The Bob Lanza Blues Band
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The Bob Lanza Blues Band

Bridgewater, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1980 | SELF

Bridgewater, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1980
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"things ain't so bad"

'Til The Pain Is Gone
Bob Lanza Blues Band Self produced 12 Tracks
Bob Lanza has been around the blues on the east coast for many years. Playing on the bar scene for 30 years, he has played with names like Cancellation Blues Band, Cruisin For A Bluesn, The Bob Dwyer Band, Fat Chance, Riff Raff, The Homewreckers, Blue Swirl, Big Nancy and Supreme Court, Ann Rabson, Johnny and The Tutones, Big Daddy and The Wildcats, The Randy Lipincott Band, Charlie Hilbert, Bobby Kyle, Filthy Rich and The Poorboys, The Bluzemonsters, Floyd Phillips and The Mudflaps, Jason Ricci and New Blood, and James Cotton.
He meet Floyd Phillips in 1997 while playing with The Bluzemonsters and as a result Floyd Phillips and The Mudflaps were formed. Phillips played piano for Johnny "Clyde" Copeland and worked with T- Bone Walker, Albert Collins, Johnny Adams, O V Wright, Lowell Fulson, and Gatemouth Brown. After losing his good friend Floyd Phillips in 2001, Bob Lanza took the advise to started his own band, The Bob Lanza Blues Band. In 2009 they released their debut album Things Ain't So Bad. The band was sent by the New York Blues & Jazz Society to the 2011 International Blues Challenge.
As a follow up this release, the Bob Lanza Band just came out with their newest album 'Til The Pain Is Gone. His many years with Phillips and backing James Cotton has helped him establish himself as an experienced emerging new artist. After hearing his first album, I wondered why I had never heard Lanza, a guitar slinger of this caliber. His explosive guitar style can be heard on both albums but his second definitely showcases his guitar style and vocals. The Pain Is Gone features 12 original and cover songs backed by the Reverend Sandy Joren on bass, Noel Sagerman on drums, David "Snakeman" Runyan on harmonica, and a number of guest artists, including his son Jake Lanza on guitar. They open with Mike Bloomfield’s "Maudie" with Jake and Bob tearing it up on guitar and Joe Cerisano featured on vocals. The high powered horn section heard on the first CD has
been replaced with the superb piano and organ work of Ed "Doc" Wall heard throughout the new CD.
The Bobby Bland classic ballad "I'll Take Care of You" is an outstanding rendition bringing all of the instruments and raw, tough vocals of Lanza center stage. The first original tune, title track "'Til The Pain Is Gone," is a display of both songwriting and guitar expertise with vocals "I was born into pain, yes, people think I’m insane, but if y’all live my life, you probably jump in front of a train." David “Snake- man" Runyan takes charge on the second original tune "Snake Byte," an instrumental, blowing his chromatic to perfection and complementing the rhythm and lead guitar of Lanza.
The band employs the guitar work of Lee Delray on the Big Bill Broonzy classic "Outskirts of Town" with both Delray and Lanza nailing that soulful groove heard in the blues phrasing and timbre, as they trade guitar solos. They shift the focus to the streets of the Chicago with Runyan back on the chromatic and Lanza emulat- ing Chicago blues with his axe on Willie Dixon's "I'm Ready." Moving from the Southside to the Westside of Chicago, Rob Chaseman is featured on horns for the Magic Sam gem "Every Night & Every Day," honoring one the best bluesman to play the "Windy City." Lanza's gritty vocals and high powered, fiery guitar solos, Runyan's outstanding harp attack, Wall's unstoppable keyboard performance, com- plimented with Sagerman's and Joren's fine rhythm section, make this cut the best on the CD. They feature the Texas shuf- fle written by Pat Ramsey entitled "Build Me A Woman," allowing Lanza to describe the perfect female. The Chicago blues standard "Sugar Sweet" written by Chica- go songwriter Mel London, showcases the piano skills of Ed "Doc" Wall much like we would hear from the late great Pinetop Perkins. The mournful ballad "Lonesome," a recording by Memphis Slim, reminds us that "a bedroom without a woman is like a heart without a beat." The last original shuffle "Our Life" is a captivating acoustic guitar/harp duet that is one of a kind. The Bob Lanza Band completes their new collection with the 1956 Preston Foster tune made famous by Muddy Waters, "Got My Mojo Working," placing their sig- nature on this classic.
From classics to originals, this CD has it all. Once you hear the Bob Lanza Band with his all-star cast, you will be hooked for life. It is a testament to the new talent that is alive and well in the blues world today.
Reviewed by Rick Davis - crossroads blues society ofnorthern il

"Nasville Blues society"

Bob Lanza is a renowned guitarist, singer, and composer from the north New Jersey area, having represented the New York Blues And Jazz Society in the 2011 IBC’s. His fiery fretwork and soulful vocals show a deep passion for the vintage Chicago and Texas sounds, and those influences are all over his latest release, “Til’ The Pain Is Gone,” a Duke’s mixture of originals and covers that pulls in the listener thru his guitar excellence.
Bob is joined by Reverend Sandy Jones on bass, Noel Sagerman on drums, Snakeman Runyan on harp, Doc Wall on keys, and son Jake on guitar as well. The young Lanza kicks off the proceedings, with the intro, outro, and a solo on the leadoff “Maudie,” Mike Bloomfield’s classic about that “devil woman who ain’t never gonna quit” tormenting her lovers. The title cut rocks out as Bob’s life story of sorts, stating “I was born into pain,” and “if you lived my life, you’d jump in front of a train!” The Snakeman breaks out the big ol’ chromatic for a jaw-breaking instrumental, “Snake Byte,” and adds that touch of Chess Records spice to “Sugar Sweet” and “I’m Ready.”
Everyone gets a chance to shine on the minor-key Sam Maghett chestnut, “Every Night And Every Day,” while Bob and Snakeman do their best Cephas and Wiggins impersonations on the acoustic “Our Life,” as Bob laments his break-up, coming home “to my best friend, Mr. TV!”
We had two favorites, too. Ya gotta admire Bob’s imagination, wanting to “Build Me A Woman who’ll be nineteen forever, with a heart of gold!” And, Bob’s guitar frankly sizzles with intensity on the slow-burn slyness of “Outskirts Of Town,” with the immortal lyric, “we’ll have five little children and they’ll all look like me!!!”
Bob Lanza’s blues will buoy your spirits when you’re feeling good, and be your best friend thru the hard times. Just sit back, listen, and let his guitar wash over you “Til’ The Pain Is Gone.” Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society. - Don Crow

"till the pain is gone"


Bob Lanza Blues Band – ‘Til The Pain Is Gone
12 Tracks; 58 Minutes
Bob Lanza is a guitarist and singer from northern New Jersey. Bob spent four years as bandleader for Floyd Phillips and the Mudflaps, and has backed legends like James Cotton and Nashville’s Dave Perkins. He went out on his own after Floyd Philips died in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. Inspired as a child by a Muddy Waters concert, Lanza has loved the blues ever since. His style is based around Muddy’s urban blues, but he pulls in bits and pieces from Jump blues, Texas shuffles, and a deck stacked with Kings. Lanza’s blues are an amalgamation of traditional styles that form a singular vision of 21st Century Blues.
The album is the latest offering from Bob Lanza and his band. It’s a sturdy mix of covers and originals centered on his powerful voice and ripping guitar. Surprisingly, the first lead guitar licks heard on the disc are from Bob Lanza’s son Jake. Jake Lanza gets three solo spots in lead track “Maudie.” Jake’s phrasing and tone is faultless and leaves the listener wanting more. Keyboardist Ed “Doc” Wall pulls double duty on organ and piano and guest vocalist Joe Cerisano pours out his lonesome soul to Maudie. It’s a credit to Bob Lanza’s confidence in his fellow musicians to highlight so many of them in the lead track of his new album. “Maudie” sets a high standard for the rest of the disc, which it unequivocally lives up to.
“‘Til The Pain Gone” is a rollicking piano shuffle that rolls on like the train in Lanza’s lyrics. The whistling harp warns the train is coming and you better get off the tracks. This is a steam engine running at full throttle and Lanza is wailing for all he’s worth. The ending solo is frantic; stoking the fire and pouring out the pain. “Snake Byte” showcases David “Snakeman” Runyan, harp player extraordinaire in a Chicago Blues harmonica work out with clean crisp solos from Lanza and tour de force harp blowing.
The disc visits all the blues neighborhoods of Chicago from the South side stomp of “I’m Ready” and the piano driven romp of “Sugar Sweet,” to Magic Sam’s West Side on “Every Night & Every Day” and into the suburbs with “Outskirts Of Town” which is a slow burn duel with PA/NJ favorite Lee Delray. This quartet of songs reminds us of the hard scrabble Chicago environment from which they came and the rough and tumble New Jersey environment of today where Lanza and his band ply their trade. This is no-nonsense blues.
‘Til The Pain Is Gone takes the volume down a few notches with a pair of acoustic tracks before wrapping the whole thing up in strutting style with “Mojo” – aka “Got My Mojo Working.” The first of the pair is “Lonesome,” and it lives up to its name. This old Memphis Slim number is low down, back porch blues with a little honky-tonk piano added for good measure. “Our Life” is a Lanza original that mixes well with the country blues of “Lonesome.” The Snakeman puts his indelible stamp on the tune, interacting on an almost telepathic level with Lanza. David “Snakeman” Runyan is the not so secret weapon of the Bob Lanza Blues Band. He’s the perfect tangy relish for Lanza’s Jersey Ripper.
The Bob Lanza Blues Band consists of Reverend Sandy Joren on bass, Noel Sagerman on drums and David “Snakeman” Runyan on harmonica. They lay down earthy, gritty, sweaty blues for those who toil the day away barely making ends meet. This isn’t uptown blues. Lanza refers to his music as Jersey Blues and it is indeed tough, gruff, bare-fisted, and in your face. It’s honest, a little over the top, and not for the faint of heart. ‘Til the Pain Is Gone might be the exact amount of time you’re going to drink at the bar but it’s also a tremendous new CD by a veteran band just starting to get national attention. If you’re looking for the real deal this is it..
Reviewer Jim Kanavy is the greatest guitar player in his house. He has been reviewing albums in his head for 30 years and in print since 2008, and is deeply committed to keeping the blues alive and thriving. For more information visit -

"Till the pain is gone"

the Bob Lanza Blues Band – ‘Til The Pain Is Gone
This is the second album from the New Jersey born and based Bob, in the time honoured manner the course of his career has taken in a number of roads and avenues to create just the right sound that fits him and band; for in his early days he played in Floyd Phillips ‘Mudflaps’ and went on to become the bands leader after the unfortunate demise of Floyd; he also has over the years backed the legendary harmonica maestro James Cotton and Nashville legend Dave Perkins.
The tightly performed mixture of twelve originals and covers presented here by Bob and the band contain an alluring combination of loping and prowling Texas blues, heavily supported by a dense and hard driving Chicago blues backbone, it all slips down rather nicely courtesy of their marvellously ‘greased’ Kansas City swinging feel. Providing this aural treat are; the Reverend Sandy Jorden; bass, David ‘Snakeman’ Runyon; harmonica, Noel Sagerman; drums and last but, by no means least Bob; guitars and lead vocals.
‘I’ll Take Care of You’, has an almost solemn stride that is led by purposeful pounding drum work, whilst a driving and surging organ soberly backs a solid and meaningful Albert King influenced guitar lead which is sympathetically joined by an impressively emotive harmonica; in fact ‘Snakeman’ who also has benefitted from time spent with the highly influential James Cotton has developed a very naturalistic and expressive style that strangely, reminds me of not James Cotton but, more of the equally talented, late and much admired harmonica player Larry Adler, who may not have played the blues but, certainly knew how to make the harmonica pull the emotion filled heartstrings and trust me, Snakeman certainly does just that, especially so, on the seriously footappin’ harmonica led instrumental ‘Snake Byte’, lusty, wheezy contortions wonderfully emerge from Snakeman in conjunction with Bobs lyrical fizzy, jazzy fretwork this is simply joyus music.
The title number is a rocking blues with high rolling, lusty, rinky-dinky piano, alongside this there are bursting harmonica passages all wrapped up in sweetly screaming guitar barrages that simply hurls you happily along. The slow burning and emotion swirling ‘Outskirts of Town’, again features Bobs sweetly lyrical and emotive fretwork alongside a slowburning and seductive pulsating and sombre organ. ‘Every Night and Every Day’, has a full blown frontal brass intro which determines the onward tramping, traipsing Chicago blues feeling which is helped along by a stirring, surging organ, over the top of this is a solid muscle bound guitar that weaves in and out with convincing vigour.
The really hot to trot number here is the Jimmy Reed influenced ‘Sugar Sweet’, a wonderful and deliciously jaunty, jingling pub piano leads this rollicking, rolling rumbling cobweb blasting dance floor shuffler, your granny will certainly like this one!
Highly Recommended!
BRIAN HARMAN - blues in the northwest

"til the pain is gone"

Bob Lanza
‘Til The Pain Is Gone
When I think of Blues the one thing that comes to mind is the word passion. Bob Lanza is one of those guitarists whose work literally drips with passion and pure, raw emotional power. What it is that gives a blues band true power is the ability to connect with the heart and soul of the audience. The Bob Lanza Blues Band has that ability. The key to blues is people. Blues is the music of the people, their good times and their bad times. People love a good party but they also like to know that when they are facing bad times they are not alone. ‘Til The Pain Is Gone is a good mixture of originals and well-chosen cover tunes all of which the people can connect with on a heartfelt level. Two members of the Bob Lanza Blues Band have been inducted into the New Jersey Blues Hall of Fame…Bob Lanza and Dave “Snakeman” Runyan. One listen to this band makes it clear that we are not dealing with a group of wannabe bluesmen, but with a band that is familiar with the music, loves the music and has a great time playing it. Like a well-oiled machine this band plays like a single unit rather than a group of guys playing on the same stage, more or less in competition with each other. This is a band in the truest sense, each member doing his or her part in turn, the music being the most important factor. Whether they are playing straight ahead, rock your socks off Chicago style blues or doing a slow, sultry ballad, these guys are in sync. Flawless musicianship with the emphasis placed on playing with power, giving 100% each and every time they play, this band is every bit the real deal. This is one band that knows the value of working at something until it is just right and it pays off. I recommend this band highly with no reservations. This is passionate and powerful, reaching straight for the heart of the listener and they hit the mark every time. Given the opportunity, check out their show…you will not be disappointed. – Bill Wilson - bill wilson

"The bob lanza blues band/ till the pain is gone"

BOB LANZA BLUES BAND/’Til the Pain is Gone: This white, blues howler from Jersey knows his way around the west side of Chicago courtesy to misspending his youth hanging around with cats like James Cotton. Too set in his ways now to go for an MBA, especially since his son is on the band, Lanza plays a stinging guitar and howls it out like he’s in the market to sell his soul but the devil is a little afraid of the bargain. First class roadhouse blues for the frat boy in everyone that ever wanted to yell, “Otis, my man!”. - midwest record/ chris spector

"The bob lanza blues band? till the pain is gone"

I just received the newest release (January 14, 2014), 'Til The Pain Is Gone, from Bob Lanza Blues Band and it's quite good. Opening with Maude, Lanza shows his fine abilities as a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. Backed by Reverend Sandy Joren (bass), Noel Sagerman (drums)and David "Snakeman" Runyan on harp, Lanza sets a solid groove andshows real flair on his riffs. Ed "Doc" Wall adds cool organ work on this track as well adding warmth to the bottom. Next up is I'll Take Care Of You, a slow blues number with stinging good guitar riffs and smokin tone. Lanza uses really nice guitar phrasing to emphasize his vocals and Doc adds understated organ t push Lanza's guitar work. Nice! On title track, 'Til The Pain Is Gone, an uptempo shuffle track with rock tendencies gives Doc a cool opening for harp and grinding Texas style guitar riffs to push the track to a hard driver. Snake Byte is a slick shuffle track with a cool swing. With Snakeman leading the way on harp and Sagerman keeping things tight this is a cool break instrumentally. One of my favorite tracks on the release is Outskirts Of Town where Lanza digs deep for some gut punching guitar riffs. His vocals are good and Doc keeps the bed musically while Joren steps up on bass. This 7 plus minute track really gives Lanza the chance to stretch and he doesn't waste a minute of it. Very nice! On classic I'm Ready, Snakeman plays some cool harp and Lanza lays down some articulated riffs. Every Night and Every Day has a solid bass line from Joren giving each of the crew a good opportunity to lay down some heat. Lanza, Snakeman and Wall all step up making this an enjoyable jam over a "Fool For Your Stockings" like bottom. How could you not like this! Build Me A Woman opens with a cool loping guitar riff and sweet guitar tone. With Lanza on vocal and Snakeman chiming on harp this is a cool track. If you like Texas style blues this is a good choice with Lanza not overplaying but taking the track to a frenzy. Sugar Sweet, another classic Chicago track, maintains the course with smart piano playing from Wall. Lonesome has a quiet approach with minimal backing, harp, piano and vocals. Light skillful guitar riffs nicely compliment the track. Our Life opens with boogie guitar riff and harp. Lanza is nearly acapella on vocal with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Mojo is a full on Chicago blues a la Muddy Waters. Snakeman and Lanza trade cool riffs and Lanza also shows some of his best vocals on the release. Nice job. Relaxed, enjoyable blues release with a few nice surprises. - bman's blues report

"The Bourbon st. Bluesfest"

t was was was raw... and it shouldve been illegal to have so much fun!!....I witnessed acts in the crowd that are banned in some states....Bob Lanza Blues Band simply tore up the Bourbon Street Blues Fest and made quite a few conversions... cant understand why they call it the blues when there was not an unsmiling face in the crowd...Nice job fellars! - Buck Bixby

"Heading to Memphis"

The New york Blues and jazz society held their annual battle of the bands competition last night at Mexicali cafe, Teaneck NJ. The winning band gets the honor of traveling to Memphis TN. to participate in The International Blues Challenge. Over 100 blues bands from all over the world will descend upon memphis, February 2 - 4.
The Bob Lanza Blues Band was the unanimous winner, out of 5 NYC blues bands. Good luck guys!!!
- courier news

"Heading to Memphis"

The New york Blues and jazz society held their annual battle of the bands competition last night at Mexicali cafe, Teaneck NJ. The winning band gets the honor of traveling to Memphis TN. to participate in The International Blues Challenge. Over 100 blues bands from all over the world will descend upon memphis, February 2 - 4.
The Bob Lanza Blues Band was the unanimous winner, out of 5 NYC blues bands. Good luck guys!!!
- courier news

"Hall of fame comes callin"

On march 26, 2012, The international blues hall of fame has come calling for Bob Lanza. Inducted with Filthy Rich, and Dennis Gruenling, at Robins Nest rhythm & blues club in Linden NJ. - home news

"Things Ain't so bad"

The bob lanza blues band makes good use of its horns. harp, keys and guitar frontline, especially on the uptown slow blues " Can't say No" which uses some of the slick changes from the Allman Brothers version of" stormy monday" and features deep solos all around. Guitarist lanza varies his tone and style with each chorus of the rumba "Pick Your Head Up" and shares time with guest Dave Perkins on the brassy "real Men Play Es 5s". The spirits of Chicago, Louisiana,and Kansas City inform the proceedings on the self-released THINGS AIN'T SO BAD.
Tom Hyslop

from blues review magazine!!!!! - blues revue magazine

"Things Ain't so bad"

The bob lanza blues band makes good use of its horns. harp, keys and guitar frontline, especially on the uptown slow blues " Can't say No" which uses some of the slick changes from the Allman Brothers version of" stormy monday" and features deep solos all around. Guitarist lanza varies his tone and style with each chorus of the rumba "Pick Your Head Up" and shares time with guest Dave Perkins on the brassy "real Men Play Es 5s". The spirits of Chicago, Louisiana,and Kansas City inform the proceedings on the self-released THINGS AIN'T SO BAD.
Tom Hyslop

from blues review magazine!!!!! - blues revue magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



NEW RELEASE "TIME TO LET GO" reaches # 5 on The National Blues Chart Receiving Great Revues!!! Released October 2016

When I first heard the Bob Lanza Band, I thought I was listening to a Texas-based band.  I almost fell on the floor when I read that they were from northern New Jersey.  The band has a timeless sound...that kind of thing that sounds like it has been around forever, and will never grow old.  This band is as tight as the proverbial gnat's backside.  This is a keeper. - Bill Wilson

One of the highlights of Lanza’s albums is the unique and imaginative way that he handles cover tunes.  On Time to Let Go, he capably handles tunes associated with Hank Williams (a rip- roaring horn-driven “Mind Your Own Business”), Muddy Waters (“Go No Further” and “Walkin’ Thru the Park”), Ronnie Earl (a stirring “Follow Your Heart”), Percy Mayfield (the soulful “Love Me or Leave Me”), and the standard “Your Turn To Cry.” Lanza is known for his mad guitar skills, but he also does a fine job behind the mic, and the band provides outstanding support.  Time to Let Go is another winner from this top notch New Jersey ensemble. – Graham Clarke

Holy cow- talk about loud, rude, lascivious blues!  These guys really lean into it, playing as if they really do have hellhounds on their trail.  It’s Time To Let Go is the best, most extreme hard rockin’ blues I’ve heard since SRV.- The Rock Doctor

Born and raised in the wilds of northern New Jersey, Bob Lanza took advantage of his proximity to New York City to learn from the great Johnny “Clyde” Copeland and Floyd Phillips. Their influences can be heard in the passion embedded in all of Lanza’s music. More recently The band had garnered national attention recently by providing support for Trudy Lynn, The Houston based BluesSinger, and The Houston "Harpace" Steve Krase. The band also has had the honor of backing "Superharp" James Cotton on some East Coast appearances. All that being said, they are a true Blues Band in every sense of the word blues!! (If James Cotton is using you, thats says you play blues)

With 4 cd's to their credit, they have become a favorite on The Northeast Festival Circuitfestival, and club gigs, from New Jersey to Texas. 

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