Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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The FORZ is a four piece, garage rock combo from Boston, MA. They are known for their high energy performances, catchy original songs, and vintage-yet-refreshing rock sound.


The birth of The FORZ was as cosmic as their sound. In June 2012, guitarist and songwriter duo Cole Tyler and Anthony Graziano first met and discussed ideas for a band. With Ryan Hottenrott on drums, Dave Gambon on bass, and all four sharing lead vocal duties, the new and most genuine rock ’n’ roll band in all of Massachusetts was born. 

The FORZ is a four piece, power pop combo from Boston, MA. They are known for their high energy performances, catchy original songs, and vintage-yet-refreshing rock sound. The band have recorded two full length albums while working the Massachusetts music scene; including performances at top Boston venues such as The Middle East, Church, Ryle’s Jazz Club, & Johnny D’s

They’ve played powerful shows in New York (Hidden Volume Record’s Field Trip and Yeah! Hop Festival), Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire (Keene Music Festival) and at The Jersey Shore Festival 2016.. Their music has even traveled overseas, with reviews and airplay on 3MDR Australian Radio, The Music Authority, and Ice Cream Man Power Pop, which chose their debut album ‘Album of the Week’ in 2014. The band has given interviews and performances on 95.9 WATD FM, WEMF Cambridge, WFMO, and interviews in Metronome Magazine (Sep. 2014, July 2016). They were chosen as a Top 60 Independent Band by FORKSTER's Band Review, were a Top 5 pick on Boston Emissions and have most recently received airplay on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

What is most important about The FORZ is their sound. With most of their music being written by Cole Tyler and Anthony Graziano, The FORZ’ new second album contains 14 original songs. Stand out tunes are “Julie (You’re So Sweet)”, “Separate Ways”, & “Words For Me”. Some notable covers include “Psychotic Reaction” by The Count Five, “Open My Eyes" by The Nazz, and “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies. With passionate performances and an entrancing show, The FORZ will, as one of their songs proclaims, give you a ‘taste of something new’ and always keep you coming back for more.


Separate Ways

Written By: Anthony Graziano,Ian Motha,The FORZ

Is this what you needed?
A break from me and you.
You know I should of seen it
She didn't want me to.

So you locked up all up your memories,
And you tried hard to forget me.
And I guess that it was easy,
To replace me in an evening.

That's just what I needed,
A break from me and you.
I really should have seen it.
You didn't want me to.

Now you wish that you could forget me
But you're distant in my memory.
Now you know it's not so easy,
And you wish that you didn't leave me.

Did you get just what you needed?
Was I all you could believe in?
Cause you know it's not so easy,
To think you could mistreat me.

Between Us

Written By: Anthony Graziano

He said he wouldn't change his mind.
(That's what he told himself)
He said he was in love this time.
(And there was no one else)
But sure enough it didn't last.
(Just like I told you so)
Boy do you run through women fast.
(They always come and go)

You think you need somebody but you don't
Wasting time with people you don't know


You say that you love her but you don't
Say you'll treat her better but you won't

She had a few things on her mind.
(She was with someone else)
She said she wasn't sure this time
(That's what she told herself)
What if he could be the one
(Then we could have some fun)
I'd be the earth he'd be the sun.
(Hopefully I'm not wrong)

So she took a chance and said lets go
Said he's ready but never even showed

Feeling sorry that you ever let her go
You may love her but she'll never even know.


The FORZ (August 25, 2014)
Running From The Past (June 24, 2016)

In My Mind (July 2014)
Julie (You're So Sweet) (December 2015)
Running From The Past (April 2016)
Separate Ways (June 2016)