The Honey Tongues
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The Honey Tongues

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Folk Cabaret




"The music of the Honey Tongues is as smooth as the nectar they’re named after"

To say this group is unique would be understanding their music & situation.

Each member is an accomplished instrumentalist & singer as well as a contributing composer for the songs on their new self-named CD.

Their genre is all over the place but they've decided to just call it 'Swamp Opera'.

View the video here: - Chek TV

"Red Haven and Dirty Grace form super band: The Honey Tongues"

Combining their passion for music and theatrics, Red Haven and Dirty Grace have joined forces to create a new super band called The Honey Tongues.

The eight-person band has just released their debut album Live at Monarch Studios, which features an entirely new genre of music that they’ve called “swamp opera.”

For the unitiated (which is most of us) swamp opera combines Americana roots grit and indie swing with soulful harmonies and beat boxing.

“It’s our best means of describing the size and the character of it,” said Brendan Steele, the lead guitarist from Red Haven.

The two bands first joined forces in the summer of 2015 while on tour across Canada.

“We’d do sets where they’d start and then we’d play afterwards and we eventually just started playing together and our music was so synonymous it was pretty undeniable that we had to play together, the show was so similar,” said Steele.

Following their Canadian tour both bands got together again for a U.K. tour that was billed as two separate bands, but once again they found themselves sharing the stage.

“The way the U.K. tour went it was crazy and awesome and we set about finding a name and Honey Tongues is what we landed on,” said Steele.

“It sort of represents the character of the band. We write about love and relationships and sensuality, but also things that have darker sides.”

One of those songs is called ‘Beheaded,’ which is a playful, groovy track but also delves into mortality and death.

“That’s one of my favourite numbers to play,” Steele said, adding it’s the first song on their new album and usually the band’s closing song of the night.

“It’s as theatrical as it comes.”

Another one of his favourite tracks and likely the most popular song on the album is called ‘Glass House.’ - The Fitzhugh


Live at Monarch Studios - 2017



Something mysterious happens when two similar objects moving in opposite directions collide. They morph, twist and tangle until they become something neither could have become on its own.

So it went with bands Red Haven and Dirty Grace, who collided and began performing as one group in the summer of 2015. After bringing Vancouver songstress Logan Thackray and lifelong creator/performer Aubrey Burke (raised in a full-time clown family) into the mix, the new ‘super band‘ consisted of 8 unique voices/songwriters forming a veritable choir.

The Honey Tongues were born, as was a new distinct genre – ‘Swamp Opera‘ – that combines Americana roots grit and indie swing with soulful harmonies and beat-boxing. Crafting delicate folk arrangements and stomping dance numbers, the band embraces a wide palette – from accordion to saxophone to mandolin to mouth percussion – to express the ancient soul of the modern era. Whether it’s songs about shadows, earth magic, grimey handshakes or lovers old and new, this band of many faces will show you them all.

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