Dennis Cockerham

Dennis Cockerham

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2024

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
Established on Jan, 2024
Band Country Americana




"Interview with Dennis Cockerham: Pioneering TrailerPark Country"

Dennis Cockerham: Pioneering TrailerPark Country

Dennis Cockerham is a dynamic country musician hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, known for his unique blend of grassroots and independent original country music, aptly named TrailerPark Country. With a rich blend of country and Americana, Dennis crafts songs that resonate with authenticity and energy, drawing from his life experiences and love for entertaining.

Dennis Cockerham: Pioneering TrailerPark CountryDennis’s journey into music began in the absence of his musician father, fueling his dream to connect through the art of song. This personal history is deeply embedded in his music, which combines heartfelt lyrics with engaging melodies. His mission is clear: to entertain and connect with his audience, making every performance an unforgettable experience.

In 2023, Dennis released his debut single, “Tailgate Crazy,” an anthem that quickly became a hit within NFL tailgating communities. The song’s spirited celebration of tailgating culture led to performances at major NFL events, including the SuperFan Summit Tailgate for the NFL Draft 2024 in Detroit. This exposure has secured Dennis numerous dates to perform at major NFL tailgates in the upcoming season.

Dennis’s upcoming album features “Dirty Rich Dirty Poor,” a track that delves deeper into his roots and showcases his unique stamp on country music. This song introduces listeners to his background and the essence of TrailerPark Country, emphasizing his commitment to authenticity and originality.

Dennis’s passion for music is also reflected in his commitment to personal growth and overcoming adversity. His music serves as a testament to resilience and the transformative power of art.

Looking ahead, Dennis plans to release more of his work, including songs dedicated to various NFL teams as a token of gratitude for their support. He sees himself continuing to create and perform, bringing his story and TrailerPark Country to a wider audience.

Dennis’s engaging performances and relatable storytelling make his music a must-listen. As he says, “Why wouldn’t you listen to my music? Check it out! I am just like you, and I am going for it, telling our story!”

With his distinctive sound and unwavering dedication, Dennis Cockerham is set to make a lasting impact on the country music scene, proving that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible. -


Tailgate Crazy 

Dirt Rich Dirty Poor

Gravel Road

The Jimmy Philips Song

Smokey and The Bandit

Muddy Water

Last Call

Ghosts In My Head

Church Me Up



TrailerPark Country is the theme we use to promote our own unique brand of grassroot/independent original country music. We are more than apt at playing covers and focus on interaction with and entertaining the audience.

"Tailgate Crazy" was our first single off our upcoming album. It's Pre-release quickly spread across all major NFL Tailgating Communities, allowing us to work together with them in order to create and release our first Music Video as well.

With "Dirty Rich Dirty Poor," we backtrack a bit. This song introduces who we are, where we come from, and introduces our unique stamp on country music..

We are currently in studio now finishing our EP release.

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