The Geoff Hudson Band
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The Geoff Hudson Band

Hamilton, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Hamilton, Canada
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Folk Indie




"The Geoff Hudson Band"

"The sound of Ontario’s “Geoff Hudson Band” gets under your skin. The group is minimal in instrumentation—-only bass, guitar, trumpet and voice—- but they groove with an intensity that makes you forget that there is no drummer. Hudson’s vocals tell stories of people and places that are intimate and engaging, but which leave space for the music to speak. Delivered with just the right amount of edge and naturalism, his melodies wind effortlessly above the dancing guitar and bass ostinatos played by himself and Jill McKenna. McKenna is flawless “pocket” player and Ben Bowen’s sensitive trumpet lines add great dimension and a distinctive flavour to this band’s sound. " - Jamie Younkin, Music Critic

"What Do Ya Say, The Geoff Hudson Band"

"After several years of making and playing music together, the inaugural album from this talented Hamilton-based trio is finally here. Together, Geoff Hudson on lead vocals and guitar, Jill McKenna on upright bass and vocals, and Ben Bowen on trumpet have put together an album of real quality. There are albums you listen to because it’s a bud’s garage band, and there are albums made by trained professional musicians, and even simple music enthusiasts (such as me) can hear the difference. This collection of songs by the Geoff Hudson Band clearly falls into the second category. Musically tight from start to finish, it’s clear that these three musicians know their craft. What makes this stand out too is the quality of the mixing, I am thrilled that I got my hands on an actual CD instead of having to stream it online; it’s as if it were made for listening to in a car. I first gave this a listen driving around southwestern Ontario late this summer, and by the 7th or 8th straight time listening to it through, I still wasn’t tired of hearing it. This is an easy on the ears sound that you can’t help to tap or sing along to. I’ve always held that there is a flavour of music for every mood and setting, and this album fits the bill for some road jams, a gathering or quiet evening in, and more.
While it’s easy listening all the way through, there are upbeat tracks like the opener “I Hope You Guys Are Fine” where you can hear some cool jazz influence. Then there’s “This is the Melody” which just might be the jam of the album; this song is in a word – cool. Songs like “Emma” and “Eh” are sweet love songs, which are both musically and lyrically well done. The same can be said of the whole album.
If good music has the ability to evoke emotion, this is a great album. Not only does it allow the listener to feel complex emotions best described musically, but it can also take the listener far away to another place and time, a space as unique as each listener. This is the cool effect of this music, exceptionally relatable from the first listen. It feels like reminiscing with an old friend; at times jamming, at times swaying, The Geoff Hudson Band has made an album that feels like a hug. So what do ya say about What Do Ya Say? To music fans I say give it a listen, and better still, go these guys live (it is a time!). To Geoff, Jill, and Ben I say: Encore!" - Wes Kerr, Music Enthusiast


What Do Ya Say (9 Track Record) 

1. I Hope You Guys Are Fine 
2. Dancing in Quebec 
3. Come On 
4. What Do Ya Say 
5. Emma 
6. Eh 
7. The Is the Melody 
8. Miss the Train 
9. Stars in the Sky 



Fronted by Geoff Hudson on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, alongside Jill McKenna on upright bass and Ben Bowen on trumpet, the Geoff Hudson Band is an Indie-Folk trio out of Hamilton, Ontario. 

 Grounded in Hudson's introspective, bittersweet songwriting, the band has found their own sound blending elements of acoustic singer-songwriter, jazz, folk and indie music, going from dancing grooves to intense, reflective ballads. 

Their live shows are an experience. Whether breaking it down to an intimate Geoff and Jill duo, or adding in brass, they jam interludes propelled by the energy of the music and the audience. Whether it be their annual backyard Mountain Jam, theatres, street festivals, or word-of-mouth nightclubs, they have been known to mesmerize audiences into pin-drop silence while moments later bringing them to their feet. 

After four years of playing together, The Geoff Hudson Band released their debut album "What Do Ya Say" in August 2018. They've been touring the album through the Fall and will continue into the Summer of 2019. 

"The group is minimal in instrumentation - only bass, guitar, trumpet and voice -  but they groove with an intensity that makes you forget that there is no drummer. Hudsons vocals tell stories of people and places that are intimate and engaging, but which leave space for the music to speak." 

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