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The Crawdaddies

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1995 | INDIE

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1995
Band Blues Zydeco




"Quotes and Raves"

"...[The Crawdaddies] a great closing act for our Festival Shell Stage"
-by Doris Mack, Director of Performing Arts
Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, State College, PA
July, 2016
"Impressive show and the best attended concert this year"
 -Kirby Yarbrough
 Friday Night Live Concerts
 Rockville Town Square, Rockville, MD 

"The Crawdaddies will rock the house!"
-By David Kleinman
Montgomery News, PA
Published: February 2014

“[The Crawdaddies] a Rocking Cajun / Zydeco band”
-Baltimore Magazine
June 2013

"Jive Time Farmer is fun, innovative, and really unique. You guys are great! Good lyrics, good narrative."
-John Francis
Nashville, TN

"The Crawdaddies killed it!!"
-Shelia Goodwin
Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts
Director of Artscape 2011

“Simply a great group with a great sound!”
-author: Rich Borges
CD Baby

“These guys (The Crawdaddies) have the whole package, and guaranteed, it's one that can't be broke.”
-Dan Willging
Dirty Linen magazine

"The Crawdaddies...A must see"
-Patrick Berkery
August 2009

“A great mix of Zydeco, Cajun, Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Roots can't miss with The Crawdaddies.”
-Don Zelazny
American Roots

“This five-man band (The Crawdadddies) is sure to set bodies young and old in motion.” -Washington Post Washington, DC

“The Crawdaddies are just plain fun. Full of energy, funk and soul. A truly unique band...Lesser musicians could never pull this off, but these guys are so talented that they manage to not only make it work, but make it fantastic...a blast to see live.”
-Sarah Griffiths
Shinbone Magazine
September 2007

"The group's third disc, Keep Lookin' Up, finds it once again skanking heavy on the one-drop and juxtaposing styles to infectious melodies".
-Dan Willging Dirty Linen Magazine July 2007

“Their [The Crawdaddies] shows are a nonstop mix of good times, good tunes and great musicianship.”
-Michael Macey
CMG Magazine

"It's hard not to keep lookin' up with music as buoyant and infectious as The Crawdaddies'...these lads are authentic roots rockers even when they have tongue firmly placed in cheek."
-Adam Harrington
Whisperin & Hollerin UK
October 2006

"The Crawdaddies.......... an awesome show"
-Alicia Pol
Public Relations chair, Breakout Entertainment
Texas A& M University, Fort Worth, TX 2005

“This is perhaps the most commercial band I've seen in this genre of music. They (The Crawdaddies) can play any venue anywhere, anytime. What an incredible, exciting group of professional musicians.
-Robert Metzgar
Legends Hall of Fame Producer
Universal Music / Capitol Management, Nashville, TN 2004

“The Group (The Crawdaddies) truly is an awesome display of talent and charisma onstage.”
-The Great Cajun and Zydeco Festival of Moodus, CT
Roger Straub
Hometown Journal
Moodus, CT

“The Crawdaddies are living up to their reputation as one of Baltimore’s most eclectic, fun-loving bands.”
-Stefan Leggin
Radio Host
WTMD 89.7 FM Towson, MD

“We warmly appreciate your participation in the Levitt Pavilion's 34th
summer season....The Crawdaddies’ appearance here on July 28, 2007 was certainly one of the highlights!”
-Freda Welsh
Executive Director
Levitt Pavilion for the Arts, Westport, CT

“Their [The Crawdaddies] shows are a nonstop mix of good times, good tunes and great musicianship.”
-Michael Macey
CMG Magazine

“The Crawdaddies, a Charm City Favorite, are a little like a steaming
bowl of Louisiana gumbo--rich in a multitude of flavors so delicious that immense satisfaction lies in digesting each and every ingredient.”
-Pete Kerzel
writer / editor for AOL Citiguide
Posted August 2006

Since 1995 the Crawdaddies have been playing to packed houses in the Baltimore/Washington area. The Crawdaddies have blended some of the hottest, accordion-driven, feel-good styles to create a sound that defies you to sit still.
-Posted by Ed
Old Blue Bus
August 2006

“These guys (The Crawdaddies) have the whole package, and guaranteed, it's one that can't be broke.”
-Dan Willging
Dirty Linen magazine
issue #110, February/March 2004

“A wacky mix of Cajun/Zydeco rhythms.....The band stays upbeat on their second release with the humorous and ska-like “Gimme Some” and the bouncy rhythms of “Swamp Music.”
-Jacob Parcell
Style Weekly, Richmond, VA

“ Intriguing, bluesy and energetic!”
-National Association of Campus Activities
Showcase selection committee
East Coast Region - Various

"Skope Mag 2014"

The Crawdaddies, Live From the Road
March 12, 2014
By Skope
Hupso Share Buttons -

Hupso Share Buttons

The Crawdaddies are going to claw their way to the top by offering up one incredible groove!   The catchy, Crawdaddy sound will head straight to your bones and make you shake, rattle & roll!   Prepare yourself for a style of music that merges together elements of: Rock, Blues, Cajun, Zydeco, Ska, Roots, Jazz and even a little soul.  
The record starts out with a funky, soulful & rockin’ vibe with a jazzy touch added in for good measure on “Cuttin’ the Body Loose”.   You’ll get a real bluesy side on “Love That Natty Boh” and get ready to move it and let loose on “Habit Forming”.   I picked up on some nice ‘n’ tight, core harmonies throughout the 10-song set like on “Carolina Baby” for example.   There’s a party goin’ on and it’s called “Shake ‘N Bake” and then get in tune with their witty sense of humor on “Jive Time Farmer”.   The closing track, “The Difference”, has the piano and guitar colliding to create one unstoppable force!  
The Crawdaddies’ “Love That Natty Boh”
The band may be based in Baltimore but their sound incorporates much of that swampy, southern mojo that New Orleans is so famous for.   But with adding other elements in like: Ska & Rock makes for one entertaining listen.   The primary members are: Kraig Greff on accordion & piano, Chris Huntington on vocals & electric guitar & Dan Hones on bass.   This is the 4th release for The Crawdaddies and ‘Live From the Road’ was recorded at the following locations: Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA, St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN & The Avenue Summer Concerts in Baltimore, MD.   Together since 1995, The Crawdaddies have received major recognition and many accolades along the way.   They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some big-time acts such as: Etta James, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, Trombone Shorty, Dr. John, Charlie Daniels, Last Train Home, Buddy Guy, The Old 97s, The Radiators, Jimmy Cliff, Carbon Leaf, CJ Chenier, John Eddie, Joan Jett, The Spinners, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Terrance Simien, G. E. Smith, Marshall Crenshaw, The Young Dubliners, Buckwheat Zydeco, Reel Big Fish and the Neville Brothers.   Not to mention Kraig Greff is an Emmy Award Winner and he has toured with Della Reese, Barry White, Joe Williams and Diana Ross.   And Chris Huntington started Head-On Entertainment, Inc. back in 1997 with a ton of talented acts currently on the label.   Together as a band, The Crawdaddies are a force to be reckoned with in the music world.
The group is currently working on its 5th full-length recording to be released this year!   Showing no signs of slowing down, The Crawdaddies are bringin’ their flavorful brand of music to people everywhere!   ‘Live From the Road’ displays such raw energy & liveliness, which proves why these guys will be around for quite a while.   And with a sweet groove like The Crawdaddies, you can’t lose!
4.5/5 Skopes

By Jimmy Rae (
March 12, 2014 - By Jimmy Rae

"The Alternate Root 2013"

The Alternate Root

We get lots of music. For releases from new artists, we think the best spot to give a listen is in the car.  Along for the Ride is a weekly focus on independent artists with some great songs-- artists who hit what they were aiming at in making an album. The Crawdaddies Live from the Road works as an album title for The Crawdaddies. The group has the sound and feel of the type of bar band that was on stage for your best night ever. The band is Northeast-based and puts the regional roots/rock and Americana sound into their songs and raises the audio ante by incorporating Louisiana Cajun and Zydeco styles. “Carolina Baby” has a Texas swing groove and “Shake ‘N Bake” is a dancing tune that pushes feet with its accordion riffs and washboard rhythms.   Whether the beat sticks to southern rock (“Take That Bottle”), teeth rattling rhythms (“The Difference”) or funks it up with a solid groove (“Cuttin’ the Body Loose”), The Crawdaddies got the goods. If you missed the last tour, the boys have gathered highlights and high steppers onto Live from the Road.   

The Alternate Root
February 22, 2013 - DANNY McCLOSKEY

"New Music Now Spotlight: The Crawdaddies"

New Music Now Spotlight:
The Crawdaddies
Published: February 13, 2008 8:12 PM EST
By: Isaac Joseph Davis Junior
Americana / Pop

Founded in 1995; The Crawdaddies are making music that certainly is jamming hard these days with their infusion of Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Ska, Roots, Rock and Reggae into an unique sound that can certainly be coined as original. I recently had the pleasure to review their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on (Music Resource Community) and was taken away by the band's sounds. I then spoke with Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer and primary Songwriter for the group Chris Huntington about the band. Check out this great spotlight as Chris revealed many great things about The Crawdaddies.

Isaac-Joseph: How is everyone doing today?

Answer: Chris Huntington- I'm fat and sassy

Isaac-Joseph: Your music has a nice acoustical feel to it. What I really like about the music is that when you are listening to it I feel I am listening to a story being told. How do you approach your music?

Answer: Chris Huntington- We do tend to lean toward an acoustic sound built around Kraig Greff's accordion. Even when recording the electric guitar, drums, bass and accordion our goal is to get the acoustic sound of each instrument on tape. We very seldom use processing. Oh yeah...and the washboard... is as acoustic as you can get, but we tend to take the acoustic instrument / sound and arrange it in a non-traditional way. Example: we commonly use the accordion where most others would use a horn section. Kids, don't try this at home, only a seasoned pro like Kraig can pull this off on an accordion! Example 2: We like to use the washboard as percussion over reggae rhythms and rock guitar with a Cajun feel, etc. Most of the songs I have written for The Crawdaddies start with a lyric concept or story line. The music is then, typically, composed to support the lyrics or help tell the story with a certain feel or sound (hence the overlap of so many musical styles in The Crawdaddies).

Isaac-Joseph: What aspect of making music excites you the most right now as an entertainer?

Answer: Chris Huntington- The more I study music the more I find to learn...I love the fact that there is always new territory to cover and music is a life long lesson. I enjoy songwriting. Songwriting is a very satisfying way to express feelings and tell stories. The process can be like putting a puzzle together. With the Crawdaddies, I will write a tune and then the band will perform it live for, sometimes, a year before recording. It is fun watching the song unfold live...and I have always enjoyed the live performance part best...I am always saying "I tolerate all the bullshit of the music biz just for that 90 minutes on stage." There is nothing like performing for 30,000 people.

Isaac-Joseph: What aspect of making music gets you the most discouraged you the most?

Answer: Chris Huntington- The most discouraging aspect of music is on the business side. Major corporations controlling the music biz have made it difficult for any artist with unique ideas to be heard. If millions are not to be made, the music will never be played and the majority of the public will never know it existed. Many talented musicians are left struggling, and I'm not talking about kids plucking around, there are some greats out there that are barely making a living.

Isaac-Joseph: You have some new releases. Expound on your new project and what can we expect from them.

Answer: Chris Huntington-The Crawdaddies released its third CD "Keep Lookin' Up" with Louddust Records in 2007. The CD is being spun on 300 + radio stations worldwide and getting some nice reviews. We are seriously thinking of releasing a live CD sometime in 2008 or 2009. We started recording at some amphitheater and theater shows in 2007 and taped our show at Sellersville Theater, PA on Feb 8, 2008. We might use some of these takes but also plan to continue taping through 2008. Many folks seem to enjoy The Crawdaddies' live energy so we are hoping to get some of that on tape.

Isaac-Joseph: What's the most unusual place you've ever played a show or made a recording? How did the qualities of that place affect the show/recording?

Answer: Chris Huntington-The most unusual place The Crawdaddies ever played has got to be the show we did for the Jones Falls Watershed Association. It was a fundraiser event during a hot Baltimore summer. The promoter had us set up on the bank of the Jones Falls under a stone bridge with the audience on the other side of the water. The stone bank was sloped at about a 30-degree angle so the drummer could only bring a snare. They ran a 75-foot power cable from a generator placed above for power and we all just got our footing and played on. The echo from under the bridge was strange and, well, all the songs kind of had a mountain goat feel to them. One of the strangest shows was at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD. The col - Juniors Cave Online Magazine

"2007 Roots Time Review"

Website: (management)
crawdaddies@thecrawdaddiescom (band)
Label: Eigen beheer

In 1995 begonnen the Crawdaddies uit Baltimore onder het mom van, "het moest maar eens lukken" met hun muzikale mix van cajun, ska, roots, zydeco, soul, swing en rock en wonderlijk genoeg lukt dit samengaan van stijlen wat op het eerste gezicht een allegaartje lijkt, maar bij hun letterlijk in de plooi valt tot een mooi geheel. Drie cedeetjes verschenen er ondertussen, en ze brengen een sound die veel accordeon bevat, en vooral vocaal en qua opbouw van de songs erg lijkt op The Subdudes, die erg onderschatte band uit New Orleans die reeds een zestal prachtalbums maakte en bij mij op de bovenste plank liggen. Ze beginnen hun cd overtuigend met "Tous les Nuits", maar dan volgen een paar nummers waar 't ska-ritme de boventoon voert, wat niet zo dadelijk my cup of tea is maar het geeft wel ambiance en sfeer (zeker live). Vanaf de song "Spice it up" gaat het echter weer heel erg de goeie kant op, en krijg ik weer die Subdudes indrukken, en die blijven, want "Walk With Me" is een prachtig nummer dat balanceert op de rand van zydeco en New Orleans funk en wat verder bij "Louise" is de gelijkenis bijna perfect. Een prachtnummer! Tijdens "I'm Livin it up" flirten ze weer even met ska, maar "Find Yourself" waarmee de cd afsluit is weer zo'n schot in de roos, spijtig dat de totaalduur van de cd maar een kleine 40 minuten bedraagt, want hier lustte ik meer van! Crawdaddies, een naam om vanaf nu te onthouden, voor mij toch alleszins!


"75 Or Less Records CD Review The Crawdaddies"

Review The Crawdaddies - Keep Lookin' Up

The Crawdaddies have been unleashing their brand of zydeco-spiced roots rock since the grunge era, and nothing can stop this freewheeling party band. From the country-fried comical lovelorn confessions of "My Old Heart" to the relentless fun of "Got Nothin'" the Crawdaddies leap in the air with an unyielding sense of joy. The group is completely irresistible, shakin' the shack with hook after hook and bouncy accordions galore. What more can you ask for?
- written by Michael Sutton
75 or Less Record reviews
Posted November 2006
- 75 or Less Records November 2006

"2006 CD Review The Crawdaddies Whisperin & Hollerin UK"

The Crawdaddies, Keep Lookin' Up
Genre: 'Indie -Release Date: '2006'
Our Rating: 8 stars out of 10

It's hard not to keep lookin' up with music as buoyant and infectious as The Crawdaddies' strange brew of zydeco, country, reggae, and alternative rock. Formed in the mid-'90s, the Crawdaddies have the chemistry of seasoned vets but the merciless energy of young pups bursting from the cage.The Crawdaddies' latest album is pedal-to the-floor party music, as tasty as hot chocolate and invigorating like a shot of hard liquor. Oddly enough, for a group that is so rambunctious, there is a surprising amount of warmth on this record. In a way, the Crawdaddies recall NRBQ. Like NRBQ, the Crawdaddies groove to an eclectic heart, giddily unafraid of genre clashing in the same song but achieving that with a generous amount of soul. "Tout Le Nuit Danse (Dance All Night)" is a blast of swinging accordions and feel-good vibes On "Free Man," the Crawdaddies perk up a ska beat with those wonderfully spirited accordions that complement, and not dominate, the rhythm section. On the hilarious "My Old Heart" and "Jive Time Farmer," the Crawdaddies take a classic country approach without looking like a joke; these lads are authentic roots rockers even when hey have tongue firmly placed in cheek.
-Author: Adam Harrington
Whisperin & Hollerin UK
October 2006 - October 2006

"American Roots 2008"

The Crawdaddies - Keep Lookin' Up
January 2008

Timing is everything. The Crawdaddies new CD Keep Lookin' Up jumped to the top of my to-review stack because it arrived on New Year's Eve as 12 inches of snow also arrived in Michigan. The warm, lively cajun & zydeco laden CD proved to me that the band had nothing to do with the snow and provided a nice escape from the cold, getting multiple spins in between snow shoveling shifts.

The bands sound is a great mix of Zydeco, Cajun, Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Roots Rock. If you like The Subdudes you can't miss with The Crawdaddies. The list of artists the members have played with and bands they have shared the stage with is way too long to list. Kraig Greff's accordion highlights the cd, but the mix of music and styles is wide ranging. The disc opens with a bouncy tune "Tout Le Nuit Danse (Dance All Night)" and is followed by the cajun sounding "Free Man." Guitar and a reggae feel follow on the title track. The sound even gets a bit bluesy on "Spice It Up," which features the guitar and Hammond B-3. We hear of a lover working under the red lights in the French Quarter in "Louise." The CD closes with the song "Find Yourself" about a guy who gives up the bottle and tries to follow his mother's advice to "find a woman with a lot of common sense..find yourself". The only problem is that this advice doesn't turn out as he'd like:
"Found the perfect woman with a lot of common sense..
but she beat me, cheat me, took my dog, now all my money's gone"

This is how we think the story ends as the song ends; but surprise, after about 5 seconds the song kicks into a reprise and we hear how the story really ends:
"I hunted down that woman, filled her full of lead
Shot her three times in the heart and three times in the head
I tied her to the bumper and drived her down the lane
I'll be out in three to five because I pled insane."

I guess the moral of the story is don't mess with a mans dog?! Really, other than one little murder the CD is pretty upbeat and lively and a great cure for a cold winter's day! The band's website is

-by Don Zelazny
January 2008
- by Don Zelazny

"“Editor’s Pick” 2006 AOL Citiguide"

The Crawdaddies, a Charm City favorite, are a little like a steaming bowl of Louisiana gumbo -- rich in a multitude of flavors so delicious that immense satisfaction lies in digesting each and every ingredient. Zydeco, funk, swing, soul, reggae and rock are among the musical morsels The Crawdaddies serve up to their loyal following.
The rub board and accordion offer a distinctive dose of New Orleans seasoning to the evening's offerings, which feature guitarist-vocalist Rick Olaguer and accordion player Kraig Greff, who has toured with Diana Ross and Barry White.
A fixture on the college and festival circuits, The Crawdaddies have performed with well-known acts including Joan Jett, King Creole and the Coconuts, and Marcia Ball. When these sons of Baltimore hit their groove, you know that spicy funk, zydeco and reggae is on tap. Don't miss them. Editors pick for Baltimore live entertainment for Labor day weekend 2006
-Pete Kerzel
AOL City Guide
Posted August 2006
- AOL Citiguide, August 2006

"Dirty Linen magazine 2004"

While a lot of roots-rock bands these days claim to be a boiling gumbo of spicy sounds, the oft-uttered adage fits the Crawdaddies so well, it’s too silly to even mention it. The Baltimore-based, accordion-centric quintet seemingly has no limits, stirring in heaping portions of reggae (“Gimme Some”), Swing (“Carolina Baby”), Swamp Rock (“Habit Forming”), hot Chet Atkins country (“The Difference”), and even a dollop of Zydeco in the most original, succulent combinations. As this gutsy fusion and eclecticism can go flat faster than homemade beer if it’s not brewed properly, the Crawdaddies unfailingly tap infectious melodies and lyrics supported by a steady stream of screaming guitars, flashing accordion playing, and an unfaltering dance sensibility, regardless of the stylistic dressing. The stories are cool (“Betty Says”), the songwriting’s smart, and the arrangements are top-notch, like “pump That Thing”, which kicks off like an old-school Clifton Chenier number before evolving into its own entity. These guys have the whole package, and guaranteed, it’s one that can’t be broke
-Dan Willging
Dirty Linen magazine
issue #110, February/March 2004 - issue #110, February/March 2004

"CD Review, The Crawdaddies "Spice it Up" Roots Town Music"

I was recently introduced to The Crawdaddies,
a five man band that since 1995 has made its home in
Baltimore, Maryland., USA. Their set includes
an inviting mixture of Cajun, zydeco, soul, reggae, roots, and rock. All of these styles are wonderfully presented on "Spice It Up" which was preceded by they're debut release: "Accordions Are Cool!" A name that gives indication to the listener of the instrumentation that dominates every number from this second CD, irrespective of style. At the start of the first number "Last Train to Clarksville" (by the way, the only cover on this recording), I can't help but think of the untimely disappearance and rebirth of the Subdudes (they are back together and busy on a new one Luc-Red ). A hot guitar riff with a pumping bass above the cheerful, hopping accordion and a soulful voice immediately catch my attention, and raise high expectations as the CD progresses further. Those expectations are redeemed with listening, but the cover number stays as the main tune, which happens in the music business probably from commercial considerations. The second number is a churning reggae tune, and it feels suddenly as if it were done by a different band. But the accordion and the joyful harmony singing bring you right back. The high party value of the first numbers yields briefly to the plaintive "Baby Go". After that, the guys come back with steamy-soul/blues in "Alberta", (not a cover). And keep the party music coming with sing-a-long numbers that should keep everybody moving. "Swamp Music" is a really hot number, pleasant, sure and steady, and in a style that I would like to hear more of. Real strong harmony singing and some real fine playing by all the instrumentalists makes for a very compact and firm sound that I'd love to hear live. For in spite of my mainly vegetarian principles, Iwould really like a bigger taste (sample) of these guys. Send me as a spy to Baltimore.
-Marc Nolis,
Roots Town Music, January 2003, edition 36

- Roots Town Music, January 2003, edition 36

"zydecoroad, CD Review The Crawdaddies"

The Crawdaddies who hail from the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area describe themselves as a band that plays Cajun and zydeco rhythms with cool Swing grooves, Country, Rock and Soul. If you listen to their CD "Spice It Up" you get the sense very quickly that their description is quite accurate. Any band that can record a cover of The Monkees' "Last Train To Clarksville" and make it sound like it was born on the bayou can't be that bad. The Crawdaddies are a seriously talented band. Although their music is mostly a blend of Rock, Reggae and Blues their use of the accordion is very effective in adding a hint of Cajun and zydeco flair to their sound.
The Crawdaddies' "Spice It Up" is another one of those eclectic recordings by a regional band proving that there is great zydeco talent northeast of the Mississippi. There are several memorable tracks among the eleven featured including the bluesy feeling of "Alberta," the country sound of "Betty Says," the pushpump of "Habit Forming," and the lively Cajun rhythm of "Pump That Thing." The members of The Crawdaddies play their respective instruments ferociously and their upbeat sound all seems to come together well and will leave you satisfied. But don't expect any hard-driving zydeco here. "Spice It Up" is more reggae and rock with a great piano accordion than it is 'les haricots.' The band's philosophy about their music is rather straightforward; "why not, it might just work." Well, for me the three-pepper "Spice It Up" works. You can purchase this CD online and learn more about this talented group of musicians from the beltway area on their official website at
-A Review By Paule Pachter, February 11, 2003
- By Paule Pachter, February 11, 2003


-Lagniappe, The Crawdaddies (Release date: 2017)

-“Groovin’ in the Grass" Compilation CD Song: Gimme Some (2012)

-“Live from the Road” The Crawdaddies (2010) 

-“Live from the Road – Single” Love that Natty Boh and Cuttin' the Body Loose, The Crawdaddies (2009)

-"Music 4 More Compilation CD” song: Cuttin’ the Body Loose (2009)

-"Keep Lookin' Up" Loud Dust Records (2007)

-"Drop Hits 2006 Best Of Compilation CD" song: Gimme Some (2006)

-"Spice it Up" (re-master) Stringbean Int. Records UK (2005) 

-"More Happy Songs For Hard Times" EP (2004)

-"Cajun Christmas" Single (2003)

-"Spice it Up" (2001)

-"Accordions Are Cool" (1997)


The Crawdaddies 5th full length CD, Lagniappe, official release in 2017. 

"Live from the Road' The Crawdaddies 4th full length CD. Sold out of its first pressing in three weeks. Won three DC Peer Awards. Song "Cuttin' the Body Loose" finalist in the "2010 New Orleans Songwriters Festival Song Contest"
Receiving radio play on AAA stations nationwide.

"Keep Lookin' Up" The Crawdadies (official release date with record label February 2007)
the bands 3rd full length CD distributed by LoudDust Records to stores nationwide and worldwide digitally.
receiving radio play with rave reviews accross the USA and UK.
Song "Find Yourself" received honorable mention from the 17th annual Billboard World Song Contest.
CD was nominated for a Wammie award by the Washington Area Music Association
Video for song "Life Of Riley" won a 2007 BMA award. The song "Life of Riley" was selected as the theme song for a children's audio book and the song "Jive Time Farmer" made it to the final selection of the 2007 Mountain Stage new song contest.
“A great mix of Zydeco, Cajun, Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Roots can't miss with The Crawdaddies.”
-Don Zelazny
American Roots

"Drop Hits 2006 Best Of Compilation CD" song Gimme Some, written by Chris Huntington performed by The Crawdaddies. Distributed to over 150 College radio stations, 1500+ A&R reps, and most music conference grab bags including NEMO, Philly Music Conference, Atlantis, Millennium, and NXNE.

"Spice it Up" (re-master) The Crawdaddies 2005 released in USA and Europe through Stringbean Records. Radio play on over 300 radio stations with rave reviews.
won two 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards

"More Happy Songs For Hard Times" The Crawdaddies EP released 2004 airplay on many college and AAA stations in USA

"Cajun Christmas" Single, The Crawdaddies, released in 2003 some AAA radio play in Northeast USA

"Spice it Up" The Crawdaddies' second full length CD released in 2001, radio play on over 300 radio stations in USA mostly college and AAA stations, some radio play in Holland, Belgium and The Netherlands and some songs off this CD picked up for national TV series and commercials.

"Accordions Are Cool" The Crawdaddies first CD released in 1997, radio play on college stations in Northeast USA and one song used on a film sound track.



For booking and management please contact:
Head-On Entertainment, Inc
(410) 903 8634, E-mail:


A band founded in 1995 on the premise of “why not, it might just work,” The Crawdaddies infuse Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Ska, Roots, Rock and Reggae into an incomparable, groove-laden sound that is unquestionably its own.

 The Crawdaddies are, Kraig Greff, accordion, piano; Chris Huntington, vocals, guitar; Javier Rivera, vocals, washboard, acoustic guitar; Rod Gross, drums and Jay Turner, bass, vocals. Each road-seasoned member hosts an impressive and diverse musical / performance resume, most notably, 2008 Emmy award recipient Greff who toured with Della Reese, Barry White, Joe Williams and Diana Ross.

Consummate headliners, the eclectic, good-time spirit of their set has allowed The Crawdaddies to share the stage with a wide range of artists including: Funky Meters, Etta James, Dumpstaphunk, Trombone Shorty, Dr. John, Charlie Daniels, Last Train Home, Buddy Guy, The Old 97s, The Radiators, Jimmy Cliff, Carbon Leaf, CJ Chenier, Atlanta Rhythm Section, John Eddie, Joan Jett, The Spinners, Kid Creole, Edgar Winter, The Iguanas, Terrance Simien, G. E. Smith, Marshall Crenshaw, The Young Dubliners, Buckwheat Zydeco, and Reel Big Fish. The Crawdaddies were also invited to perform on the 2009 Mardi Gras Mambo Tour with Dr. John and the Neville Brothers.

The band has been featured in many acclaimed publications, and toured the USA extensively from Maine to Florida to Texas to Nebraska to California earning a strong grass roots following. The band is a regular fixture on the national festival, college, and theater circuits. The Crawdaddies have performed many major festivals including Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Festival, NJ; Ann Arbor, MI Summerfest; Bethlehem Musikfest, PA; Gumbo Ya Ya Festival in Rock Island, Illinois; the DC BBQ Battle; the Virginia Wine Festival; The Barbecue Festival in Lexington, NC and the American Music Festival…plus many more. The Crawdaddies’ performance from the famous WC Handy Blues Festival in Henderson, KY is now being featured nation wide on the popular PBS music program “Jubilee.”  The band has also been selected to showcase mainstage at three NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) regional conferences, the prestigious NACA national convention in Nashville, TN, the PA Fair Convention in 2012, the 2011 MD Fair Convention and the 2013 Millennium Music Conference in PA. In 2006 AOL Citiguide chose The Crawdaddies as “editor’s pick” for best entertainment from Baltimore, MD. 

The Crawdaddies have their 5th CD entitled “Lagniappe” slated to be released in January 2017. The Crawdaddies’ first four CDs, Live from the Road, Keep Lookin’ Up, Accordions Are Cool and Spice it Up have received regular rotation on college radio, internet radio and broad-format “triple A” radio stations world wide and The Crawdaddies reached #1 on the Reverbnation Baltimore Blues Charts for three consecutive years 2013-2015! The Crawdaddies won the GOLD Starmaker Music Award for song 'The Difference" in February 2014. The band was nominated “Best Roots Rock Band” by the Washington Area Music Association in 2012, 2011 and 2007. The Crawdaddies song "Cuttin' the Body Loose" was a finalist in the 2010 New Orleans Songwriters Festival! The Crawdaddies won three 2009 DC TIVA Peer awards for “Love that Natty Boh” and CD “Keep Lookin’ Up” (Louddust Recordings) was nominated for a 2009 JPF Music Award. Song “Gimme Some” won the “Silver” award in the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and in July 2007 "Gimme Some" also landed in the top 20 of the Unisong International Song Contest Category: AAA/Americana. The music video for the song "The Life of Riley" won an award at the 2007 BVA Film Festival and CD "Spice it Up" won awards in two categories at the 2006 JPF Music Awards, Santa Anna, California!

Contact The Crawdaddies: (410) 903 8634 www.thecrawdaddies.comE-mail:

The band proudly endorses Audix Mics, Black Diamond Strings, Mogami cables and G&L Guitars.

"It's hard not to keep lookin' up with music as buoyant and infectious as The Crawdaddies'...these lads are authentic roots rockers even when they have tongue firmly placed in cheek."
-Adam Harrington
Whisperin & Hollerin UK

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