The Bandits of Otma

The Bandits of Otma

 Seattle, Washington, USA

A Blast from the Past, groovy tunes that will put you in a mystic world of psychedelia that engages the crowd in a unique wave of energy. We promote peace love and music. Keepin it short, Otma Love.


Three dirty hippies that have stuck together for 5 years as a band trying to change the industry.  Our only goals are music and that is all we see in the world.  Have stayed locally in seattle for now.  The band started in high school and has remained together since, trying to make a break through in such a saturated industry and condensed area, we play music that gains favor of both generation x and y staying true to classic rock greats such as the Doors, Led Zeppelin and the Hendrix Experience, as well as giving out energy that captivates the youth and feeds their need for bliss, freedom and feeling.  We will make you want to move watch and listen all at once.  If you do not hear us now you will for sure know of us in the future.  Otma Love.


we have not been able to afford proffesional studio time yet so all of our songs are live from a couple shows we played almost a year ago and a little over a year ago, we just took the chance to have our stuff recorded so we could at least have something to show. All of it is availible for streaming and some are availible for download, we do not care about the money, we do realize it is needed to progress but we mostly just care about people being able to listen to our music. It can be found on myspace, reverbnation, and soundcloud (soundcloud has all of our works on it). since those recordings we have improved our connection in the band and have written almost another albums worth of new stuff and are very close to being able to have proffessional studio time to get them recorded. We have been looking for a company to produce an EP for us but wed rather record and produce ourselves. We have been in a couple battle of the bands that have been advertised in the stranger, one we made it to the finals and got second place with gorilla productions at studio 7, and the other we won at the big whiskey saloon in tacoma that also got some press. Weve been trying to find a station that would fit with us to get airplay (which would be awesome!) but one; we want to wait untill we have tracks that we spent a lot of time on in the studio and two; it seems radio stations are so backed upped with submission it takes months or either loads of money to get your stuff played. But all of our recorded works are availible for listening, because thats really what its all about.