The Halley DeVestern Band
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The Halley DeVestern Band

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Blues Rock




"HALLEY DEVESTERN BAND/Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!"

Ready for a balls to the wall white blues belting mama that has sung with Big Brother & the Holding Company and has the admiration of Bonnie Bramlett? This fearless, two fisted broad grabs the spotlight, owns it, growls one minute, purrs the next and carries on like there’s no tomorrow. A wild ride throughout, mama loves her job and isn’t afraid to let it show. Hot stuff. - MIDWEST RECORD - CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher


As young as the year is, a likely candidate for ‘14’s “best of” blues lists has already arrived. The NYC-based Ms. Devestern muscles her way towards the front of the ever-lengthening line of formidable female blues artists with a fresh-sounding, punchy set of originals as in-your-face as are her full-throttled vocals. Not a single slouch present here. Killer tracks include “Muscle Memory”, “Money Ain’t Time” and “Boil”. - Roots Music Report

"[Aussie Radio Review]"

This is an absolutely stunning album that weaves a wonderful insightful view of the world around us. The singing, playing, arranging and of course the outstanding songs make for this to be an absolute must have album for 2014. - Peter Merrett, PBS106.7, Melbourne, Australia

"Dr. Blues CD Reviews"

Halley is in a very unique position as a contemporary vocalist blueswoman because she actually says something, sounds real and ain't another pretty face without substance. She writes true blue with hook laden originals that are rich in lyrics that hit like a sledgehammer and a vocal style much like our Lex Grey or a certain Port Arthur, TX lady. Set to wax in NYC, this hot band features LI's Mark Mancini on Hammond, tight horns and cool sound efx. My favs include "Muscle Memory", "Money Ain't Time" and "The Jesus I Know" along with the weird funk hangover of "Tore Up (From the Floor Up)". Gotham's gal is the big city's finest. 9 snaves - Long Island Blues Society

"The Halley DeVestern Band - Fabbo Boffo Smasho"

Vorwarnung: Diese Platte mit ihrem heftigen Funk-Blues-Rock wurde andernorts schon mit einem Schlag in die Weichteile verglichen! Wenn Halley De Vestern loslegt, dann macht sie weder musikalisch noch textlich irgendwelche Gefangenen.

Es geht gleich gut los: “Remember when I loved you and how we kissed, then I think of how you hurt me and my hands are fists” - ein heftig rockender Funkgroove knallt einem in die Ohren. Und die wütende Sängerin macht klar, dass mit ihr nicht zu spaßen ist. Auch „Kangaroo Mama“ zeigt Halley als kämpfende Powerfrau, während sie bei „Money Ain‘t Time“ den Geldliebhabern vorhaltungen macht: Der Weg zum Himmel ist lang, wenn Du soviel aufgehäuft hast. Und bedenke: Irgendwann ist es vorbei - für immer. Und bis dahin musst Du die Prioritäten klar gemacht haben. Aber nein: mit den alltäglichen Christen, die meistenteils Heuchler sind, hat sie nichts zu tun: “The Jesus I know he don’t watch too much TV. The Jesus I know don’t care who you love, as long as you love somebody. The Jesus I know, he says ‘Be and let be.’”

Bei „Boil“ ist Rassismus das Ziel für ihren gesungenen, fast geschrieenen Zorn. „American Pain“ beklagt die Versprechen des schnellen Geldes, mit dem Las Vegas zahllose Menschen anlockt. Und in „Code 9“ geht es um die alltägliche und allumfassende Überwachung unseres privaten Lebens.

Was für eine Sängerin, was für eine Songwriterin - Bislang war mir Halley De Vestern aus New York noch nicht bekannt. Doch ab sofort steht sie bei mir ganz oben bei den großartigen und einzigartigen Stimmen im Blues und Rock. Und die Band ist die genau richtige Ergänzug dafür: laut rockend und treibend wenn nötig. Und zurückgenommen und bedrohlich groovend und sich in die Ausbrüche steigernd, die die gesungenen, geschrieenen oder gerappten Songs der Sängerin brauchen.

Wer hier die Janis-Joplin-Karte zieht, hat‘s nicht kapiert. Halley DeVestern kann man eher mit Funk-Ladies wie Betty Davis vergleichen. Meinethalben auch mit Beth Hart oder mit einer zum Blues bekehrten Nina Hagen. - Blue Priest

"Fabbo Boffo Smasho"

Even From her childhood days in her home on Long Island, a young pre-teen Halley showed that she had far more interest in learning to play the guitar that her parents bought had for her, than most of the other subjects in her young life. Halley went on to attend the Boston University School of Theatre Arts and although she primarily studied acting, her love of music never once abated in her time there. After a brief career in the world of theatre and television, Halley couldn’t resist the lure of performing music and formed her first band in nineteen ninety-six, slowly but surely she built-up a solid fan base and over time became so significantly noticeable that she was invited to tour with the original members of Big Brother Holding Company.
Now, with Halley on lead vocals and musicians Tom Heinig; bass, David Patterson; guitar and Rich Kulsar; drums, together they have become a very tight and formidable musical combo.
The band is based in the tough and muscular Brooklyn area and their music displays a very similar attitude, force and feeling.
The most striking aspect of the eight original tunes here for your gratification is Halley’s formidable vocal talent; which contains a delectable and enticingly fruity huskiness which has in turn, inflections of Tina Turner, Maggie Bell, and of course Janis Joplin; Halley herself cites Janis as her biggest influence for as a child she often heard her sister playing the records of Janis; of course, you the listener will ultimately decide.
An undeniable fact is the strikingly muscular musical engine room of the band which is a wonderful combination of blues, funk, rock and Jazz; not just individually influenced or inflected numbers but, throughout all of the numbers there is an atmosphere of a tightly woven, pulsating, urban tapestry; floating harpsichord sounding guitars and keyboards that are underpinned with briskly impressive martial drum work, while brassy, billowy, puncturing horns fill the air. The grinding slowburning “Money Ain’t Time” has a loping ringing guitar which is urged on by a slow driven organ sneaking in where Halley’s powerfully dominating vocals allow. The dizzying Stevie Wonder influenced stomping seventies urban bass and drum funker “Tore Up (From the Floor up)”, recalls tales of the heady times of being on the road and of the (before and after) effects of alcohol and other interesting activities and substances. “Boil”. Is a building and rising hard rocking tirade against the insidious casual nature of racists? “The Jesus I Knew”, is a spirited organ and piano, surging gospel with Halley providing a burning vocal that decries and despises the blatant hypocrisy of some people who abuse and misuse religion today.
Highly Recommended!
Brian Harman. - Blues in the Northwest (UK)

"Halley DeVestern Band - "Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!""

So why don’t you quit fooling around and get a new earful of the Halley DeVestern Band’s new CD “Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!” Halley has been compared to Janis Joplin, and in fact has sung with Big Brother & The Hooding Company! Those are big words, but she has the voice, and the juice to do it. With 8 cuts, all penned by Halley, this CD has tons to offer. With her huge voice, soft whispers, and falsetto she continues to pull you into the music. An ace band that loves to have fun, she rocks the house! Little side trips from the melody, or content of the songs, make you pay attention, stop and think, and say ‘oh yea, that’s good.’

From funk to blues to flat out rock she will knock you down! She has a range to please from screaming wails to soft whispers. It’s fun to listen to. It’s like she’s singing just to you. And she is! Check her out at Not only blues, but her own gospel piece, and contemporary songs about the road, life, and lessons learned. The whole CD is entertaining, and a joy to listen to. Her bandmates are top tier musicians and lay down the law! I’d say a live performance would take your breath away! If she comes to your town you better go see her. Until then the name of the CD is “Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!” The Halley DeVestern Band…..excellento, far outto, and damned goodo!

One love, you friend….blue barry ~ smoky mountain blues society - Blue Barry – smoky mtn. blues society

"Blues Bytes"

Halley DeVestern possesses a set of pipes that have been compared to Janis Joplin, and she did tour with Big Brother & the Holding Company at one time, at their invitation. Her band features David Patterson on guitar, Rich Kulsar on drums, and Tom Heinig on bass. Her latest release, Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!, is a powerful mix of blues, funk, rock, and R&B that grabs you from the get-go and hangs on.

DeVestern works her vocal gymnastics through eight irresisible tracks that range from the funky opening tracks, “Muscle Memory” and “Kangaroo Mama” to the slow burning R&B ballad, “Money Ain’t Time” to the funky blues number, “Tore Up From The Floor Up” to the gospel-flavored “American Pain.” She’s not afraid to tackle touchy subjects as well, giving it to money grubbers (“Money Ain’t Time”), racists (“Boil”), Big Brother (“Code 9”), and religious hypocrites (“The Jesus I Know”).

An amazing singer who hits everything that comes her way out of the park, DeVestern also shows that she’s equally gifted as a songwriter, and the band is just a force of nature in support (with guest musicians Mark Mancini and Edd Kalehoff on keys, and a dynamite horn section that includes Thomas Hutchings on sax, Indofunk Satish on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Matt MacDonald – trombone).

Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho! is a disc that will get you to your feet, give your ears a treat, and give you something to think all at the same time……not a bad way to get 2014 started. - Blues Bytes

"Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho! - Halley DeVestern Band - New Release Review"

I just received the newest release (January 7, 2014), Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!, from The Halley Devestern Band and they have their own power sound. Opening with horn infused funky pop track, Muscle Memory, the band sets a dance grove and Halley immediately shows influences of Joplin. Kangaroo Momma has a real nice strut to it with solid lead vocals and cool backing vocals. The band is made up of a who's who, Halley (vocal) of Big Brother; David Patterson (guitar) of Shawn Mullins; Rick Kulsar (drums) of The Zen Tricksters, Toasters and Mickey Dolenz; and Tom Heinig (bass) of Lamont Cranston and Mill City. Blues track Money Ain't Time is a direct hit from Big Brother's song back with Edd Kelhoff on organ (very nice Edd) and Halley demonstrating a strong sense of Joplin's phrasing and feel. Tore Up (From The Floor Up) is a cool composition which really sounds like it's from the Frank Zappa song book. Mark Mancini plays some cool funky keys on this track adding a lot to the general feel of the track. Ethereal, Boil, is possibly my favorite track on the release with a solid drum beat by Kulsar and moving bass line from Heinig. Overall a very creative track. American Pain is another really strong track opening with simple gospel style piano riffs from Mancini and easy vocal work from DeVestern. Developing into a fully "orchestrated" track, it keeps it clean and simple. Very very nice. Code 9 have a strong R&B/funk strut and Halley is belting and the CNP Horns [Thomas Hutchings (sax), Indofunk Satish (Trumpet and Flugelhorn), and Matt MacDonald (trombone)] are adding some really smokin' backing. Mancini and Patterson both get a chance to play nice solos on this track as well. The Jesus I Know is sown deep in gospel styling with smooth organ and piano work from Mancini. Definite Joplin vocal phrasing is evident and nicely presented by DeVestern. A powerful track showing shades of Bonnie Bramlett and Macy Gray as well is a cool track and a nice wrap to the release. - B Man's Blues Report

"Halley DeVestern Band Review"

With a voice as big and brassy as New Yorker Halley Devestern’s, the comparisons to Janis Joplin and Etta James are inevitable. (And, yes, she has performed with Big Brother and the Holding Company!) We are going to take it just a bit further, tho. On her latest album, entitled “Fabbo! Boffo1 Smasho!,” she mixes the unadulterated sassy strut of Janelle Monae with the quirky, spit-in-your-eye swagger of Neko Case. And, the eight band originals herein combine all her influences, including rock, soul, blues, and a hefty dose of funk.
It’s that shot of funk that kicks off the proceedings, entitled “Muscle Memory.” It’s a not-so-subtle shot at an ex-lover that is driven by a punched-up horn section. “Boil” plays out over a thumping bass line and is reminiscent of classic Curtis Mayfield, as racism and the Right are taken to task.
She doesn’t stop there, tho. “American Pain” looks at the quick-money hope of Vegas, with its endless “cups of quarters and a St. Jude candle,” as the house rakes in the remnants of their broken dreams. She closes the set with the gospel fervor of “The Jesus I Know,” who “lets the kids play on his lawn,” and practices “be and let be.”
We had two favorites, too. Edd Kalehoff adds organ over Halley’s vocals as she takes on those who worship the almighty dollar, reminding us all that “time may be money, but Money Ain’t Time!!” And, perhaps the most infectious, good-time groove is laid down in “Tore Up (From The Floor Up!), a tale of excesses encountered by traveling musicians, including the “Johnnie Walker flu,” and losing one’s underwear!
Halley Devestern is able to convey her emotions thru her voice and the contents of the outstanding material that comprises “Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!,” and blues fans reap the bounteous benefits! Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society. - Don and Sheryl Crow, Nashville Blues Society

"The Halley DeVestern Band"

Determined not to jump on my soapbox this time through, I will simply say that, as a matter of principal I despise comparisons of one artist to another as each brings his or her unique talents to the table and to make comparisons quite often ends in an injustice being done to one or the other artists. That said, I will admit that there are distinct similarities here and there between Halley Devestern and Janis Joplin. Essentially, in agreement with Bonnie Bramlett, this woman has a great set of pipes. It should also be noted that she has done vocals with Big Brother and the Holding Company at their request. That, in itself, speaks volumes. This is a tight band, playing flawlessly and as a single unit, rather than a group of folks on stage all strutting their stuff individually…and Halley does have one powerful set of pipes. This band blends blues, rock, funk, R&B, soul and whatever else it might take to get their point across. Composed of nothing but accomplished musicians, this band walks that tightrope between technical perfection and raw emotional power, making them a powerful force to be reckoned with to be sure. They deal with real-life issues, holding nothing back but putting it all out there with power, soul and enough funk to make James Brown sit up and take notice. In short, this band has all the tools they need to get the job done and they are experienced enough to get the job done properly. I hear people talking about blues growing and progressing. In many cases I see this as an excuse to throw anything together and call it blues, neglecting the rudiments of the blues altogether. The Halley Devestern Band is doing it right and doing it in such a way that the baby is not getting thrown out with the bathwater. This is a band to keep an eye on. Hopefully they will be with us for quite some time. This is the real deal whether you call it blues, blues/rock or Americana. -- Bill Wilson - Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue


Keep On Playin' EP - 2017
Fabbo Boffo Smasho - 2015
Muscle Memory - 2013



"There Ain't No Rules, Just Molecules!"

The Halley DeVestern Band is a high-energy Indie Blues, Funk, Rock band from New York City, featuring ex members of Roger Waters, Shawn Mullins, Deni Bonet, and more.

Halley had the honor of touring with Janis Joplin’s original band, Big Brother and The Holding Company as their lead singer, filling some mighty big Blues shoes.

The band has opened for Johnny Winter, Govt. Mule, Bonnie Bramlett, Jimmie Vaughan, John Hammond, Son Seals, Debbie Davies, Antigone Rising, Nicholas David and The Feelin', just to name a few.

They have toured nationally and internationally, had a #1 song on the prestigious Roots Radio Report (edging out The Tedeschi-Trucks Band, Norah Jones and the like) and were in the running for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Their just-released EP "Keep On Playin" is receiving tons of airplay (including SiriusFM's Blues channel), charting on the Roots Music Report and the reviews have been superlative.

Members: Halley DeVestern (vocals), Tom Heinig (bass), Rich Kulsar (drums), David M. Patterson (guitars), Steve Jabas (guitars).

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