The Interrogation
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The Interrogation

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Punk


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"AP&R playlist: Soothing indie, electric alt-pop and rock ’n’ roll soul"

The Interrogation “Kick It Off” in their debut single with fast-moving guitars and heartfelt lyrics. The track is a call to arms against selfishness and negativity that is prominent in our society. “All these things do [is] cascade into each other to create an environment where people are just fed up with the nonsense,” singer Thom Turner says. “But now they have a platform and the will to get out there en masse and say, ‘Listen, we are done being manipulated!’” - Alternative Press

"Review: Kick It Off by The Interrogation"

A few days ago, The Interrogation released their new song 'Kick It Off' which is a humanistic call to arms spurred on by a world hell-bent on division. Let's find out more below...

'Kick It Off' is kicking indeed! The song starts with a powerful catchy riffs combined with strong vocals. Harmonies and melodies are pretty obvious within their music, and the singing technique is pretty amazing. It’s obvious the tightness between the bass and drums here, which completes the picture of the track.

Though now based in Vancouver, BC, main songwriter/guitarist Thom Turner hails originally from Upstate New York. Growing up in an isolated and fairly economically depressed area he learned from a young age the paramount significance of helping others and taking responsibility for your place in life. So, one day in Canada when Turner was watching American politics on YouTube, he found himself frustrated, like many others, by the intentional divisionism, blatant greed, and overt selfishness espoused in modern American politics. Perhaps most striking in Turner’s mind, though, was the ever-permeating mindset that we are unable to help one another in an effective manner, and that we don’t have a voice to tell those in power how downright unhappy we are.

“All these things they do cascade into each other to create an environment where people are just fed up with the nonsense,” says Turner, laughing. “But now they have a platform and the will to get out there en masse and say ‘listen; We are done being manipulated!’”

In his capacity as main songwriter, Turner composes in such a way that, even mired in gaping pits of frustration and anger, positivity and hopefulness still sit stronger in the mix than their richly distorted guitars and downright fiery harmonies. At the epicentre of their buoyant irritation lies new single “Kick it Off,” which posits in no uncertain terms that it’s a self-reflexive call-to-arms, loosely concealed below temperamental electric guitars and lyrics that plainly remind listeners that it’s time to stop being passive. - Rock Era Magazine

"Track Premiere: The Interrogation – ‘Kick It Off’"

The new song “Kick It Off” from The Interrogation is a humanistic call to arms spurred on by a world hell-bent on division. The song will eventually release on the band’s forthcoming Posters On My Wall EP.

“’Kick It Off’ was originally written as a humanist reaction to the troubled world in which we found ourselves, where the divisions between people seemed to be getting deeper and more insurmountable daily, and where those with wealth and power exploited this divide for their own gain, leaving people even more fractured and isolated,” says Thom Turner. “Unfortunately, this is still viscerally relevant today.”

“’Kick It Off’ challenges us to disregard selfish motives and instead work to stand up for one another. ‘Putting your hands out to help others up, sharing your strength when others are lost,’ this song demands we make ourselves ‘Beacons of Hope.’

“This is the first release from The Interrogation, and we feel it is the perfect introduction to what we do and who we are. We love playing, listening to, and creating music that brings people together. Growing up in the hardcore/emo/punk scene where shows were a hundred kids crammed in a basement with full stacks and mostly-working PAs, we learned to value community, and that no one was going to give us anything; we’d have to build it for ourselves.

“In troubled times when the world seems to be filled with strife and pain, we hope to inspire people to look beyond what divides us and to remember what unites us. With ‘Kick It Off,’ we officially open the doors to our home and say ‘welcome to the family!'” - New Noise Magazine


"Posters On My Wall" - EP/Demo



We are a 5 piece pop-punk/ easycore band hailing from the Pacific Northwest!  Rooted deeply in the sounds of bands like Coheed and Cambria, Armor For Sleep, A Day To Remember, All Time Low and so many others.  We are here to shred some tunes and party with you and all our friends, old and new!  So lets sing along together and show the world we can pick each other up while we throw down!

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