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The Billy Martini Show

Santa Cruz, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Santa Cruz, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
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"CD review on Rough Edge"

"Like No Other" (Delicious Records; 2007)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Finding good rock'n'roll is like finding a dollar bill on the ground. Discovering a great rock band is like finding a 5-spot.
The Billy Martini Show is a band that plays every song as though it were for me personally. The music is fun and full of life. The presentation of the music is easy to absorb, carefree and loaded with catchy hooks, all of which just makes it more fun.
"Like No Other" is a CD by a band that obviously likes to party, have a good time and make great music. Although the band is best known as a cover band, this release of original material proves them to be an outstanding band with a sound all their own.
"Like No Other" is the name of the release and, in my opinion, nobody does it like The Billy Martini Show. This band fits perfectly into what we are into here at Rough Edge: solid music, quality musicianship, a band that doesn't take themselves too seriously, that plays the music the way they want to and has a great time doing it.
The Billy Martini Show showcases some outstanding musicians. Once again, allow me to say that The Billy Martini Show's "Like No Other" is indeed like no other. This CD will surely make my ten best list for the year. -

"Billy Martini puts on a KISS-worthy show"

Billy Martini puts on a Kiss-worthy show in Felton.
By Garrett Wheeler

The stage show--important? Irrelevant? Distracting? Whatever your opinion regarding rock & roll's visual element of aesthetic expression, there's no denying its existence or the controversy surrounding it. From Elvis Presley's infamous hip gyrations to Janet Jackson's renowned wardrobe malfunction (or publicity stunt), the debate surrounding the stage show has engaged generations of fans and critics.

I can think of no band more appropriate to reference as a case study on the method and reasoning of the stage show than Kiss. No other group in the history of music can match the effort Kiss made in its live performances. Flamboyant costumes, makeup, pyrotechnics, fire-spitting, tongue-dangling--these guys were practically circus performers with guitars. Funny thing is, it worked. Together with an aggressive marketing/merchandising campaign, Kiss and its unprecedented onstage antics found a place in more teenage hearts than the Beatles, even if it was only for a year or two. And though undeniably musically simple, Kiss produced some fist-pumping rock anthems laced with catchy hooks and "shout it out loud" choruses.

In the same way that Kiss reeled in fans worldwide, Santa Cruz's own Billy Martini Show has swept up a steady local following, most of whom were present at the band's CD release gig at Don Quixote's last Friday night. Led by the dynamic vocal presence of Mr. Martini, the five-man band (plus one host and two female dancers) bedazzled the Felton audience with lights, smoke and snazzy outfits, topped off with an infectious brand of high-octane rock & roll. I'll admit I was a bit perplexed at first, unable to decide if I should take this spectacle seriously, or if they even wanted to be taken seriously. But after a quick set break and costume change, my initial confusion evaporated. As Martini strode onstage wearing a ridiculous gray wig, a retro disco suit and a pink boa, it became clear that seriousness was not something that concerned the Billy Martini Show. Having a good time, however, was clearly an objective.

The group's hard-rock originals blended AC/DC, Kiss (go figure), Zeppelin and all the guitar heroes into a steady shot of power-rock mayhem, capitalized on by a few insane solos by guitarist Steve Allison. Covers included a dance-errific rendition of Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" and the Doors' "Roadhouse Blues," both of which sent the party into overdrive as the dance floor swelled to max capacity.

Also worthy of some good press was acoustic rocker Danny Fix, who opened the show with a batch of mellow rock tunes reminiscent of classic Neil Young. Talking to Fix after the show, I learned that Billy Martini used to play drums in Fix's old band, Mo Bigsley. Times change, sure, but it seems the passion never dies.

I know what you're thinking--and yes, you should have been there. - Metro Santa Cruz

"Inside AC Radio"

"Billy Martini is becoming "the talk of the town." "Like No Other" (Delicious) is the track that radio programmers are raving about and they all want to check into his Billy Martini Show which we hear is awesome." -Larry Weir - New Music Weekly


"Wow, I popped this CD into the player and found myself jamming. Talk about some high energy, foot tapping rock and roll blasting out of the speakers. I really dig "Red Carpet Boogie" and "Hookers And Handguns". From beginning to end, the music commands that you fucking rock out and dance. "Like No Other" begins the party with absolutely kickass vocals and a beat that has you grooving and moving. The musicians bring a mix of groove and rocking riffs and drumming that are a recipe for good time rock and roll. I haven't heard a CD that moved me like that in a long time. Long live rock and roll and The Billy Martini Show."
- RockNet Webzine

"Metro Santa Cruz"

“Dubbed as a theatrical audio and visual extravaganza, The Billy Martini Show takes riff rock to a new level. Whether playing rock classics, or their own guitar driven compositions, these local musicians can keep any party going until well after the beer runs out. TBMS brings everything that a rock and roll band is supposed to bring when they take the stage. A flamboyant singer, pounding drums, and heavy bass leave no element of rock fury unchecked. They have also yet to play a song that doesn’t have an excellent hook, making it difficult not to find oneself singing along. With original songs titled Red Carpet Boogie and Sniffin’ Gin, there’s no telling where TBMS will lead it’s audience.”

Brian Kennedy
Metro Santa Cruz

- Metro Santa Cruz

"Review of Pajama Party A Go-Go"

By Skott Freedman

It's been a while since I've heard some good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll. On their second release, Pajama Party A Go-Go, The Billy Martini Show crank out a full-out fun show of rock the way it was meant to be performed: with style.

Martini (the lead singer) possesses the polished voice similar to Kansas' Steve Walsh you just don't hear enough of anymore. Martini's voice is effortless on all tracks, leaving one wondering if this guy has had some serious vocal training. "Rock 'n Roller," the intro track, sets the pace for the album as each song bleeds gracefully into one another, giving the listener a glimpse of what this energetic group must be like in concert. Any group with "The Martini Dancers" listed in the liner notes above a picture of three attitude-glaring ladies just has to rock live. Notable tracks on this CD include the British rock-influenced "45's anymore," a dedication to music of the past, the snarky "Smoke on This," and "Sign on the Hill Says," an electric guitar-driven anthemic tribute to the infamous Hollywood sign.

One of the things I love most about this album is its lack of special effects. These artists know their style well and it shows; nothing feels forced here. The musicianship is fantastic, the vocals dead-on, and each song is easily sync with one another. My only complaint about the album is at times the songs blended a little too well with one another, a gripe surely forgiven the strength and fun of each song individually. And talk about fun ... any album with a track entitled "Hoke-e-See Poke-e-See" gets my vote. So throw your footie pajamas on and rock out to a timeless sound retranslated by some modern musical greats.



Like No Other (2007)
Pajama Party A Go-Go (2009)
Love Sombrero (upcoming release)

The Billy Martini Show is getting airplay on radio stations from Califonia to Finland and numerous internet radio stations including many on



Santa Cruz rockers, Billy Martini and Steve Allison have been playing and writing music together for years, but when Billy Martini stepped from behind the drum kit and took the microphone and a feather boa, The Billy Martini Show was born.

Hard rockin’ tunes along the lines of Foo Fighters and AC/DC, and a stage show with costume changes and dancing girls that has been compared to The Tubes and KISS…

“The Billy Martini Show cranks out a full out fun show of rock the way it was meant to be performed: with style”. –Skott Freedman (

“An infectious brand of high octane rock and roll”. –Garrett Wheeler (Metro Santa Cruz)

The Billy Martini Show has shared the bill with national acts such as Pat Travers Band and The Tubes, have played at multiple festivals such as X-Fest in Modesto, and First Friday in Las Vegas. The band has played more than 600 shows in the 9 years they have been together.

Their first two albums, “Like No Other” (2007) and “Pajama Party A Go-Go” (2009), are available on iTunes and CDBaby, and their third release, “Love Sombrero” is due out this fall. Here’s what the media had to say about the first two records:

“Welcome to The Billy Martini Show and be prepared to rock. From the first track to the last, this CD (Like No Other) is a testosterone pumped homage to the rock and roll lifestyle”. – Darryl Gregory (

“Pajama Party A Go-Go is the full package. It’s everything arena rock should be in a tight little shrink wrapped case: boisterous, flamboyant, full of catchy hooks and powerhouse lyrics”. – Jessica Skelton (Your Music Magazine)

The Billy Martini Show also has a 70's Musical Tribute available for private events, Festivals, Casinos, and live music venues.

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