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The BordererS

Roxby Downs, South Australia, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 1994 | SELF

Roxby Downs, South Australia, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 1994
Band Rock Celtic





.........The Events Coordinator, Joycee Smith and myself were down at the Port Fairy Folk Festival and attended your show on the Saturday in the Sheeban Bar. Wow!! We are still overawed by the effect you have on the crowds..........
Colleen Daniel - Events Administration Officer for the Urban Country Music Festival, Queensland, Australia.

- Events Co-ordinators

"Addicted to the BordererS"

.............It was late one festival night (or maybe even early in the morning) when mum and dad were pushing two very exhausted young girls out in strollers past the Guinness Tent at the Port Fairy Festival on the way back to the caravan park. The tent was rocking with an awesome sound and the girls’ eyes popped open immediately. Out of their strollers and onto their feet, mum and dad having to restrain them from running past security guards into the licensed area, the girls once very much asleep were now raring to dance! Mum pulled back the side of the tent to reveal a blur of legs, kilts and tartan and that awesome sound. The girls danced till the very end of the show, all the way home and into bed. And I guess we’ve been addicted ever since. Love always..................

Zoë Bradley xxx
- Zoe Bradley

"5 Stars & Billy Graham too."

..........This is a bright uplifting album from the Borderers of South Australia. Jim Paterson and Alex are joined by various guest musicians and vocalists to present an album that delivers Grace with every track. It is a message CD and the message is delightfully delivered. The firm rhythm and distinct beat that you associate with gospel music permeates this whole album. It sounds great - lead vocalist Alex sings with clarity and a passion that Billy Graham would kill for.........

........."Temptation" features an electric sound, a blues feel with powerful vocals by Jim Paterson. Jay Collie joins Alex in the conversational ‘The Dark Horse’ bringing a beautiful timbre to his part & “Keep the Light On” rocks along. This would be my favourite track on the album but the other 10 are a close equal second...........

........By the end of the album I was tapping my feet and feeling bright and alive then I took off the headphones to face the real world. Even though I haven’t been to church in years I give this album 5 stars. In the small print they say they wanted to provide ‘an album with positive and uplifting messages’.
They have............... - Roger Joseph

"Songs of Hope"

..........."Grace" is the BordererS ninth independent CD and covers a a fair range of styles, held together by Jim Paterson's skill as a producer............

............The opening track "Legacy" features tenor Brian Gilbertson in a duet with Alex, it's in the same class as the pairing of Bono & Pavarotti on the song "Miss Sarajevo"............

............"Grace", the title track has a great chorus and wonderful gospel piano and organ arrangement whilst "Keep the light on" features dobro and borrows the bass feel from Peggy Lee's "Fever"...............

..........Paterson also get's to rock out on"Temptation" with slide guitar and lead vocals.........

........ I have a feeling The BordererS are best heard live surrounded by people singing along and waving their hands in happy unison...........Steve Trotman - Sydney Morning Herald


The BordererS live shows have won them many fans around the world but they love to experiment with different musical styles in the studio.

The new album "Grace" is a revelation - a collection of excellent self penned songs with powerful life themes that really grab your attention. - Mike Smith


"Caledonia Man" ( plus Bonus DVD - Celtic Journey ) - 2016
"Tales of Love & Loss" plus "Rise Up!" ( A double album )
" A Time For Change" - 2007
"Grace" - 2005
"Live.......and more!" DVD - 2005
"Inspired!" - 2003
"Ticklish Allsorts 2" - 2nd Kids CD
"The Gathering" - 2001
"Live at The Gov" - 1999
"Ticklish Allsorts" - Kids CD
"Woman" - 1997
"Independent's Day" - 1995
"Amnesty" EP
"Australia's Christmas Day" EP
"Back to Back" EP
"Fate" EP
"The Dark Horse" / "My Mother, My Angel of Love" / "No! We're Not Going Home" have all been big hits on all the country music stations in Australia.



Scottish / Irish / Australian band The BordererS are the most successful Celtic / Folk / Roots band in Oz, selling over 73,000 CD's. They got together in 1994 and have released 9 albums, 4 EP's & 2 kids albums. Lead singer, Alex, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and came to Australia in 1987, whilst Jim was born in Glasgow, Scotland and arrived in Australia on Christmas Eve 1993.

The Borderers became a band by accident when Jim was backpacking in Australia as part of a Round the World trip. He says: "I was just passing through Adelaide to meet a friend when I got invited to a recording studio to hear this band called the Borderers. I loved their sound so much that I eventually co-produced the album, married the lead singer and bought a house in Adelaide".

The BordererS have just performed at Europe's biggest country music festival "The Mirande Festival" in the South of France. It went so well that they've been invited back for a 3 month European tour in 2014, sponsored by Dreamwest Magazine,( a specialist mag devoted to country music )

Youve got so much energy!are the words that are always used to describe the band's live stage show and they also have a unique knack of appealing to all age groups. Invitations are continuously extended to the BordererS from all the major festivals in Australia and Europe such as the Byron Bay Blues & Roots, Woodford, Edinburgh and Womad Festivals in Australia and the UK. This is because of the guaranteed good times they generate. What sets the BordererS apart from other bands is their ability to get the whole audience involved.

........."You must be dead if you're not seen dancing at a BordererS gig".........Jamie McKew - Port Fairy Festival Director

( The biggest Folk / Roots festival in Australia )

The Borderers won the 2009 Independent Music Awards in the USA for Best Gospel song and have just been voted Best Bandand Best Albumof the Year for their new double album "Tales of Love & Loss" at the Fowlers Live Music awards in Australia ( Nov 2012 ).

The BordererS have supported Tom Jones, Donovan & Tom Paxton and have both recorded and played with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The band have even been specifically asked to perform for the Australian Prime Minister on two separate occasions.

....... I have a feeling The BordererS are best heard live surrounded by people singing along and waving their hands in happy unison...........

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia.

........."The Scottish rhythm guitarist is so handsome"......... Jim's Mum

Voted Best World Music ActAt the Musicoz Awards, Australia in 2003