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The Next New Nothings

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative


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"Crank up the volume for The Next New Nothings"

The Next New Nothings (from Cleveland) would have been featured in the spring issue…if the spring issue hadn’t vanished when my old laptop died. And yes, if you’re scoring at home…or even if you’re alone… that’s two Ohio bands I’ve featured this week.

End of a World Ideology is a raw record that lands squarely in the wheelhouse of yours truly. If you want a good example, check out “I Don’t Know Who I Am.” This isn’t so much a song as an explosion of sound. Seriously, you might want to listen to this song more than once before you go on to the rest of the album.
The band throws a bit of a changeup into the mix with “Post Next Day Animal Blues.” Don’t get me wrong. It’s the same raucous garage rock you’ll hear on the rest of the album, but this has a sort of cowpunk aspect to it. If ever there were a garage rock song that you could two-step to, this is it.

A good comparison for this band is The Gories and The Compulsive Gamblers. If you’re a fan of either of those bands, chances are pretty good that you’ll dig The Next New Nothings. Oh, and do yourself a favor. Turn the volume up as loud as you can stand it when you listen to this album. Your neighbors may not appreciate it, but your rock-n-roll soul will. - Incognito Magazine

"Clown Magazine Review"

The Next New Nothings are a fairly new punk rock band releasing their debut album, End Of The World Ideology.

The group consist of Patrick, Alex, and Stanton who all use the surname Nothing! Cute point many may think. Another notable point is they all use Rage before their respective instrument these three group members play.

The music is raw punchy punk rock. There are no weaknesses in the delivery of there straight no-bars-hold music to what they create and play.

This is the kind of album you play when you’ve had enough of all of the plastic pop we are bombarded with within the modern music scene.

Apart from the brashness and getting to the point in their songs, you hear the melodies of good old American ‘50’s surf licks that accompany all of the nine, perfect under three minute radio friendly tracks.

The Warning/Take My Time starts of a bit shaky with the guitars sounding wobbly and then the energetic drive, which is a running quality on the rest of the songs on this album.

These two songs She Say’s No and A Thousand Years are quick short tunes. Both deal with rejection and wanting to get out of mainly relationship type problems, even though the lyrics are only a few lines it works well and you get the point.

She’s A Wild One brings out the punk rock attitude of just not caring and getting on with song; while Post Next Day Animal Blues is the punk version of depressed minds but instead replaced by rage within and at the end of the track.

In If You Make It To Hell make sure you listen to this before your epic journey, it will prepare you; in I Don’t Know Who I Am the interjected guitar strums fits well in between the drums and the vocal part that gives you the message of pure uncertainty, and asks the question - do we really know ourselves?; and then in Revolution Pending you get rocked-out, while it’s lyrical content deals with the burning desire of wishing things can change for the better, as the song gets rather bleak. It does raise the point that until people realise something has got to change, nothing will.

The Next New Nothings may get added attraction points on embracing the punk attitude of pouring a healthy piece of scorn on the current generation, and how things always seem to work-out for the something's in this world. But if they do enough live gigs they will definitely help to change the current scene in getting-back to the basic ethos within western culture! - Clown Magazine

"New Reviews"

If you like sounds such as The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand then ‘The Next New Nothings’ is what you should be listening to right now. This Indie/Rock band have just released their debut album ‘End of a world Ideology’ and they are going to make big things with this one.
Long guitar solos introduce each track, which make you want to get up and shake your head to. ‘The Warning/Take my time’ starts the album off, with a melancholy theme, both lyrically and tempo wise. However it picks up the rhythm to become a really exciting. A lot like the Editors’ track ‘A Ton Of Love’, but with a lot more beat and base.
These tracks are short and sweet and are great ‘wake up’ songs to get you started for the day, if you’re suffering from a late night. ‘If You Make It To Hell’ can do just that with a lot more movement than the previous. Whilst many Indie/Rock bands produce tracks that sound the same, Next New Nothings mix up the tempo and ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’ proves this. A hint of The Libertines can be heard in the Chorus with the laid back chords and tempo.
‘She Said No’ will definitely get your head moving, a retro feel can be heard in this song and breaks up the track list really well. It’s just a shame that the track is so short! Another track like this one is ‘She’s A Wild One’, nostalgia from the 80′s, when the Indie genre really caught on.
Next up, ‘Post Next Day Animal Blues’, (what a great name!) peels back the real instrumental talent in this band. Most probably the quickest beat that the album holds, it’s such a catchy track. ‘Get Me Where I Need To Go’ holds a dark and hard hitting sound. Punchy guitar and drum patterns surround the sound of the well flowing lyrics.
Upbeat both vocally and instrumentally, ‘A Thousand Years’ produces an eccentric feel and creates a well balanced ending with ‘Revolution Pending’. This track has a repetitive and catchy rhythm and plays around with sounds of those that come from the likes of Oasis.
The Next New Nothings have done themselves proud with this album and we are sure that this edgy and charismatic band, not only musically but also visually, will be playing through the speakers of your radio soon! - New Reviews

"Mars Band Review"

The Next New Nothings and their debut album, “End of A World Ideology”, will quickly find their way into your ears, playlists and music collections the minute you first give them a listen. This band has a very unique sound, blending a little bit of retro Rock with a modern Indie sound. Three guys using your standard Rock band instruments make music that is anything but standard. Showcasing every bit of their creative genius and musical talents, The Next New Nothings are the next new somethings.

Ranging from slow beats to hard, fast paced Rock, The Next New Nothings use a mixture of raunchy guitars, like in “I Don’t Know Who I Am”, smart and gritty riffs, like in “She’s a Wild One”, and strong drum beats to create music that is both engaging to the ears as well as the mind. Not simply Rock music, The Next New Nothings’ album, “End of A World Ideology”, is intelligent Rock. These weren’t just songs that were slapped together in a rush. These songs were excellently crafted, carefully designed, and given smart, thought-provoking lyrics.

The more I listened to this album the more I liked it, which is because each time I listened, I found new, subtle things about it that I didn’t hear the time before. In fact, the first time I listened to the album I was pretty impressed. From start to finish, there wasn’t a song on “End of A World Ideology” that didn’t pique my interest.

But the next time I listened, I started to pick up on a bit of a Doors vibe, very prominently in the opening number, or more specifically, the opening part of the opening song, “The Warning/Take My Time”. Almost like Morrison himself came back to sing that opening part. Creepy awesome. Aside from the Morrison-esque vocals, I was also a big fan of the closing song, “Revolution Pending”. It was a strong way to end the album. The song had a bit of a chanting style vocal pattern that made the song feel more like an anthem than a song.

540677_614491465249307_1861003794_nI strongly urge you to give The Next New Nothings a listen and get their latest album, “End of A World Ideology”. As far as Indie Rock goes, it doesn’t get much better than this, and my guess is you’ll find yourself quickly becoming a fan. Be sure to check out all their links below so you can learn all about them.

Then be sure to share those links with as many people as possible. And as always, enjoy the music! - Mars Band


End of A World Ideology



The origin of "The Next New Nothings" rests somewhere in the cold and
desolate winters of Cleveland, OH. Started by English Literature
enthusiasts Patrick Nothing (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Nothing
(Vocals/Bass/Guitar) and Stanton Nothing (Vocals/Percussion). "The Next
New Nothings" create a multitude of sounds influenced by a number of
different genres meshed together. Often times, the songs begin with
melodic riffs and hooks that collapse into an entangled intertwining of
distorted riffing and bomb-like, improvised drumming. The lineup also
includes straight up, yet, catchy rockers. Look for "The Next New
Nothings" debut album "End of A World Ideology" out in 2014.

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