The Human Rights

The Human Rights

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Friendlyness, a Juno nominated DJ, along with his 8 piece band, "The Human Rights" sing songs of freedom, justice and equality delivered via superheavy, ultra-dynamic, new roots reggae music. 'Show love, make peace and unify!


In the fall of 2007, drummer Eric Woolston teamed up with Friendlyness to form Friendlyness and the Human Rights, a modern roots reggae band that aims to spread messages of equality, love and human rights. Friendlyness, a Canadian reggae heavyweight, has been on the scene for more than 20 years and has recently joined the ranks of Can-Rock legends Big Sugar. Over the last four years Friendlyness and the Human Rights have been honoured to warm up the stage for reggae icons Gregory Isaacs, Gyptian, Beres Hammond, John Holt, The English Beat and Clive Chin. They have toured western Canada twice and have been featured on numerous major festivals including the Calgary Reggae Festival, Toronto's Irie Fest, Jambana, Nathan Phillips Square, International Festival of Beer and the Winnipeg Ska/Reggae Festival. Their debut album One Thing has garnered international acclaim and their recent singles have been played from coast to coast.

"One Thing will surely lead to another: international acclaim"
- Exclaim! Magazine (Canada)

"Classic rasta roots reggae with plenty of positive messages"
- IRIE UP Magazine (Germany)

"Like a phoenix from the ashes of the largely defunct Toronto reggae scene." -Wavelength (Toronto)


Right Now

Written By: Friendlyness and the Human Rights

Well you know say I and I are RasTafari
Well you know say, how the system set up,
You have to have something a go on
Some little hustling, some juggling,
But we're not into the scuffling...sight?
It's just Ras Tafari love to all...well then.

What can i do to earn some money right now?
What I'm gonna do to earn some money right now?
Have to do something to earn some money right now,
Not goin' rob, kill, cheat, bow...

Sill a make a try out of the music,
Sufferation all a lick, we can't refuse it, woe,
Try get this straight and don't confuse it, You see the wickedness tool, Rastaman not goin' use it.
(I) not turn no kruff to get the paper,
And no matter how it tough, you know me not pull no caper,
We don't cater, they don't pray for,
All me want is to pay my rent and we no want no skyscraper.
Not say me want to live no Trump life,
But to tell you the truth we sick and tired of the chump life,
Can't punk life nor junk life,
One blood it still a flow and One Heart still a pump life...

Yo yagga yo, me rent is overdue and me youth a bawl,
Yo yagga yo, so Emperor Sellassie I, your name a call,
Yo yagga yo, collection agency wont give me break at all,
The little that me have, it's like they want it all....

What can i do......?

Used to make a money from the Ganja,
But nowadays everyone a Ganja farmer,
More seller than buyer,
Less dollars a go round the price is higher,
You shouldn't come push Iyah,
Instead just gimme the love and gimme the Kush Iyah,
Right here now you know me hotter than bush fire,
So your straight get squashed Royal flush Iyah,
Do you want a little more? Not much Iyah,
We could split it down the middle and go Dutch Iyah,
How them a go on like say them high? Sellassie much higher,
Babylon you know you can't come touch Iyah, that's much fire, so me say...

Yo yagga yo.....



One More Draw - released in the late Fall of 08, currently being played on CKLN, CIUT, CHRY in Toronto.
One Thing - Released June 2010. Select tracks are featured coast to coast on CBC radio as well as campus radio.
Right Now - 7" Vinyl released 2012
Take a Stance - Electronic Release 2013

Set List

Set can vary from 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

Hot Milk (Jakie Mittoo)
Jah Rastafari
Human Rights
I want her
Jah Guide
Blaze Blaze
How Can This Be Happening
Human Vibrations
More Peace
Do You See?
Get Up Stand Up (Wailers)
One More Draw