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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Rock Hip Hop




"New York City based indie duo The Blancos release "Lemon Garden" & "Losing Sleep""

Although new to your ears, The Blancos have been working behind closed doors for the better part of the last eight years. Their sound is genre defying, combining everything from eclectic - sometimes out-of-left-field - sample chops (reminiscent of 90's era hip hop), to grungy blues riffs that make the hair on your arms stand straight up.

The duo have now released two records, both of which are almost "teasers" in nature - that meaning they're seemingly [strategically] short, leaving you wanting more. Entitled "Lemon Garden" and "Losing Sleep", both display their forward-thinking ability to craft music both reminiscent of the old and road-paving towards the future. They're currently in the studio working on their debut project, but for now check them out below and let us know what you think. - EARMILK

"The Blancos - Love's Impossible | New Music"

You may not be familiar with the sounds of The Blancos but you need to be. Today the duo returns with something undeniable and rather refreshing to say the least, unleashing a gritty new tune called "Love's Impossible". The track is a gritty, rough, tough, incredible number that finds the group showcasing their unique sound and refreshing style while providing something brilliant to rock with.

The track is pushed by this dark, menacing combination of guitars thats paired up with some rugged, crashing drums making one hell of a track for the unique vocals of The Blancos to shine. So if you haven't yet experienced the sounds of The Blanco's, then take a few minutes and check out the track after the jump. You will be hearing much more from the group coming soon! - stupidDOPE


The Blancos are dealing with heartache, love, and everything in between, which is the inspiration behind their latest EP “Heartless Romantic” a mix of hip hop, grunge, blues and indie rock influenced records. If you’re in for a journey, I strongly advise you check out the whole album, as there’s something for everyone. My personal favorite off the EP are “She Calls It Love,” “Lemon Garden” and “Romantic.” Monday is coming to an end, and it’s about that time to call it day, so enjoy this refreshing sound, and have a great night! This is a must listen and a must download! - FreshNewTracks

"The Blancos - Bathroom"

On hand today we have a sombre offering from duo team The Blancos. Driven by smooth yet demanding vocals the tracks echos an eerie atmosphere with its slow burner tone offsetted against its layers of deep production and harsh melodies. The track currently finds a place on their newest EP Heartless Romantic which you can check out here. Take a listen below and be sure to stay tuned as their sound develops. - HYPETRAK

"The Blancos - Say Goodnight | Wavo"

Fantastic record from #indie band #TheBlancos that we're premiering as a #FreeDownload. The vocal work these guys put it in second to none, and we're loving this track. It's a great original indie piece that's really, simply addicting - we've had it on repeat all day. - WAVO

"The Blancos Blur Lines In Both Musical Structure And Style; Listen To “Lemon Garden” & “Bathroom”"

When was the last time you heard hip hop and rock (among a variety of other sounds) combined so well in such a seamless fashion. Not in a long time. That should go without argument. The Brooklyn-based effort from Blanco 1 and Blanco 2 – a duo, called The Blancos, whose names have been concealed since the creation of the band – has mesmerized listeners rooted from musical tastes across the board since their inception earlier this year (between January and February of this year).

It’s hard to pick just a couple that exemplify the loose description above, but just know that the fusion of the hip hop production in the instrumentation and soulful blues delivery of every vocal leave you in amazement post listening.

Both “Lemon Garden” and “Bathroom” touch on elements that are so hip hop it’s hard to ignore their origins, and one could argue a signing by OVO Sound (because of their similarities sonically to PARTYNEXTDOOR or Majid Jordan) or Roc Nation could be the perfect home for such a talent. Definitely take a listen and let us know what you think. Check out the rest of their sounds on SoundCloud as well.

If in the NYC-area, be sure to catch them at Pianos this Saturday at 11 PM. Purchase tickets from Live Nation or Ticketmaster via the link here. - The Source

"New Music: @TheBlancosMusic - Lock Me Away"

The versatile music duo, The Blancos, release their new single “Lock Me Away,” which merges a Wyclef Jean and The Black Keys sound.
“We don’t base our [humble] success thus far solely on data metrics, but we thought that if fans have taken a liking to us at the rate that they have, that they deserved something in return,” Blanco 2 stated in a recent interview.
If in the NYC area, check out The Blancos at industry hotspot Pianos on Saturday, August 16th at 11 PM. For tickets and more information, visit Be on the lookout for their second EP of 2014 later this year. - You Heard That New

"New Video! The Blancos - Lemon Garden"

NYC duo, The Blancos, gaining a worldwide following with their diverse eclectic sound, release the visuals for their gritty bluesy single ‘Lemon Garden‘ off the Heartless Romantic EP.

Their sound is genre defying, incorporating every denomination under the sun making it impossible to put your finger on what makes “it” so special. - BacktoSoulMusic

"Introducing The Blancos"

Earlier this year my path crossed with musical duo The Blancos. Their music was different to my usual sound, but there was something about it that I really liked. I love it when a hear music that challenges my usual styles and blows my mind open to something new. These guys certainly did that.

The Blancos are a mysterious duo from New York who’s identities are a well kept secret. I have searched the internet for answers, I’ve asked the band myself and I still don’t know. One thing I do know is that they create really cool music. Their sound is difficult to describe as they have fused so many genres into a hip hop formula. When I listen to their music I can hear bits of indie, grunge, soul and blues to name but a few.

The guys have recently released their debut EP called Heartless Romantic which they are giving away free on their Soundcloud page (click HERE). They describe the 6 track release as ‘cohesively curated and the content is highly relatable allowing hip-hop audiences to easily connect with their theme of relationship afflictions’.

For me it is a collection of songs that have creative depth delivered by a well produced arrangement and some really impressive vocals. Each song gives you something different which is a credit to their fearless approach to mix in different genres into their music. This results in each track standing out on its own merits and makes it difficult to choose a favourite. ‘Love’s Impossible’ stands out with every listen as it has great soul filled vocals with the backdrop of some meaty sounding rock riffs.

Each time I listen to this EP it leaves me wanting more and I think this is their plan. Can’t believe they are giving away music this good. I recommend that you head over to their Soundcloud and grab a copy today (click HERE). Do it before they change their minds and make you pay!

I got the chance to ask The Blancos some questions and this is what they had to say. I can confirm, Blanco 1 is the singer and Blanco 2 is the producer (who always wears shades):

How did The Blancos come together and is their a story behind the name?

Blanco 1: We been friends since childhood. After taking our own approaches at music we ended up reconnecting in NY at a studio we both worked at. After we started making music together. Long story short we were the only white boys in the studio and they kept calling us The Blancos.

Blanco 2: At first it didn’t hit us but one day it did and BAM The Blancos came about.

Your music has a blend of so many sounds, how would you describe the music you create?

Blanco 1: What you hear is a reflection of both us working together. Broken kids chasing broken dreams.

Talking about your sound, which musicians/bands are your biggest influences?

Blanco 2: Not that we don’t were just more influenced by the way we feel then the what we hear.

What is your favourite song from your new EP and why?

Blanco 1: I don’t have favourite one. I like them all. Each song has its place.

Blanco 2: I agree with Blanco 1 but to me Heartless Romantic takes the cake. Just the hole process of how it came about to creating and writing it.

Is there anyone you’d like to write a song with, or collaborate with?

Blanco 1: Dan from The Black Keys

Blanco 2: Kanye West

What can we expect from a The Blancos gig?

Blanco 1 – A lot of talking shit and GOOD Music.

If you could go to the pub with any two musicians (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Blanco 1 – Bon Scott and Janis Joplin because they both can enjoy nice glass of whiskey like myself.

Blanco 2 – Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse because its only right.

What’s the future plans for your music?

Blanco 2: All I’m going to say is … We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

I am curious by the words ‘haven’t scratched the surface yet’ as I really like their sound but this statement says that they have a whole lot more to give. I can’t wait to hear what they have up their sleeves and I’m sure when they do you will read about it here.

Until then, You can visit to find out more about the band and future gigs. You can also find them at their social media pages at Facebook and Twitter. Check out the music from The Blancos today, you will not be disappointed. - My Random Jukebox

"The Blancos Cultivate A 'Garden,' More NYC Indie Music News"

December is traditionally a time when the music industry slows down, but one of the great things about the indie music world is its disconnect from the industry. Playing by its own set of rules, the indie scene keeps going while the industry takes a nap.

With our scene continuing to supply us with great music, this week’s edition of Neighborhood Watch: NYC features the retro soul of The Blancos, some great rock music from Blue & Gold, the latest from hip-hop producer Blockhead, a brand new project from veteran composer/lutenist Jozef Van Wissem, and Brooklyn band Leapling’s continued leaps in the world of genre mixing.

* Want to hear something really retro-cool? Check out The Blancos. The Brooklyn-based duo, who individually go by the names Blanco 1 and Blanco 2 (perhaps they're huge Dr. Seuss fans), work with only an electric guitar, a laptop computer, and their own incredibly soulful vocals. The combination of these three things makes for an unmistakable sound you're going to want to hear a lot more of.

The Blancos released their first EP, Heartless Romantic, for free via their Soundcloud page, and we have the video for the first single, "Lemon Garden," right here. The clip is only around 90 seconds, but that's all you're going to need to get hooked on The Blancos. - Arena

"Music Review: The Blancos, Heartless Romantic EP"

A regrettable fact of music fandom is that it’s easy to come across inauthentic, materialistic garbage. Thankfully, the first offering from New York duo The Blancos—an EP titled Heartless Romantic—may be the most genuine collection of songs you will have the privilege of hearing. While their hip-hop/indie fusion sound includes familiar elements you may have heard before, Heartless Romantic is organically progressive and in a league of its own.

It’s inspiring to see The Blancos’ ability to balance both artistic and commercial value, without compromising creativity or musical freedom. Equally as impressive is the fact that Heartless Romantic is just the start for the group. Their immense potential is refreshing, and knowing there may be better music to come is good news for everyone.

From the first track to the last, Heartless Romantic features exclusively stand-out songs. “Heartless Romantic” kicks things off, and its ultimate strength stems from its soulfulness, which actually finds its way into each of the other songs. The second track, “Lemon Garden, may be the catchiest on the EP, but the haunting sounds of “She Calls It Love” are what stays with you long after the album is done. “Bathroom” has all of the components to become a major hit, and the track leads into the equally impressive “Love’s Impossible.” Closing out the EP is “Losing Sleep”, a song tailored to show off the intensity of the vocals of the group. Short and sweet, Heartless Romantic clocks in at only 16 minutes. Listening to it makes you feel as if you’ve been given candy, only to have it ripped away from you after a few licks.

There are two stages of living: life before hearing The Blancos, and life after hearing The Blancos. The group’s brilliant sound serves as a palate cleanser and will undoubtedly leave its listeners optimistic about the future of the group. What makes this EP special is its authenticity; nothing seems forced or inorganic and it’s a relief to hear something this formidable. Ultimately, words can’t truly describe the merit of Heartless Romantic; only listening will bring justice to its musical relevance.

Heartless Romantic was self-released on April 15, 2014. The EP is available for free on the The Blancos’ Soundcloud page.

- See more at: - Popshifter


Still working on that hot first release.



Initially growing up close to two thousand miles away from each other, the duo now known as The Blancos fused together at a time where genres were colliding, calling for a sound that had yet to be exposed.

Rooted in the heart of New York City, the challenge to describe two individuals so strikingly similar yet conversely different has become more challenging every day. They're a musical universe unto themselves, expanding at a nearly immeasurable rate, ever more hard to define - as a mind-blowing musical entity that collaboratively creates all music they conceive.

And there's much practice there; The Blancos have been working behind closed doors for the better part of the last eight years. Their sound is genre defying, incorporating every denomination under the sun making it impossible to put your finger on what makes "it" so special.

As men of few words, they're quietly grateful that the music they make has immediately connected with so many. And it seems that, in the future music world, The Blancos will always be nearby yet impossible to find. The rumors may fly hard in every direction but remain defiantly unverifiable.

Perhaps The Blancos will never fully reveal themselves. But if the music thus far is any indication, their sound bears Nirvana's depth of feeling, Kanye West's emotive theatrics, and wild courage not seen since The Doors. So behold this grungy dyad - a tandem that may not be easily located, but won't be strangers either.

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