The Greasy Slicks

The Greasy Slicks

 City of London, England, GBR

Three-piece playing energetic, dynamic, honest rock and roll with a twist of blues.


The Greasy Slicks are
Jack Kendrew on guitar and vocals, drummer and vocalist Rian O’Grady,
and Nathan Rasdall on bass. They absorb elements of grunge and blues as a
means to establish their own sound whilst delivering powerful live
performances, executed with precision and distinct groove.

The most important thing to this rock and
roll three-piece is playing music that they want to play – and playing
it live. Catering to the masses and jumping on fashionable trends are of
little importance to The Slicks; playing real, honest rock and roll is
what matters most.

Having toured abundantly over the last
three years, this band is a tight‐knit, dynamically intricate machine,
producing records that manage to capture an energy and maturity far
beyond their years. There is no sole contributor, but instead each
member devotes individual strengths to the collective procedure.

With the band’s second EP release ‘Fool
Me Twice’ under their belt, they now look forward to releasing their
debut album (September 2016), supported by UK & European shows.

The Greasy Slicks have youth on their side and, in the age of the throwaway band, truly bring something different to the table.