The Mothership

The Mothership

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Up and coming Seattle alternative band that consists of two guitar playing front men, bass and drums. The sound is fresh and unique with charismatic vocals. Influenced by The Beatles, Nirvana, Radiohead, Soundgarden and various blues artists, they strive to evolve and write the best songs they can


       The Mothership has landed in Seattle, Washington.  At the helm are four artists whose pasts are as varied as their personalities. Their repertoire is a polished and satisfying mixture of the revolutionary and the familiar. They succeed in grabbing the attention of casual listeners long enough to make an impact while providing a genuine experience for the serious show-goers who have a habit of letting good albums play on repeat.


       Gritty vocals and gripping lyrics come from brutal honesty, and are devoid of the buzzwords and cliches of today's overly produced rock. John Beckman and Paul Frasers heavy guitars work together to compliment and add sophistication, not flash. A solid, tight and sophisticated backbone is provided by Will Andrews and Ryan Thornes on drums and bass adds impact and weight.  The motivation behind The Mothership was borne from their lengthy experiences in the Seattle music scene and a shared passion to write songs drenched in melody and harmony. 


       The future looks bright for The Mothership, which in turn sheds new hope for the redirection of Seattles rock scene. Their first album "Ten Miles Wide" has turned quite a few heads in the local scene and earned them the opportunity to play in front many Pacific Northwest music fans at some of the premier venues in the area. They have opened for Floater, The Missionary Position and Just Like Vinyl, played the best venues in town like The Crocodile, The Showbox Mark and Neumos, took part in KEXP's Noise for the Needy 2012 concert series and had success on the college radio circuit in the same year.The Mothership.  In 2013, the band headlined the first ever 99.9 KISW Red Fest in Seattle, and performed to a crowd of over 1,500 in the middle of the Elysian Brewery facilities. 


       The follow up to "Ten Miles Wide" entitled "Bright Side of Dim" is a completely evolved version of the band's sound.  Written over the course of multiple years, the band has refocused and captured something quite unique.  The album is deep, dynamic and cerebral, complimented by dark tones and moody spaces.  The band is on the heels of a sold out CD release show at The Crocodile on March 28 2014.  Catch The Mothership on tour in 2014 for the full experience. 


The Mothership EP - 2010
The Mothership - Ten Miles Wide 2011