The Elements of Time

The Elements of Time

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandBluesAdult Contemporary

A Five piece Rhythm band with three vocalist with horns optional and skilled in r and b , blues, dance,and contemporary jazz.


Ricky Red Maxwell has performed in the 70’s and
80’s, as the lead singer for groups such as: T.H.E.M., Majestic
Arrows, Brothers Of The Ghetto and Desoto. Desoto was chosen as the
number one group in town, and won the distinguished 1987 Chicago
Sullivan Award.
Ricky has also performed on shows with such artist
as B.B King, James Brown, Ramsey Lewis, Stevie Wonder and
During this time to present, Maxwell has continued to
perform in many other Chicago special events and summer festivals. He
won the National Gold Medal for the Veteran’s Creative Arts
Festival at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He won
first-place out of 3,000 entries in two categories of the National
Music Competition: instrumentation with vocal and movement; (pop,
classical, Broadway, patriotic, and religious). He has also performed
for various political figures, which is also quite impressive,
campaigning for well-known people such as Cook County Commissioner
Jerry “Iceman” Butler, the late Mayor Harold Washington, (lending
a huge helping hand with the arrangement of Washington’s renowned
slogan and song, "Nobody but Harold"), and Chicago’s very
own Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Maxwell began singing and playing
music at the very young age of ten. His generosity and community
participation also includes dedication and loyal support to help
military veterans and families across the nation, Hands Across
America, Back-to-School Parades, After-Five Magazine, (special
affairs), and many others.

Maxwell comes from a family with an
interesting musical background. Both his mother and father was a
vocalist. His father played the guitar for artists such as Howlin'
Wolf, Jimmy Reed, and Muddy Waters. His brother, Ren'e, was also a
very well-known lyricist who has written for Lucky Cordell, Clarence
Johnson, and he also wrote the campaign slogan and song "Nobody
But Harold" for Mayor Harold Washington. His sister, Barbara
LeShore, is a well-known female blues vocalist and she is also one of
the first ladies of blues. All were an inspiration to Mr. Maxwell
indeed! Now Mr. Maxwell is pursuing his life-long dream of recording
his first CD, "Blue-Eyed Blues", while working with the
Record Family Music Group. It also includes a new video release
entitled, "Get Your Roll On", with Dreamtree

Maxwell believes his life has more meaning by
sharing his music throughout the world. His music is both
inspirational and spiritual, which makes it a delight, because what
comes from the heart touches the heart. 

The smooth, groovy
sounds of the band performs all different types of live music, which
includes: Jazz, Contemporary, Easy-Listening, Rhythm & Blues,
and dance music. The band has multiple years of musical experience
touring, years of musical interpretations, and professionalism. His
complete band package includes a drummer, base, guitar, two keyboard
players, a three-piece horn section, two background singers, and the
lead singer, Maxwell. The band can be expanded, and/or tailor-fit to
meet your specific needs, goals, and expectations.



Written By: b.a. record,d.maxwell,j.a.record

1st Verse:We gonna pack our bags for Indy, ‘cause we’re pulling out tonight.
We gonna rock and roll on in there, in case some fool might wanna fight.
And it won’t be very long, before the party’s going on.

2nd Verse:Going down to San Francisco, wanna lay across the bay.
I tore the roof of New York City, and it’s still not on they say.
Yes, it won’t be very long, before I leave this scene alone.

Chorus:(Lead) Ain’t nothing like, the windy city,
(Background) Chicago, oh we oh we oh, Chicago.
(Lead) The windy city.
(Background) Chicago, oh we oh we oh, Chicago.

(Lead) And if you’re ever in the neighborhood,
Hang out with us, it’ll be all good.

3rd Verse:Saddle up my horse for Texas, gonna ride it right on in.
I’m gonna lasso me a wild one, and gonna take me a little spin.
Side saddle ain’t no sin, when you riding her to win.

4th Verse:I think I’ll double back to Vegas, but I’m not authorized to say.
What’s done in Vegas supposed to stay there, and you know
That’s just their way.
When the party’s going strong, you know it’s cool to come along.


2nd Chorus:And if you ever in the neighborhood,
Hang out with us, it’ll be all good.


Get Your Roll On- This song was released in 2010 and have fans as far as china. it has also been published by three different publishing companies. 
Chicago- the city can use a new soul song about itself the city has gotten bigger and better sense the last one came out, time for an upgrade so here it is, released in 2013.