The Mox & J. Project

The Mox & J. Project

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
DuoHip HopR&B

The Mox & J. Project features blues vocalist Jess Bro and rapper Mitchel Paulson (Moxie). After years of success with other acts, the Twin Cities artists joined forces as The Mox & J. Project, creating a unique sound unlike any in the industry today. The debut album, "Who We Are", was widely acclaimed as one of the best to come out of the thriving Twin Cities music scene in 2016. They are currently in the studio recording their Sophomore project, "What We've Become", slated for a June release.


The Mox & J. Project features esteemed Twin Cities based musicians Mitchel Paulson, one of the most revered hip hop artists in the Midwest, and soul/blues vocalist Jess Bro, long known as one of the top vocal talents in all of music. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Mox & J. Project have been featured on the popular GO 96.3 midday show with legendary DJ Barb Abney in the Twin Cities, along with features in publications like, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The St. Paul Pioneer Press,,, Rochester Post-Bulletin, and numerous music-related websites.  They have worked with and performed with the likes of Prof and Blueprint from Rhymesayers Entertainment, John Wayne & the Pain, Coolio, Jack & Kitty, The Satellites, and countless others.  While veterans of the Twin Cities music scene, their time together as a duo has led to a dedicated fan base through their dynamic live performances, vibrant web presence, and an unmistakable chemistry.

The Mox & J. Project released their debut album, "Who We Are", recorded at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, to much critical acclaim and fanfare in August, 2016.  Riding on the strength of the lead singles, "You & Me" and "Who I Am", "Who We Are" is an expansive work that borrows from various genres including blues, soul, scat, funk, hip hop, and pop.  Riding the success and interest of their debut album, The Mox & J. Project are currently in the process of recording their Sophomore project, slated for a Summer 2017 release.  Unlike anything you've heard or seen before, and certainly unique to anything being done in the music landscape at this time.

"This has to be the bravest musical effort I’ve heard in a while. Whereas most artists can neatly fit into various genres that can be listened to depending on your mood, The Mox & J. Project comes across as a genre unto themselves, and when you feel the urge to listen to music that resembles what’s on “Who We Are”, only The Mox & J. Project will fit that bill.  Theirs is intelligent thought-provoking and intricate music, with no hint of a low common-denominator."--- Jamsphere Magazine


The Mox & J. Project presents: "Who We Are" (2016)