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The Odd Neighbourhood

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Alternative Indie




"The Odd Neighbourhood’s new single “Cherry Wine”"

About ‘Cherry Wine’

‘Cherry Wine’ is The Odd Neighbourhood’s newest single to hit the airwaves. Sonically, it features a calming nostalgia heard from such acts as Adams’ aforementioned influences from the 60s and 70s, but also has an energetic pulse that drives throughout the entire track. Being that this is a good old fashioned pop/love song, Cherry Wine sounds just as delicious as it tastes. As summer is nearing its end, Cherry Wine will most definitely carry on as a hit into the fall of 2019.

For Fans of: Supertramp, Tame Impala, The Velveteins, DIIV, Tycho

All music written, performed, recorded and produced by: Travis Adams

Mastered By: CPS Mastering

Hailing from Nanaimo, BC, The Odd Neighbourhood would have you believe that the vibrant urban center on the east side of Vancouver Island is not all as it seems.

The brain child of songwriter and musician Travis Adams, The Odd Neighbourhood got it’s name from Adams strolling through his hometown late at night to notice how strange of a place it really is, particularly seeing someone washing their 1967 Jaguar at 1:30 AM. Since 2016, Adams has been bringing his musical vision to life through the sounds of The Odd Neighbourhood, and so far fans are loving what they hear. With influences such as The Beatles, Tame Impala, The Beach Boys, and Elvis Costello, Adams incorporates these sounds with a more modern and fresh take on the rock genre as a whole.

Since the release of last year’s LP The Pros and Cons of Business School, The Odd Neighbourhood have been riding a wave of momentum with positive reviews national acclaim.

The wait for, ‘Cherry Wine’ is almost over. - CW ROSS

"The Odd Neighbourhood “Cherry Wine”"

The Oddneighbourhood’s Cherry Wine is a laid-back, fuzzy track cast in the mold of 1990s alternative music. Dreamy vocals do more than merely contribute the lyrics, adding mightily to the swirling guitars. Instrumental interludes are used to great effect during Cherry Wine, allowing the vocals to punch back in with oomph. With subtle nods to 1980s acts like The Psychedelic Furs and David Byrne, The Odd Neighbourhood are able to craft a song that is truly their own. Cherry Wine will stand up to multiple plays as fans will continually find new nooks and crannies secreted away by the band.

The Odd Neighbourhood – ‘Cherry Wine’ / Bandcamp / Facebook - James Mcquinston

"Quick Track Review “Spill Your Drink on Me” The Odd Neighbourhood"

"Canadian based band The Odd Neighbourhood, just released their single 'Spill Your Drink On me', a downtempo alternative indie rock song with smooth pinkfloydesque vocals; transmits a reflexive mood sometimes nostalgic with an emotive synth arrangement that is perfect for relaxing in thoughtful days" - Synth Pop Your World

"New Music Discovery 04 12 19"


Canadian outfit bring the same bright and upbeat flow as Tame Impala to this sweeping psych-pop gem - Chris Bound

"The Odd Neighbourhood “Spill Your Drink on Me”"

The ethereal, electronic-infused rock of The Odd Neighbourhood will immediately draw listeners in on Spill Your Drink On Me. This single shines with stretched-out synth and haunting vocals ceding the spotlight to each other. One can just imagine a neon-lit, rainy city street when they put on this effort. A thick, ropy bass line calls back to Subdivisions-era Rush, while there is the same infectious instrumentation that hasn’t been heard since the halcyon days of acts like Journey and Asia. A lust production ensures that each part of The Odd Neighbourhood is able to shine alone or as a vital part pushing Spill Your Drink On Me to its inexorable conclusion.

We last covered The Odd Neighbourhood back in August.

The Odd Neighbourhood – ‘Spill Your Drink On Me’ / Bandcamp / Facebook - James Mcquiston

"Spill Your Drink on Me- The Odd Neighbourhood"

Spill Your Drink On Me – The Odd Neighbourhood

Starry pop with dream-like vocals and echoing synth sounds. FFO: Toro y Moi - Little Dose Of Indie

"The Odd Neighbourhood – Spill Your Drink On Me"

The indie band from British Columbia Canada, brings adaptability to their whims and coaxes sad but optimistic vibes to the fore. Marrying synth atmospherics with contentiously pure vibes of yester-decades, the evocative sounds of ‘Spill Your Drink On Me’ delivers with a pungent fragrance in personal challenges that we all can relate to. The 2nd single release of the year for The Odd Neighbourhood, the soothing sounds beckon with the vocals, reflecting off of the equally understated lyrics. Troy Pawloski, Travis Adams, and Hogan Smith team up in this single to spread the notion of being embraced by forces known and unknown; collectively macerating the kitch of living and out unconscious desires. - CHF STAFF

"The Odd Neighbourhood “Spill Your Drink on Me”"

Previously post this artist back in August and seems to have a theme on drinks.
Odd Neighbourhood is the brain-child of songwriter and musician Travis Adams, The Odd Neighbourhood got it’s name from Adams strolling through his hometown late at night to notice how strange of a place it really is, particularly seeing someone washing their 1967 Jaguar at 1:30 AM.
Since 2016, Adams has been bringing his musical vision to life through the sounds of The Odd Neighbourhood, and so far fans are loving what they hear.
Today drops the second single called Spill Your Drink On Me.
It has a synthetized atmospheres that echoes those of the late ’70s bring to life the nostalgic yet evocative sound and vibe.
Have a listen to the song. - Ming Wu

"The Odd Neighbourhood “The Difference”"

Today is the release of single number three from the Nanaimo, BC artist Odd Neighbourhood.
The Difference is The Odd Neighbourhood’s third single to be released this year.
With this piece, Travis Adams brilliantly brings a ray of warm light into the winter by restoring into our memories that suggestive atmosphere of the early ‘60s.
Once again his voice glides on the melody, almost “surfing” on it, while the guitar sounds as a slow-paced version of Dick Dale’s rhythms.
A little bit of that dear California Sound mixed with a good classic rock’n roll, - Ming Wu

"The Odd Neighbourhood"

From Nanaimo, British Columbia, Travis Adams is breaking out on to the Canadian music scene while turning it on its head.
With an unmatched work ethic and the voice of Jeff Buckley meets Sam Roberts, this musician has the alternative and psychedelic rock scene in the palm of his talented hand.
Laid back and upbeat at the same time is hard to accomplish, yet this mix seems second nature to Adams.

The unique and addicting sound of The Odd Neighbourhood has replay value like no other and draws the listener in from start to finish.
The Odd Neighbourhood is a music project created by Adams out of his home studio in early 2017 and then released to the world in June 2018.
The arrangement of The Odd Neighbourhood song list on the album “The Pros And Cons Of Business School” creates the rising tide that crashes over and drowns you comfortably and without struggle.
The album starts off with a self titled track and sets the tone as one of delicate ambience and powerful melodies.

The ten track album keeps you gripped and motionless throughout the entire experience bringing forth feelings of solitude and introspection. The emotion put into the work shows and then becomes relatable. The sound of Travis Adams reminds me of Tame Impala meets The Broken Bells but with an aura of complete originality. Refreshing, empowering and innovative, The Odd Neighbourhood fills a gap long missed by the rest and takes an elevated place on the podium of creativity.
Lyrics like “It ain’t my damn fault that the weekends go so fast, and you know if I’d had it my way I’d never let them pass” from the song “The Good In The Bad” encompasses the entire experience of the album as you just want it to keep going.

During The Odd Neighbourhood’s live performances Adams is joined by Hogan Smith on bass, Troy Pawloski on Drums and Jordan Faganello on synthesizers while Travis heads the group with guitar and lead vocals.
2019 was the year of the singles for the Odd Neighbourhood as three were put out, “The Difference,” “Spill Your Drink On Me” and “Cherry Wine.”
What I noticed about the new singles compared to the debut album is the percussion. It doesn’t take the front seat yet it is commanding enough to almost over take you in a good way.
I like hearing musicians styles evolve as they navigate their creative paths, it shows how much music they really have in them.
If 2019 was any indication of the direction of The Odd Neighbourhood than you might as well learn the name now, because it will be all over the radio waves soon enough. - Daniel Hodgson


June, 9, 2018 "The Pros and Cons of Business School" 10 song LP release

August, 14, 2019 "Cherry Wine" single release. 

October, 16, 2019 "Spill Your Drink on Me" single release 

November, 27, 2019 "The Difference" Single release



The Odd Neighbourhood is a recording project by 21 year old Travis Adams, based out of British Columbia, Canada. All music is written, performed, recorded and produced by Adams in his home studio. The act’s live performances are done in part with three other musicians; Hogan Smith on Bass, Troy Pawloski on drums and percussion, Jordan Faganello on synthesizers and Travis Adams on guitar and lead vocals. 

Travis’ first full length LP “The Pros and Cons of Business School“ was released in early June, 2018. The album consists of musical compositions that Travis had written years prior. The album was recorded in Adams’ home studio starting in early 2017. 

Following up, mid August, 2019, The Odd Neighbourhood started unravelling a string of three different singles. Leading the way was the irresistible, summery chords of “Cherry Wine” which has now become the act’s second most streamed single. 

You can keep up to date with The Odd Neighbourhood on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Facebook Bandcamp and most other major platforms. 

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