A Great Divide
Genre: Americana Rock, Alt Country, Folk Rock, Progressive/Alt Rock

Sounds like: : Jason Isbell, Reckless Kelly, Tom Petty, Eddie Vedder, Johnny Cash, Niel Young, Soundgarden, The Jayhawks, Turnpike Troubadors, Son Volt, Ray Wylie Hubbard

Located in: : Salt Lake City, Utah

This song is about the lengths and depths of despair some people are driven to by such things as the societal/ cultural emphasis that is placed upon money and material wealth. The Great Divide, to me, is that definitive line between want and need, have and have not. There are so many influences in this song, so many sounds. We wanted something dark and brooding, but that could still be warm and pleasing to the ear.

I think the combination of Smittys eery guitar work and the guys on percussion are what truly drive this song home. It reminds me alot of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The track means alot to me, not in so much as I have been to those depths, but in that, I have lived with and around those who have, so there is an element of up close and personal experience. I’d surmise that this song makes a relative impact to any listener who has seen or experienced truly being poor, not just as a result of financial shortcomings, but as a result of the cascade effect caused them. To me, the song just says, “I don’t have an answer. I just feel this.”

I spend a great deal of time on the road, so I see some of the seedy underbellies and off the beaten path places and faces of this country. Everything from entire, upper mid-west steel towns, now shuttered, to abandoned coal mining settlements in Appalachia. Places like, once thriving, little fuel stops on Route 66 to the lower, west side warehouse district, in Ogden, Utah. These are the places that not many folks talk about or remember as existing as anything other than what they are now. Forgotten. Forgotten too, are the remnants, the stragglers. Those left behind or who have stayed simply out of desperation or lost hope. This song is those faces and those places. There, in the Shadow Of A Great Divide.

Right now our focus is in rehearsal and preparation for the upcoming year. Our goal is two-fold. First, we aim to share this music and make it accessible to anyone and everyone who will listen. Second, we just want to get out and play, share this noise. We know it’s worthy of being heard and we know there are a substantial amount of listeners who can and will relate to these stories and sounds.

Social Media:
Social Media:
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"The Artisan Thieves New Release Hey Litlle Bird Sing Has The Attention Of Music Fans"

JANUARY 29, 2020

Artist: The Artisan Thieves

New Release: Hey Little Bird Sing

Genre: Americana Rock, Alt Country, Folk Rock, Progressive/Alt Rock

Sounds like: : Fleetwood Mac, Reckless Kelly, The Jayhawks, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Aubrie Sellers, Brandi Carlisle, Colter Wall, Sturgil Simpson, Chris Knight, Chris Stapleton

Located in: : Salt Lake City, Utah

I met Taryn "Little Bird" Pearce early last year. She appeared to be a fragile, tattered little bird, such as we all are a time or two in life, hence the name. She's the type of spirit and soul that makes you feel as if you've been life long friends from day one. The guys all immediately fell in love with her, as did I. and she sings like an angel. Hey Little Bird Sing was really just born of listening to her story and translating it, in accord with my perception, as an outsider looking in. Taryn isn't a full time member of the band, but she knows she's welcome any time. It's a family thing. This track is so meaningful and powerful to me personally, because I knew from the start, that Taryn had it in her. There was this brooding storm, this angstful unrest building up in her eyes, when we spoke. I felt like, if I could provide a canvas, so to speak, and hand her a brush and some paint, she could unleash a great deal of pent up emotion via the art, via the music. That's what I set out to do here.

Ryan Boyce 3 The Artisan Thieves.jpg
This particular release is very significant, in that we are really feeling like we've defined our sound and begun to create something unique in terms of blending alot of styles, sounds and musical philosophies. admittedly, we've been stagnant for awhile, but i think making a concerted effort to recapture the things that brought us together originally, has helped us refocus. We know there are some distinct qualities in what we are doing and we feel like that is important, as indie artists, in a world inundated with so much new music and access to it.

Personally, I write and create to help ease some of the difficulties I have in communicating in person. I see music as a language. A vehicle. A conduit that transcends all barriers and boundaries, through which we can all reconnect and relate.

Right now our focus is in rehearsal and preparation for the upcoming year. Our goal is two fold. First, we aim to share this music and make it accessible to anyone and everyone who will listen. Second, we just want to get out and play, share this noise. We know it's worthy of being heard and we know there are a substantial amount of listeners who can and will relate to these stories and sounds.

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2016 - Stone For Sand EP  - Ryan Boyce (Featuring The Artisan Thieves)

2019 - Life, Blood And The Hard Way Album - Ryan Boyce ( Featuring The Artisan Thieves)

2020 - Hobo Murder Ballad Album (TBA) - THE ARTISAN THIEVES



The Artisan Thieves began as a collaboration between between old friends. Guitarist, Mike Smith and lowly peasant, Ryan Boyce Kirkpatrick, started exchanging musical ideas sometime in 2009. After a few years, and and a solid catalog of song ideas, the two, haphazardly, decided to form a band, with whomever wanted to jam. The Artisan Thieves were born.

There was never really any intent to chase the dream or make it "big", as much as there was a desire to just make good music, but the band just couldn't ever seem to make any headway. In 2015, via friends of friends, The 'Thieves were invited to open a sold out show, with Platinum recording artists, Cracker, at the State Room in SLC, Utah. Consisting of approximately 3.5 members, the guys quickly threw together an ensemble of players and the show was a outstanding for them, all things considered. It was the first glimpse of the bright lights and a big stage. The Valentines Day show was successful enough, that The Artisan Thieves were invited back in 2016, again to kick off another sold out evening with Cracker, at the OP Rockwell, in Park City, Utah. For two years, it seemed like things were rolling along smoothly and the guys were seriously contemplating the prospect of taking the music to new places. The Artisan Thieves recorded a 5 track EP, "Stone For Sand" somewhere along the way, but missed the mark, in terms of marketing and supporting it. Why? 

Que the starry eyed, lead singer and his mid-life crisis. Ryan lost his patience with "the biz" as it were, and decided to step away to pursue some solo ventures. What a dumb ass! It goes without saying, that The Artisan Thieves may well be a great deal further along in their musical adventures than they are now, had they managed to hold it together. Be that as it may, it just wasn't in the cards back then. 

"I look back and I just laugh at how much I thought I knew about making music and taking it to the people." Says Ryan, when asked what happened. "I guess it's par for the course, in that, I'm really just a hack."

"I learned so much about the value in treating people with respect and in acting honorably and with some dignity. We all wish we could go back, armed with the knowledge and wisdom we have accrued along the way, but in hindsight, I think I definitely learned a lot about how hard you have to work, to make music, especially in the process of producing my solo stuff. You never realize how important your supporting cast is, until they aren't there anymore. I owe these guys everything, in terms of what we have been able to accomplish, this second go around."

Ryan Boyce wrote and produced "The Crucible" EP, the "Life, Blood and the Hard Way" album and the 3 track "Wartime Novelty" EP in his time away from the 'Thieves, with the help of another long time friend, Zak "Zed" Davis of Z-Frequency. He also re-released the "Stone For Sand" EP. Again, none of his project really gained any traction, market wise, due mostly to ignorance and a hard head. 

So now, here we are. Ryan and Mike, reconnected, ironed out some differences, plotted out a trajectory and decided to start again. They went on the recruiting trail, picking up Scott "Vern" Francis on bass, Charles "Chuck" Stanford on drums, "Big Mike" Olesko on percussion, and even retained the part time help of Taryn "Little Bird" Pearce on accompanying vocals. Ryan will tell you that this is what he heard in his head all along, with an ear to ear grin on his face.

"I couldn't be more excited about this."  -Ryan Boyce Kirkpatrick

Listeners will tell you that there are some distinct characters and qualities about this music. It's Rock n Roll, but with a lot of Alt-Country, Folk and even some Delta Blues influences. The lyrical content is real, raw and even at times, on the abrasive side. But the stories are powerful and the musical content, vocal layering and guitar tones are very complimentary. Add to the mix, some stirring percussion and rhythms, and you get, well...........? The Artisan Thieves.

"The moment I hear the music, I absolutely know who it is. The vocals and the guitar work is unmistakable."  -Jacqueline Jax, AVA Live Radio

The Artisan Thieves, fresh off an overhaul, are set to make some moves and make some noise in 2020, with new singles already streaming live, across most of the preferred platforms, in anticipation of the upcoming album release "Hobo Murder Ballad". 

The Artisan Thieves are a good band, making good music. Who knows? Maybe, they'll even become great. Time will tell and the mob will decide. The mob always decides. 

-Garrett McMannis

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