The Elevaders
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The Elevaders

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Progressive




"Give Me A Break Radio"

THE ELEVADERS… who do not fit in any box… They are different, fresh and invigorating… - Bobby Pizzaz


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Once upon a time, five young men dwelled in a land of boredom and nostalgia where nothing really happened but lame stuff. The first of them was Sir Michael of Wizardry and Magic. No one knows exactly how Sir Michael came to be, but one day a clan of Wizards that was journeying through an enchanted cave happened upon a baby Sir Michael. One of the wizards, who was wounded by a cave gremlin, approached the tiny Sir Michael knowing that his time was almost at an end anyways so he was like, “Yo I’m bout to die anyways guys let me check dis out.” Miraculously, when the wounded wizard picked up Sir Michael, his wounds healed immediately. The clan of wizards knew that they had found a very powerful source of magic in this small child and took Sir Michael with them to train him in the ways of Wizardry and Sorcery. He quickly grew in power and knowledge, and once he had learned all he could from them, he left the clan of Wizards and set out on a journey to use his power to help those in need. One day while he was traveling, he happened to cross paths with another of the five, Sir Jon The Master of Melody.Sir Jon The Master of Melody, was born in a realm filled with glorious sounds of many different kinds. This realm would help to foster a desire in him to create melodies that would make everyone in the universe feel good. However, Sir Jon had no knowledge of Wizardy and Magic and could not capture his melodies for others to hear. This inability to fulfill his dream would soon consume Sir Jon’s mind until he found himself and the world that he lived in filled with confusion and madness. As he wandered, he happened upon Sir Michael who could hear Sir Jon’s melodies from afar. After they had shared their knowledge with one another, they decided to form an alliance dedicated to creating music. They continued their journey and eventually came across another of the young men, Sir Jacob the Gnar Shredder.Sir Jacob was born into a loving family who cherished him greatly until one day when his humble village was attacked by the dreaded Gnar. The Gnar’s wrath knew no bounds and soon they consumed everything that Sir Jacob held dear. As he watched his homeland burn, he swore to avenge his fallen family and picked up his axe high into the blood red sky where he proceeded to shred like none had ever shred before. The Gnar could not believe that someone had finally discovered their weakness, unfathomable shredding, and were quickly vanquished by Sir Jacobs vengeful fury. Once his enemies lay defeated, he found himself still yearning to fill the hole that the Gnar had left in his heart. Soon a day came when Sir Jacob was shredding some gnar in a dark woodland forest. As Sir Michael and Sir Jon approached him, they could see the yearning and desire that Sir Jacob had to play music and shred. So they decided to ask him to join their quest to create music that would make the universe a better place. Sir Jacob, impressed, gladly joined them.As the three companions traveled far and wide they still felt as though they were missing something, until one day when they came upon a fearsome mountain that reached beyond the sky itself. The sky echoed with the sounds of thunderous blows and the three companions knew that something else was creating the epic storm above them. As they climbed higher and higher, the beating and bashing grew lounder until they reached the summit where they found Sir Taylor the Tasty. The three men mustered all their might to eventually get close enough to Sir Taylor who was beating and bashing away, unable to hear their shouting. Finally, the three companions tapped Sir Taylor on the shoulder and he immediately ceased playing. The storm subsided and the clouds parted, shining bright glowing light onto Sir Taylor. He turned to see who had disturbed his playing and immediately sensed the power and capabilities of the three lords. Once they all sat down and discussed their journey to create epic music, Sir Taylor the Tasty decided he would join the other’s quest.As they continued to try and play their music the fifth of the young men Sir Midda McSkidda Nick Snickas heard the intriguing and enticing noise that four men were making. Sir Midda McSkidda Nick Snickas had also dedicated his life to shredding Gnar and was one of the best in the land. He raised his axe high in the air and began to shred Gnar that were sneaking up on the group of musicians. Sir Jacob was very pleased and impressed with Sir Nick’s ability to shred and shared with him their mission. Sir Nick thought long and hard and eventually decided to contribute his power and the five young men were finally united. As their powers combined the heavens opened up and thousands upon thousands of elevators rained down upon them. Their destinies finally became one and with so many choices of which one they would take, they decided to try them all, so beginning the epic journey of The Elevaders.

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