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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Pop Rock


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The best kept secret in music


Naturally, the New York band The Henry Millers takes its name from the author, who was famous for creating his own genre of literature out of an assortment of preexisting ones. Miller was also notorious for his books' often-explicit sexual content, which was deemed illicit enough for his work to be banned in the U.S. While The Henry Millers' bright, buoyant songs aren't likely to cause a scandal, the band does share Miller's penchant for drawing from different styles — its debut album, Daisies, is equal parts indie-rock, folk and synth-pop.

Although The Henry Millers' influences may come from all over, the songs on Daisies are tight and focused, never feeling like they're stretching too far or trying too hard to pile on too many different sounds at once. What anchors the disparate influences is singer-guitarist John McCallum's concise songwriting; no matter how many different sounds he incorporates, it's always clear what he's trying to say. - NPR

If it seems like The Henry Millers are trying to offer a bit of parenting advice in their new song “Children,” that’s because they are — but it’s not directed toward listeners.

Instead, John Maccallum (vocals/piano/guitar) wrote the track like an advice column to his future self. “Raising children can be an incredibly difficult task for anyone, and it’s best for parents to create a bond of friendship within a family in order to help their children with the equally difficult task of growing up,” he told Hive.

Maccallum’s desires are mirrored in the deeply contagious chorus that brings in fellow vocalist/guitarist Katie Schecter, along with some groovy synth elements. “Children” layers unarticulated harmonies, sharp guitar riffs and upbeat synthesized instrumentation –something these New York natives pushed themselves to create. “It’s very hard to create a sense of chaos without it becoming overbearing, and we often found ourselves playing on that edge,” Maccallum said.

While the five-piece is not sure how reflective this track is of their forthcoming album, tentatively titled Poises, it does display remnants of their debut Daisy in the way it plays off the boy-girl harmonies and sonic experimentation.

“It’s a more mature effort on our part in our ability to create upbeat music that blends both synthesized and acoustic sounds and vocal harmonies into simple (and hopefully) infectious pop songs,” Maccallum said. Sometimes growing up isn’t so bad after all, huh? - MTV Hive

Freud would have a field day analyzing "HOP," the delightfully absurd new video from New York pop rockers The Henry Millers. There's everything from milk baths, eggplant boobs and a bunch of attractive kids who all seem like they have oral fixations. The exuberant, dance-y track comes from the band's debut LP, Daisies. Since then, they've been working on a sophomore album, Posies (the recording of which may or may not have featured naked jam sessions). Watch "HOP," exclusively on PAPERMAG, above. - Paper Magazine

Henry Miller’s first novel, Tropic of Cancer, provoked a worldwide scandal when first published in 1934. The American author’s frank depiction of sex and sexuality caused the book to be banned in the US, England, and Canada, and was widely viewed as pornographic smut. New York-based power pop quartet The Henry Millers may not have reached the same notoriety as their namesake, but there’s an undeniable weirdness about their music that might just change that.

Based off the chemistry between lead singer and guitarist John MacCallum and longtime BFF/vocalist Katie Schechter, the group makes what they refer to as ‘chaotic indie pop.’ On their debut record Daisies, this translated to soaring choruses propelled by pulsating synths, much in the vein of MacCullum’s perennial favorite, Passion Pit. But for album number two, the upcoming Posies, the band have been looking inwards, leaving behind playful sensuality for a more grown-up sound courtesy of Chester French’s Maxwell Drummey. We chatted with MacCullum about the upcoming album, nude songwriting, and identifying with Ron Swanson.

Let’s not beat about the bush. Why Henry Miller?
Kate and I are both big Henry Miller fans. We both read a lot his works growing up. I don’t know whether we named the band the Henry Millers because we liked sex from an aesthetic point of view or whether Henry Miller has inspired that aspect of the band. I think that a lot of the writing that Henry Miller does regarding sex has subconsciously worked its way in there. I think it’s just who we are as fans of Henry Miller to begin with.

Sex seems to inform a lot of the band’s activity. After all, you don’t see many artists posting pictures of naked jam sessions on Instagram.
Katie and I are best friends. We hang out comfortably and we have sleepovers, and that’s how we started making music to begin with. Our attitude to sex goes all throughout our lives. Both of us like to have a sexual element to songwriting, but I think it’s not just the music. These pictures come up on Instagram of us naked and making music, but that’s just us hanging out.

On your recent single “Children,” you seem to have shifted focus from babymaking to child-rearing, and ushered in a new, more directed sound. Are the Henry Millers maturing?
We worked on this new record with our producers a lot more in-depth. The process was much more so the three of us- Max Drummey, Dan Stringer and myself- fleshing out the songs from the bottom up. That helped us mature. A lot of music I like is a wall of sound going out to the listener, but I think on this next record it’s a much more concentrated effort as opposed to creating so much chaos that I think is more the Daisies sound.

Max Drummey is an interesting choice of producer considering his background in hip-hop and R&B. Did he take the album in any unexpected directions?
Max is a really interesting guy. He makes a lot of hip-hop music but he’s a very rock and roll guy at heart and that definitely has an effect on his music. “Daisies” was recorded over two years and this album was made immediately. Before the tracks were even fleshed out 100% we had him giving edits and recording different parts. I do think hip-hop influenced the record because Max did so much of our drum programming and setting different grooves apart from song to song. He helped out a lot with making each song an individual world of music, whereas on “Daisies” the music tends to run together more.

Daisies produced some pretty wild videos, including the milk-drenched video for “HOP.” Where did the idea of soaking Kate in half-and-half come from?
The production team that we work with, House of Nod, who we’ve made three of our videos with, got a phantom camera that shoots in incredibly slow motion. They were in a competition to win this camera so they were shooting as much footage as they could so that even if they didn’t win the contest to own the camera they’d still have all this footage. We went over to their house at midnight and came up with a list of bizarre ideas, and milk in the bathtub was top of the list.

In the video and in many of your photoshoots you evoke images of retro Americana, especially from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Do you have a particular affinity to that era?
A lot of these photoshoots are just done in my home, so a lot of the things you see in there are my belongings. I went to school in Charleston, South Carolina, and I got this retro Americana style there, from lunchboxes to chaise longues, old trunks and radio. I personally feel a connection to that time period. I like things from old American industries, like objects mass produced in the ‘50s.

A cursory glance at your Twitter shows that you guys are very into another American institution, Parks and Recreation. Which character are you?
I relate to literally every character. That’s what makes the show so incredible. I’d like to be Ron, but I’m probably more Leslie.

Apart from striving towards Swanson, what’s next for you and the Henry Millers?
Our video for “Children” is coming out on February 11th. I think we’re trying to premiere a song at the end of February, but I don’t know yet. We’re taking the time between now and SXSW to learn our new record so we can play it there, then tour in the east and hopefully the south-east over the summer. Then we’re going to LA after SXSW. - Bullet Media

Whoa! Before we checked out this track, we looked up Brooklyn-based art-rockers, The Henry Millers, on Facebook and these kids are a trip! For serious, they aren't precious with an image or anything–they're, like, posting pictures of themselves fresh out the shower, posted up in bed at night, during birthday suit recording sessions, and you know what...we back that. Live that life, you Henry Millers! Here at NYLON HQ we are all about going all the way!
The band sent over their new video for the track "Children" from their upcoming full length, Posies, which is coincidentally not scandalous, but does happen to be pretty awesome. You know, for all the antics, these kids make really pretty music and this video is a sweet little three minute sonic and visual vacation.
Check out "Children" below and then roll on over to their Bandcamp HERE to hear more! You can find the band on Twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE...we really like these guys. - Nylon Guys

New York City art-based rock isn't enough of a description for Brooklyn's The Henry Millers. The duo of John MacCallum and Katie Schecter are better described as a wildly eccentric synth-driven pop band with great personality. We're excited to premiere the title track off The Henry Millers upcoming album, Posies.

Remember when pop-songs were fun for the right reasons? Not just singers puking on dancers and waving their tongues around. The catchiness of "Posies" on the other hand is just as contagious as a lullaby. The track maintains the human element of a band playing together especially when the ambient guitars build into a bombastic chorus. Incorporating modern drum samples and synthesized effects, "Posies" gives listeners the urge to sing or dance with Schecter and MacCallum's harmonized vocal delivery. If the music weren't enough, make sure to check out the duo's Facebook page. John and Katie deserve an award for the most interesting use of social media. We're excited to see what's in store The Henry Millers. Listen to "Posies" below. - Baeble Music

New York boy-girl act The Henry Millers play a lot around the five boroughs (or just two, really: Manhattan and Brooklyn), but will be taking their Big Apple show on the big country road this spring in support of new album Posies, out later this summer. Below, The A.V. Club has the premiere of the video for the title track, as well as a list of some of the group’s upcoming tour dates. This one’s for you, Lakewood, Ohio. - AV Club

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NYC’s The Henry Millers are set to release a new album soon, and we’ve got a track from the upcoming Posies to send you into full anticipatory mode. “Beautiful Woman” would be a 1960s pop parade down the middle of a busy NYC street, flowers falling from the skies, if it weren’t actually about hurtful yearning — “I’ve made the great escape from your heart back to mine and then it starts/The feeling of one sinking down to the depths where I have slept”. Sigh — beautiful women. The harmonies, the psychedelic instrumentation, and the grinning melody all point to a sort of free-spirited synth pop that begs for celebration which is incredibly convenient seeing as The Henry Millers are playing Rough Trade tomorrow with Heavenly Beat and White Hinterland. Listen to the premiere of “Beautiful Woman” above and get more info on the show here. - Wild Honey Pie

John MacCallum and Katie Schecter are the duo behind The Henry Millers. The Brooklyn-based indie-pop band has earned the support of he A.V. Club, Paper Magazine, The Wild Honey Pie, Daytrotter, Refinery 29, NPR World Cafe and more. Internet if you thought you were crushing hard for The Henry Millers before, just you wait for their newest Single, “Simple Thing”. Lifted from their upcoming sophomore album, Posies, out September 16th.

“Simple Thing” is unbridled indie-pop at its best – a melody that is all consuming, driving guitars, wild synth play and a hook big enough to land Moby Dick. We had a quick chat with The Henry Millers and its clear where that burst of energy came form, “I used to love swings and merry go rounds and see saws like crazy, swing, saw or round, I loved running around playgrounds. I was thinking about how I used to spend such so much time doing so and the incredible joy I would get from that experience. Growing up in New York can be very claustrophobic so going outside to the park and being let loose to just run around and be a crazy kid was extremely liberating. I think I was really trying to recreate that feeling of joy in the process of writing this song. I wanted it to be fun and upbeat from beginning to end.” - Kick Kick Snare

Brooklyn-based indie pop trio the Henry Millers may have taken their name from a literary great, but their latest tune "Simple Thing" will get your nose out of any book and your feet onto the dancefloor. The upbeat, synth-heavy number has now received the visual treatment, and has got the video premiere.

The clip features a pair of vicious hipster werewolves on the hunt for their next meal. Watch as they hunt down rats in apartment hallways and raid the meat aisle of a supermarket on the prowl for food.

Unsatisfied with what they find, they change up the menu to feature something a little more human. They devour the poor guy amidst a flurry of disco lights, but it's nevertheless an entertaining watch.

"Simple Thing" appears on the band's sophomore album Posies. Get your first look at the video below. - Exclaim!

Brooklyn boy-girl duos might be a dime a dozen these days, but trust us: The Henry Millers definitely can't be lumped into the same old indie pop pile. Named after the iconic American writer, this is one pair that stands out in a major way So isn't it about time your ears became acquainted?

Comprised of John MacCallum and Katie Schecter, these guys make down-to-earth jams about heartbreak, romance, and finding oneself in the midst of it all. And perhaps even rarer, they don't manage to make heavy themes like these sound depressing one bit. In fact, this easygoing brand of pop is far more likely to boost your mood by the time the chorus rolls around.

We first fell in love with them thanks to their excellent 2012 debut album Daisies, and now they've returned for round two with Posies (sensing a theme, here...). There's more of the stuff we know and love here, from chill head-bobbing jams to throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-dance anthems. The LP drops in exactly one week, but because we love you, we have the exclusive premiere right here.

Get ready to make your Tuesday afternoon a whole lot sweeter and stream Posies below. Then, pre-order it on iTunes here! - Nylon


Still working on that hot first release.



Founded in 2012, the Henry Millers are a New York based band featuring the boy-girl duo of John MacCallum and Katie Schecter. Their alluring mix of modern synthesizer driven experimentation and pop music reminds the listener of past art collaborations that can only happen in New York. John and Katie love to laugh, sing songs, and have staring contests.

"Brooklyn boy-girl duos might be a dime a dozen these days, but trust us: The Henry Millers definitely can't be lumped into the same old indie pop pile. Named after the iconic American writer, this is one pair that stands out in a major way So isn't it about time your ears became acquainted? Comprised of John MacCallum and Katie Schecter, these guys make down-to-earth jams about heartbreak, romance, and finding oneself in the midst of it all. And perhaps even rarer, they don't manage to make heavy themes like these sound depressing one bit. In fact, this easygoing brand of pop is far more likely to boost your mood by the time the chorus rolls around." - Nylon

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