The Ford Theatre Reunion

The Ford Theatre Reunion

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

The Ford Theatre Reunion does all the right things with all the wrong instruments. Punk rock banjo? Sure. Progressive accordion? Check. Dance clarinet guitar duet? Definitely. Drawing as much influence from Balkan folk and hot club jazz as they do from thrash and progressive metal, Lexington KY’s premier "sludge-funk-circus-punk" ensemble has thrown aside all tradition to create a brand new party.


Citing influences as diverse as punk, balkan, jazz, metal, nightmares, and wet dreams, The Ford Theatre Reunion creates a sound that defies easy definition. In one moment ethereal vocals drift over flighty clarinet and melancholy accordion, and in the next moment it’s a full-bore, guitar-snarling rock n’ roll assault. It is the perfect soundtrack for a puppet show at a funeral or board game night with some werewolves.

Despite their disparities, The Ford Theatre Reunion has one particular aspect that never changes: once they catch your eyes and ears, you aren’t going anywhere for the rest of the night. Since 2008, they have been bringing their unique sound and high-energy show to clubs, basements, bars, and bungalows across the US, and they are guaranteed to get even the most stubborn audience moving.

Wildly eclectic, and with no one "scene" to call their own, FTR has shared the stage with a remarkably diverse range of notable artists.  
Including: The Dresden Dolls, The Goddamn Gallows, Man Man, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Jason Webley, Dirty Bourbon River Show, Hank & Cupcakes, Voltaire, Split Lip Rayfield, Two Man Gentlemen Band, Weedeater, Municipal Waste, etc.


*coming soon* We Have Only Left Earth LP- June 2017 (CD, PDD, Double 12" Vinyl)

Transcontinental Bender EP- June 2016 (CD, PDD)

Live on WRFL- January 2016 (BandCamp exclusive)

Legends & Landmarks LP- July 2015 (CD, PDD)

Famous Monsters LP- July 2013 (CD, PDD)

Tea & Cakes 7" Single- May 2012 (7" Vinyl Exclusive)

Spitfire Suite EP- August 2011 (CD, PDD)

Calavera Catrina LP- December 2010 (CD, PDD)

Set List

We play almost entirely original music, as well as a few inventive renditions of some classic songs.