The Core Four (Jenai Huff)

The Core Four (Jenai Huff)

 New York City, New York, USA

Four of New York area's top musicians and close friends have come together as the Core Four. They are 2 time Grammy Award winning, Ben Wisch; top singer/songwriter Eugene Ruffolo; guitarist George Naha and Jenai Huff.


The Core Four… who are we?  First our names:  Ben Wisch, Eugene Ruffolo, George Naha and myself, Jenai Huff.  

The first 3 bring with them decades of musical experience at a very, very high level.  Ben Wisch is best known for his producing and engineering; having won 2 Grammys for that expertise (Marc Cohn and Ricardo Arjona) but is also a very accomplished pianist and Yoga teacher. 

Then there is Eugene Ruffolo who is arguably one of the best singer/songwriters in New York City (although often one its best kept secrets).  He has many acclaimed recordings such as winning first prize at both the Telluride Bluegrass and Merlefest songwriting competitions.  He is a very successful session singer as well.  Another of his passions is his work with children.  He is a 3-time winner of the coveted Parent’s Choice Award.  For many, many years he has written personalized songs for terminally ill children as part of the charity group, The Songs For Love Foundation.  Last year, we wrote 115 songs for children.  

George Naha is an incredible guitarist who has played with greats like Aretha Franklin, Bon Jovi, Roy Orbison, Steve Cropper, Melissa Manchester, Wilson Picket (and many more) and is one of the best guitar/music teachers I have ever met.  He is also my songwriting partner. 

Then, there is me, Jenai Huff. I had taken a hiatus from music for 20 years but have been making my own mark in the past 7 years since I reentered the music scene.  I have had 2 acclaimed albums and have a new album being released March 2016 called Color Wheel.  The most common thing I hear is that my soulful voice and lyrics inspire and soothe listeners.  I am also a Yoga teacher.

So the four of us have the musical resumes to confidently say that sonically every performance will be wonderful and at times even sublime with our eclectic collection of original and cover songs but we are much more than that.  We are all good friends so there is a relaxedness between us and a camaraderie that is delightful and contagious.  We have similar spirits.  We are all trying to be the best human beings we can be not just the best musicians.  We know life is short and relish it and learn from it.  We all love to laugh and genuinely like people.  Both the audience and us will share an experience together and we will all be happy and grateful that we did.


Just Like Me

Written By: Jenai Huff (aka Katherine Huff) with Antara Hunter

Sitting in your towers
Behind your gated walls
Cuz you don’t want to see us
Cuz you don’t want to know

What are you so afraid of?
That you don’t want to see
What are you afraid of?

What if we met face to face
You looked in my eyes
Could you still ignore me?
Would you walk on by?

What are you so afraid of?
That you don’t want to see
Are you afraid
that you’re just like me

We started from different places
Then we walked through different doors
Is that the only difference?
Is there anything more?
What if the tables were turned?
Would I put up the walls?
Would I ignore you?
Would I walk on by?

What am I so afraid of?
That I don’t want to see?
What am I afraid of?
What the truth might be
What am I afraid of?
I am afraid that it’s true
I am afraid, I am afraid, I am afraid
that I’m just …that I’m just like you

Produced by: Ben Wisch
Lead Vocals: Jenai Huff
Piano: Ben Wisch
Accoustic Guitar, Dobro, Electric Guitar: Kevin Barry
Stand up Bass: Zev Katz
Background vocals: Eugene Ruffolo & Shawn Thies

Living My Dreams

Written By: Jenai Huff (aka Katherine Huff)

When I was young the boogey men
beneath my bed
Had telepathic voices
That came into my head
They made me scared
I filled with dread
Oh those boogey men
Beneath my bed

They told me stories about
peril and grief
I had a few good examples
And I begged for relief
I took their advice
Now I’m paying the price
Cuz those boogey men
Moved inside my head

I did what they said
And I buried my dreams
I put of the walls
Became afraid of it all
I did what they said
And I buried my dreams
I covered my heart
Didn’t want to be seen

After too many years
I’m embarrassed to say
All the shoulds and couldn’ts
I learned to obey
Now I’m seeing the cost
So many moments lost
So its bye, bye boogey men
Get out of my head

Repeat Chorus Twice
Now I’m doing what I want
And I’m living my dreams
Tearing down the walls
Embracing it all
Now I’m doing what I want
And I’m living my dreams
I’m openening my heart
Cuz I wanna be seen

Splintered Light

Written By: Jenai Huff (aka Katherine Huff)

Red light filled the room
A crimson sweater
framed his face
His melody was calling
In a rush I was falling

I strained to hear his words
In a language I thought I knew
Notes shimmered through the air
Bits of starlight everywhere

Then splintered light
made its way to me
Specks of starlight came to me
Splintered light
Splintered light

I wanted to cross the room
Straight into his arms
But another song was calling
One I could not hide from

Then splintered light
made its way through me
Specks of starlight
came through me
Splintered light
Splintered light
Splintered light