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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Rock





“Matchless Part Two” is filled with synergy pulsating with an ambient driven sound tinged with a soulful dissonance that combined is a jarring experience. Commandeering a rich retro style that recalls a psychedelic surf and garage rock feel, The Foxfires have a foot in the past while also brandishing a more modernized approach. Incorporating the best out of both worlds shows the band appealing to fans of oldies and classics without alienating more contemporary fans. As their singles are any indicator, The Foxfires are a great live band. Having performed over 450 shows across the East Coast, South, and Midwest, their energetic live performances are show-stopping, leaving audiences pumped and wanting more... The Foxfires’ blend of folk/pop, surf-rock and shoegaze is out of this stratosphere, so be sure you stay tuned!” - Indie Band Guru

"Breaking and Entering’s Five to Watch- August 2019"

With a full length record, as well as two EPs in their six years as a band, New York indie act The Foxfires are no stranger to working hard. The band has also played in the area of some 500 shows at this point, and know that it takes a constant drive to make it as a band. That hunger comes out in their music, as well, as we can hear on their single, “Matchless Part Two”. With some of the elements that have made bands like Phoenix and The Suburbs popular, The Foxfires know how to draft an energetic, catchy indie rock song. - Breaking and Entering

"THE FOXFIRES Welcome You to “Brooklandia” with Their Latest Single [Song Premiere]"

New York indie rockers, The Foxfires, who we previously covered when they released their “Don’t Give Up” video, are back at it with more new material! This time out, the quartet have debuted their new single “Brooklandia,” a perfect example of The Foxfires’ indie pop, rock, folk, surf and shoegaze mixture. Growing in popularity in underground circuit, the group continue to sell out club gigs and hit several festivals across the US of A. Certainly, this new addition o their musical repertoire won’t hurt - Pure Grain Audio


Shoegaze gone Seagaze, The Foxfires “Slowdive” into a Surfy ambient effects-drenched indie masterpiece. Dripping in nowness, with waves of dreamy lyrical melodies cascading over some talented players, only to euphorically bring you back to shore with a glorious instrumental finale. - For the Love of Bands

"Gitta De Ridder - The Foxfires - Winter Wilson February 20, 2018"

“We have an upbeat and good humoured video to share for 'Don't Give Up' it's one of two singles just released by the band 'Choose Love' being the other. Both are extremely catchy as the band deliver their distinct and hook laden brand of Seagaze which in fairness is a pretty good description of their highly engaging sound.” - Beehive Candy

"The Foxfires Shares ‘Don’t Give Up’. A Song. An Anthem. A Drive To A Cause."

“The Foxfires’ ‘Don’t Give Up’ is a new wave, post punk, Seagaze offering, that’s Strawberry Jam sweet, succinct, and very much fun to listen to...The song is an anthem. A call to their peers and allies to ‘Don’t Give Up’, and to be steadfastly strong...Certainly calls into admiration, their priorities towards other human beings, and friends alike. It’s certainly not a necessary thing to do. But there are times when it can be a good thing...Cool sh*t we say. Kudos guys. Kudos.” - Come Here Floyd

"The Foxfires- Choose Love and Don't Give Up"

The first time I heard “Choose Love” I hit replay a half dozen times and was quickly convinced that this was a song for the ages. Further listening has only made me more certain of this. The words and music come together easily, flawlessly forming a pop fugue which will stick in your head for years to come. - East Portland Blog

"The Foxfires"

“The Foxfires are pure positive energy. It is obvious that this band is going places. You should familiarize yourself with their music and co-mingle your journey with theirs. They provide a message of hope and love at a time our planet sorely needs it. They have the talent, experience and have paid their proverbial dues. It is indeed time to awaken and realize that we all are truly connected. We are one people. We are one planet. Music (no matter the genre) connects us all and serves as a bridge to bring us together. The Foxfires music message provides insight, comfort, and an assurance that everything will be alright. As the old saying goes...catch ‘em while you can. I say capture their vibe in your soul.” - ION Indie Magazine


“The Foxfires do a good job at sounding professional, well put together, and exciting. Most of the album is pretty easy listening - with sounds stemming from genres like shoegaze, indie pop/rock, and surf rock. The compilation of these sounds help The Foxfires in being a band that listeners can easily relate to! Their lyrics are good, and their sound is familiar but doing it's own thing. I had an easy time putting this album on and listening to it while I did other work, which I appreciated greatly. I also enjoyed how smoothly this entire album flowed, and not one track felt out of place or like it was taking away from the general ambivalence of the rest of the album.” - The Hook


The video is trippy, as the visuals and afterimages of those visuals morph and blend together. The video footage also have added mirror effects at times to create an even more psychedelic effect. The melody is chill, upbeat, and so catchy. The video continues on with footage of people holding up signs of things that are important to them. It’s a feel good video that is a perfect tune to sail into summer with. - Impose Magazine


If there’s one word that can describe what some people out of rock music, it’s the word “big.” While a grounded punk jam or acoustic ballad are nice touches for more intimate settings, rock music remains forever changed by generations of bands who understood that by producing enormous soundscapes with their work, they were able to take their messages to another level. The advent of Arena Rock and groups like the Who and U2 knew how to create infinite spaces that to this day are transferred through headphones. Current torchbearers of this tradition include the Foxfires.

Fleeting Foxes is a track that calls for freedom from within. Appropriately, everything from the jangling guitars to the thunderous drums feel like they’ve been unleashed from a typical rock instrument in a garage to a force of nature. Vocals and bass join along as elements that maintain clarity and structure despite projecting to meet their companions in a mix that doesn’t feel crowded by any means, but instead feels full. The Foxfires have an inspiring sound and Fleeting Foxes will leave you wanting as much more as you can get. This track is truly something for rock fans of all ilks to behold.

-Paul Weyer - A&R Factory

"Music To Check Out: The Foxfires"

The excellently crafted guitar brings the feel good vibes with the album opener “Patience.” Despite being from New York, they bring some of those California beach sounds with them. - Deanna Chapman

"The Foxfires – ‘Reawakening’"

The Foxfires deliver a spellbinding, summery sound on the garage surf rock hybrid of “Reawakening”. With a neat nod to the past while forging new paths, there is something so welcoming about the sound. Guitar work is fantastic with nimble work gracing much of the album. Possessing a strong sense of optimism, the songs are driven forward by the thoughtful, highly articulate lyricism that adorns the album. Catchy hooks adorn the songs, with each one presenting a blissful dreamy sound. - Skope Magazine

"The Foxfires- "Reawakening""

Warm guitar jangles and a very steady rhythm section help comprise an inviting beginning to “Reawakening”, with the vocal emergence around 00:48 sounding crisp and airy. With the intro down pat, the track navigates nicely in power-pop/alt-rock form to the fun guitar-based bridge just past the one-minute mark. The verses comfortably return, with the “you forget what you get when you get what you get” hook playing nicely prior to the tropical-like guitar licks around 02:30. I’m enjoying that central hook, as well as the guitar adornments and phaser-friendly production that follows it. This is a very tightly constructed indie-rock effort that reminds me a bit of The Hold Steady; the jam-friendly conclusion adds nicely to it all as well and shows the band’s high level of musicianship.

Stream the rest of The Foxfires’ new full-length, Reawakening, below: - Obscure Sound

"The Foxfires "Departure" EP Review"

Out of Nyack, NY, Christian Diana and The Foxfires have roamed around New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut playing shows for the past year and a half, opening for bands like Have Mercy, The Front Bottoms, and Hawthorne Heights. With their mix of punk and radio pop, they’ve acquired a steady fan base.

Their EP Departure dropped last June, relaying semi pop punk tunes. The first song “The Awakening” is radio-friendly, with a mix of Scottish folk vocals. The punk sound is only light, but still significant. Many of the other songs play with the slightly-punk feel as well, which works for radio and popular music. “Life” is by far the most punk feeling, with shouts of “HEY!” and power chord choruses. Though cliché, it works. The sound is captured straight out of the 70s, with a funky bass line and flanged guitar. The final song, “Food For Thought,” stands out. It contains unique chord changes and a contrast between both guitars. I see this song being played in a new, 70s themed movie, where the characters are hanging out with smoke billowing around the room. It has an easy going vibe that’s really catchy.

The band will be playing five more shows in 2014 in New York and New Jersey, so make sure to get out to see them if possible! - Plugged In Promotions/Erin M.

"SONG PICK: The Foxfires – Don’t Give Up"

““Don’t Give Up” features an encouraging message wrapped in a beautifully bouncy melody and an overall positive vibe. There is also a certain laid-backness to it which only adds to the appeal” - glamglare

"AA Indie Song of the Day - The Foxfires "Don't Give Up""

“The band has been around since 2013, but they really outdid themselves with their new double single “Don’t Give Up”/”Choose Love” – the two songs really showcase what the band is capable of... The song we’re posting for the guys today is “Don’t Give Up” – an uplifting anti-suicide song that’s meant to spread the message of pushing through tough times. Sonically and lyrically – it’s a really uplifting song.” - Alternative Addiction

"The Foxfires – Don’t Give Up [Video]"

Although the song [Don't Give Up] has an upbeat melody, it is a really chilled out tune that would be perfect to listen to on a lazy summer’s day...This track is another great song by the foxfire boys, not only is the surf melody really catchy but the positive message behind the song also makes it extremely thought provoking.” - Xune Mag


Since ‘indie pop’ does not quite have the same meaning as it’s original meaning – y’know C86, guitar pop music on independent labels etc – we will call the music played by folks like The Foxfires, “The New Rock N Roll”. Based on “Don’t Give Up”, it’s melodic, hooky and features pummelling drums and prominent guitars – rock ‘n’ roll! The music video is a quirky delight so check it out!!” - Power of Pop

"WEEK IN POP: D.A. STERN, MARY OCHER, NATURAL VELVET { Desert, Drawing Boards, Fine China, NoMBe, guest selections by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. }"

“New Jersey by NYC’s The Foxfires shared a look at the Ryan Kroll & Tyler Zettler visual for “Don’t Give Up / Choose Love” that basks in the art of the performance visual in a sincere & minimalist manner. Inviting their friends to join in on all the fun, the group brings an upbeat sound of hope for the hopeless & offers a sound that you can believe in. Listen & watch as a million overcast days are transformed into an infinite array of sunny afternoons to spend with those that you love & cherish the most.” - Impose Magazine


With a punchy bassline that sounds as sweet as something that Peter Hook would cook up, The Foxfires latest track Don’t Give Up is a high energy Post Punk Masterpiece, drenched in resonant yet upbeat vibes away from the usual melancholy of the genre.

The Jangle Pop guitars made a Mancunian such as I feel right at home as I soaked up the powerful riffs of the guitar that mesmerise you under one of the tightest drum beats you’ve ever heard. Everything about the New York based collective The Foxfires is just sensational. They will be joining bands such as Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine on my Shoegaze playlists with their pioneering ‘seagaze’ sound. Their synergy is electric, and the sentimentality behind the track is heart wrenchingly warming. Don’t Give Up was released on Valentines Day 2018 and I can’t help finding that absolutely adorable. - A&R Factory

"The Foxfires Share Brand New Music Video With Listeners"

“New York indie favorites, The Foxfires, have been busy releasing new music in 2018 - and we couldn't be more hype about it... With nearly five years of hard work under their belts, The Foxfires have recently shared a lighthearted, good spirited new music video for their track, "Don't Give Up." Following their mantra of feel good tunes, The Foxfires won't disappoint you with this one!...With the help of good vibes and friends, The Foxfires have created a sweet hearted little music video for fans and listeners that speaks on both their talent as well as their fun, and easy going nature.” - The Hook

"Photos: The Foxfires – Island Beach State Park, NJ"

Merging our artistic visions yielded some beautiful results, and we sure had a great time creating them! The guys are personable, hilarious, and a little mischievous - Stars and Scars Magazine

"NYC Scene Report – The New Tarot, The Foxfires, & more"

If you’re down in the dumps, and in need of a pick me up, click play on The Foxfires’ “Don’t Give Up.”...Rather than being morose, “Don’t Give Up” has a bouncy feel to it, as it’s nearly four and a half minutes of joyous positivity. It’s like a smile, and a hug, in song form, and who couldn’t use that? - Adam's World

"INDIEPOPAfter Lillian Bustle controversy, FM turns up the volume with: The Foxfires / Miss Ohio / Forget The Whale."

The Foxfires lit up the stage with their characteristic New York City indie-rock and combination folk rock, which on stage transforms strongly to alt-rock sensibilities. Their tight and regimented playing was slightly unexpected. However the surprise, was very welcome and was an emphatic stamp on their live excitement. We’d stated when we reviewed their single ‘Don’t Give Up’ in February: “The band features a healthy dose of encouraging messaging wrapped in a beautifully bouncy melody and an overall positive vibe. There is also a certain laid-backness to it which only adds to the appeal”. This assumption carried through live: loud, clear, and effectively. - Comeherefloyd

"The Foxfires Go Above and Beyond"

The Foxfires are quickly on the rise with their catchy songs that have our ears craving more of their seductive sound. The band who hails from the New York area are not your cookie cutter indie band. Their in-depth tones and lyrics tell heartfelt stories with a vibrant twist. - New York City Patch

"Diving in with The Foxfires"

New York's The Foxfires are blazing through 2018 like an unstoppable force. The group who have been making waves with their newest release "Don't Give Up/Choose Love", have quickly become a favorite of fans and critics alike. - Paste Magazine


What this world needs more of is some good seagaze. New York quartet, The Foxfires, specialize in just that with the perfect blend of indie-rock and shoegaze to delight the senses. - The Daily Listening

"SHOUT OUT Discover New York’s Nature Caring Sonic Daydreamers THE FOXFIRES…"

We need more bands like these. More bands that care about nature and
spread their concern with electrifying crackers like this standout title track of their
latest EP. ‘Brooklandia‘ starts with a glorious, moony melody with meditative vocals
floating all over it while glimmering guitar lines gloss like twinkling stars in the sky.
Around the 4-mark the blistering finale kicks in with a tremendously explosive guitar
solo that blows you off your socks. Wow! First-class piece of work! On repeat! - Turn Up the Volume


Brooklandia- Single (2019)

Matchless Part Two- Single (2019)

Slowdive- Single (2019)

Don't Give Up/Choose Love - Single (2018)

Reawakening - LP (2016)

Seasons - EP (2015)

Departure - EP (2014)

Common Culture - Single (2013)



The Foxfires are a Shoegaze band from the NYC metro area who formed in 2013. Since forming, the band has cultivated their own unique sound and subgenre called Seagaze, combining the psychedelic nature of shoegaze, the energy and dance of pop-rock and post-punk, and the oceanic ambience of surf rock with a positive message. The Foxfires’ music and messages stem from Bruce Lee’s adaptability, fluidity, and positivity. 

The Foxfires have performed over 450 shows across the East Coast, South, and Midwest and released five singles, two EPs, and one full length record. Their most recent release, a double single, Don’t Give Up/Choose Love, garnered positive press from Paste, Impose, Patch, and many others. The Foxfires released three new singles called the Brooklandia trilogy between February and May 2019 with producer, Jesse Cannon, in Brooklyn. Each single was released on a notable date: Slowdive with Valentine's Day, Matchless Part Two on March 21 for Spring Equinox, and Brooklandia on May 4 for International Star Wars Day. 

The Foxfires’ music has been featured on radio across the United States as well as parts of Europe. They also have been licensed to the Discovery Networks, Homemade Soul Music, Audiosparks, Roadtrip Nation, NASCAR, and Bring Your Own Board Music Libraries. 

The Foxfires captivate live audiences with their energetic live shows that instill positive energy in their ever-growing crowds. 

Notable past performances include: Headlining at PEX: Summer Fest-Darlington, MD // PVD Fest- Providence, RI // Musikfest-PA //Tarrytown Music Hall- Tarrytown, NY// O+ Fest-Poughkeepsie, NY // United Airlines Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon-D.C. // Millennium Music Conference-Harrisburg, PA // Singer Songwriter Cape May-Cape May, NJ // Opened for Consider the Source at Debonair Music Hall- Teaneck, NJ // Panelist and performer at East Coast Music Conference-Norfolk, VA // The Hudson Valley Music Summit-East Durham, NY // Rock Out the Dope Fest-East Durham, NY // American Dissonance Fest-Trenton, NJ // Electric City Music Conference-Scranton, PA 

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