The Fabulous

The Fabulous

 New York City, New York, USA

Amerigogo is America's only disco drag band fronted by the transexual alien queen, Essi X, and rockstar Nathan Windsor.


Essi X and Nathan of the band Amerigogo have come back to Earth with our Fabulous one-hour disco drag musical, Amerigogo presents: THE FABULOUS!!!

Amerigogo is currently writing a musical TV show for HBO/Netflix called "The Fabulous" which plans to begin filming by the end of 2015.

Essi X hails from the planet Me-roar, a rotating disco-ball planet which is invisible to detection because its inhabitants are so shady. The Me-roarians are a race of transexual queens who are born male and then have a bra mitzvah at 13 and change genders to female.

In a rather un-fabulous turn of events, Essi's neme-sister, the evil queen F犧」犧[e has also landed on our dear planet Earth to thwart her efforts to spread Fabulousness across the galaxy.

Holy Karp... what will happen next???


If I Loved You

Written By: Nathan Windsor

If Loved You

If I loved you
I’d be true
You know
I would

Oh, how lovely
You would love me
Then we
Would be
In love

I love
Love the way you laugh, laugh
Snap your photo-graph graph
Want to say I do

I’ll buy, buy you a diamond ring ring
Tell you everything thing
All since I love you
All since I love you

Like a story
Love and glory
Then this
One kiss

We would make love
Vows we'd take love
Then we
Would be
In love.


You'd take my hand
I'd understand
This love we planned was always
Worth waiting for.
You know it was


Brooklyn Girl

Written By: Nathan Windsor

Brooklyn Girl

She drinks her cabernet out of mason jars
She gotta know the specials at the local bars

She's stolen my heart, but now I must confess
she walks the street without a single arrest

She can recall moments but she forgets the days
Her schedule is lost in a purple haze

She never smokes except the nights that she drinks
and She always sayin' every thought that she thinks

I love brooklyn girl
Ain't got a care in the world
I love brooklyn girl
Ain't got a care in the world

She's got me laid up every single night till I'm spent
She's may be workin' but her dad pays the rent

She shops organic wearing fetching fashions
She's works a coffee shop on Fulton and Classon

on our park slope date we go dutch and split the bill
She's never late because that girl's on the pill

She's got two roommates who see some other guys
I love looking into her maybelline eyes

The swaying of her hips
Kissing her upon her lips
She kisses my apocalypse

Kiss Me, NY

Written By: Nathan Windsor

Kiss Me New York

When I said, "I love you,
girl, you know it's true."
she said, "the truth in life is never what you make it."
I said, "Won't me take me in?
I wanna feel your Berlin,
as long as Italy won't see us naked."

I said, "let's put our feet in sands
down in the south of France
in the mornin' I wanna see how good you're lookin.'"
She said "I ain't got much time,
it's a New York state of mind
and the apple's big and perfect size for cookin."

She said, "Kiss kiss me
kiss kiss me,
New York."

I said, "we could hit my studio
in the heart of Tokyo
and the moon above is all the doctor ordered."
She said "I'd rather wear a dress
down in the LES,
Rivington and Stanton on the corner."

I said, "LES no thank ya
we could be in casablanca,"
and moonlight on your skin would be so pretty."
She said, "I've seen all the world
and I'm a very sexy girl,
and there ain’t no place on earth like New York City."

Across the Sea

Written By: Nathan Windsor

Across the Sea

When my boat comes to ferry me
Don’t be afraid to cry
Tears always dry
Wind and water will carry me
I’ll wait for you from across the sea

Our days here have passed endlessly
Dancing till sunlight
All through the night
When you hear this song, think of me
I’ll wait for you from across the sea.

Though we’ll be apart
I’ll be in your heart

Tides turn this is our guarantee
Cycle the seasons
Each have their reasons
We’ll unite as we have agreed
You’ll come to me
From across the sea

Our time spent together
You’ll recall forever

When my boat comes to ferry me
Don’t be afraid to cry
Tears always dry
Wind and water will carry me
I’ll wait for you from across the sea

Steal Your Girl

Written By: Nathan Windsor

Steal Your Girl

Under the stars above
I make this solemn prayer
The girl that you once loved,
I’m taking her I swear

The nights you spent apart
Arguments on the phone
It’s clear to me her heart
Is better off alone-

I am gonna steal your girl
Wrap my hands around her curls

I’m gonna walk right up
Touch the face of that sweet miss
Catch her tears in a wooden cup
And replace their wetness with a kiss

I’ll make it really clear
won’t go behind your back
You’ve got nothing to fear
Won’t be no sneak attack

You won’t hear no footsteps
But you will feel her gone
I’ll leave your own regrets
To ruminate upon


Premeditation, this ain't betrayal brother
But I swear this operation won't be undercover
I know that you're sore since I'm gonna play this game
While you were closing the door she was crying my name

I've been her shoulder every time she cried
You give a broken hearted alibi
You say that we should call an armistice
But then stress that I am just like Oedipus
I express, that you will see, one day you'll understand
See how your girl and me, we got some other plans
I’m like Jack Sparrow taking back black pearl
Cause tonight I'm gonna steal your girl