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The Mustachios

Mobile, Alabama, United States

Mobile, Alabama, United States
Band Rock Indie


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"GCMD Spotlight: The Mustachios"

Lead by Mobile music veteran Michael Francis (Scarecrow!, Bloodredsquid), The Mustachios are a much welcomed alternative to the alternative scene in Mobile. The band is equal parts Police, The Cure and Paul Simon’s bass lines – at least I think they are. They are the band playing the wedding you’re actually really getting into.
Michael Francis is on vocals, Ben Linus plays guitar, Peter Favreau on bass and Cornelius Bravo plays the drums. I have the feeling these guys got together and said, “Let’s just play some music and not over think it.” It’s refreshing to not have a concept to buy into with a band. Just flip a track on and go. That sort of carefree fanfare reminds me of putting on the Blue Album by Weezer and listening straight through it.
I suppose my favorite part about this band is trying to tag a genre on them. There’s enough musical influence to make that assessment a tricky thing to do. Take note Gulf Coast, the Mustachios have arrived. And I mean it, that would be the best wedding reception ever.
Check out their internet happenings: - The Gulf Coast Music Depository

"The Mustachios are Mobile’s missing indie rock link"

While the Mobile music scene has thrived in many aspects over the past few years, indie rock has not been properly represented in quite some time. However, Azalea City band The Mustachios is evidence that indie rock is alive and well in the city, and the group has been busy perfecting their sound at various live performances. Now, The Mustachios have taken the next step with the release of their debut album “Ride.”

The Mustachios are helping give indie rock a little help in Mobile. They’ve just released their debut album “Ride.”
The band kept things local with the release, enlisting producer/engineer Ray Norman of Dogwood Productions to act as their guiding light in the studio.

This six-track album is a culmination of sounds and styles that have not been heard in Mobile for a very long time. Vocalist Michael Francis (Scarecrow, Blood Red Squid) has a voice that was handcrafted for the pop-laden indie rock found on this album. Guitarist Ben Linus maintains guitar clarity for a majority of the album and releases distorted riffs as needed. Peter Fav (bass) and Justin Skinny (drums) make up a rhythm section that embraces dual synchronicity.

The album wears many faces, and it wears them well. The chaotic intro of “Arsenic” is tamed into an alt rock anthem full of skillful lyrical wordplay. “Tailspin” follows with an infectious bounce that is sure to be a favorite.

The Mustachios are not afraid of adding some grunge to their sound, which is evident in the closing track “300 Million.” With the rarity of true indie rock in Mobile, “Ride” presents a band and sound that should thrive in the future. - Lagniappe

"The Mustachios drop Ride EP"

The Mod Crew spoke recently to local band The Mustachios about their upcoming EP release and their approach to music. Released this month, those eager to support the Mobile music scene can download the Ride EP for a mere $5 online. Perhaps most important, the musicians shared their secret technique for performing the most satisfying mustache ride, which they have been known to offer to some lucky fans free of charge.
“We try to find out what they like and pleasure them without rules, judgement, or selfishness,” vocalist Fichael Mansis said.
Mod Mobilian has been documenting the band’s growth ever since they burst into consciousness at Dauphin Street music venues. Not only have their energetic live shows been received well by locals, but the band also made an important performance at Southsounds 2014, gaining further exposure for their exquisite brand of indie rock complimented by an elegant twist ‘o’ stache.
“Many things have changed for us in the last year. We’ve met some of the most generous and bombastic personalities in the Southeast at our shows. We’ve definitely developed a following, and we’re looking to continue that trend in the next few months in support of our new EP,” drummer Justin Skinny said.
The first professionally produced release for The Mustachios, Ride was recorded in Mobile at Dogwood Productions by Ray Norman. The professional setting lead to a great improvement in sound quality for the resulting art. Additionally vocal effects were implemented using pitch shifters, a vocal synthesizer, and vocoder effects. Mansis is attempting to replicate a live show sound by cleverly mixing vocals recording live in the studio with the band and those recorded in an isolaten booth.
“Working at Dogwood was great. Everything went very smoothly, and the constant supply of jolly ranchers candy always helped,” guitarist Ben Linus said.
Ride builds upon the bands initial offering Mavis. The new project gave the band an opportunity to improve the sound of demo versions of previously released tracks ”300 Million,” “Tailspin,” and “WTPOY.” In addition, brand new songs “Arsenic,” ”Back Patio,” and “Splitting Hairs,” make their debut.
“We tried to work from what we know, and ideas that we want to talk about. Many of our songs begin with a theme or vibe we want to convey, and the structure usually falls into place pretty quickly … It is not a concept album, but there’s definitely a structure to the track sequence that hopefully will keep listeners engaged,” drummer Justin Skinny said.
For the uninitiated, once can expect punchy bass lines, crunchy guitars, all juxtaposed with a pleasant understated vocal delivery peppered with falsetto overdubs. Their onstage presence can be described as cheerful, upbeat, and replete with dance worthy grooves that make standing still nearly impossible.
“I think it can be a delicate balance mixing the crunchy distortion with melodic vocals. I believe that we hit the perfect balance in all of our songs, but especially on the chorus of ‘Splitting Hairs,’ ” guitarist Ben Linus said.
As for The Mustachios, Ride represents the first professionally recorded release in an ongoing series of digital EPs. The limited size of the art form may allow the band more freedom to experiment with contrasting sounds, and provide a product in which the quality far outweighs the expense. The release also gives fans old and new an opportunity to experience the band live again this fall in the Mobile area as they support the new album.
“We chose to record an EP because we wanted to offer a concentrated product to our fans without filler. We definitely want to continue releasing in this format. Part two will be out early next year,” bassist Peter Fav said. - Mod Mobilian


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