The Next New Nothings

The Next New Nothings

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Next New Nothings create an eclectic blend of sounds influenced by New Garage and Indie Rock.


The origin of "The Next New Nothings" rests somewhere in the cold and
desolate winters of Cleveland, OH. Started by English Literature
enthusiasts Patrick Nothing (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Nothing
(Vocals/Bass/Guitar) and Stanton Nothing (Vocals/Percussion). "The Next
New Nothings" create a multitude of sounds influenced by a number of
different genres meshed together. Often times, the songs begin with
melodic riffs and hooks that collapse into an entangled intertwining of
distorted riffing and bomb-like, improvised drumming. The lineup also
includes straight up, yet, catchy rockers. Look for "The Next New
Nothings" debut album "End of A World Ideology" out in 2014.


End of A World Ideology