The Lonelys

The Lonelys

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

We've been described as "The Beatles meets Coldplay". The melody is key for us. If you can't dance to, sing with, or be moved by (preferably all three!) our music then we're not doing it right.


We're heavily influenced by bands such as The Killers, The Strokes, Copeland, U2, Keane, Queen, Travis and many other Brit-Rock acts. The main thing that sets The Lonelys apart from other bands, especially other Tulsa bands, is we are completely dedicated to having great melodies and pure vocals as the strong point in our music. What good is a song without a great melody or good singer?


We currently have one demo EP entitled "At the Seams" which some fans have but is not available for public release. We are currently working on our first full length album.

Set List

A typical set for The Lonelys includes around ten original songs and anywhere between two and four covers.

We like to cover abscure 60's hits as well as modern indie rock songs such as "All These Things That I Have Done" by The Killers.

Our set usually last about an hour give or take a few minutes and includes these original songs:

Find Love
At the Seams
In the Long Run
They Don't Care
Mount Rainier
Don't Wait
Fly Back To Me